Reincarnated With A Glitched System: Why Is My MP Not Running Out?

Chapter 791 A New Heroic Quest

Chapter 791 A New Heroic Quest



[You completed the Special [Heroic Quest]: [Find The Hero Of Wild Beasts and Awaken His Powers]

[Wonderful job! Not only you've managed to rescue Luck from an even worse fate, but you've even managed to awaken his own innate powers through giving him a System Seed. However, this quest merely leads to an even bigger one. Lara, the Saint of Spirits, has yet to be rescued. Help Luck grow stronger and develop his talents and rescue Lara with his help! Although everyone is strong and talented, you're the only one with the power to guide the heroes.]

[You acquired the following Completion Rewards: [1.000.000 EXP] [Divine Strengthening Elixir (A Grade)] x3 [Divine Skill Proficiency Potion (A Grade)] x3 [Divine Grade Rune Potion (A Grade)] x3 [Greater Potential Cube (B Grade)] x3]

I had a quest that I acquired right before I rescued Luck, it seems that I was able to complete it now after giving him a System Seed! I didn't really know what it meant by "awakening his powers" but it seems that this counted as that.

The rewards are also pretty decent, with some new additions on the Potential Cubes, which seem to be ways to enhance Weapons and give them "Potentials" or "Reset" them to get better ones, with the possibilities of getting worse ones.

This was all designed within the system, whose powers were based on video games from this planet Earth by the God of Transmigration and Reincarnation, a being who… I still cannot completely grasp who it truly was.

Also, he hasn't showed up at all either, nor he has intended on doing anything against the Gods. His only desire was to bring a "hero" made out of the reincarnated soul of someone, equipped with a System to save this world.

I am his first failed attempt, and I am beginning to suspect that… the new Demon King might be his successful attempt. By saving this world, he actually meant on freeing him from the gods, and perhaps, all of humans, elves, dwarves, and Anima, who are all byproducts of the gods creations.

Based on Alice's memories I saw when we made a familiar pact, there was another, even greater Reincarnation and Transmigration Goddess that taught the guy that reincarnated me about making a "System".

So based on that, I can assume there might be a whole group, or hierarchy of these Gods, which might not even be related with the ones invading this world… But, ugh, for now, it is better to not overthink things and concentrate in the present.


[A Special [Heroic Quest] has been generated: [Help Luck Grow Much Stronger!]

[Luck has tremendous potential but he's a weakling. Help him grow as strong as possible so he can get to Lara and help her with his own strength as well. For that, he'll need as much strength as he can! Max Level should be enough, right? Once he hits Max Level, he'll be able to Rank Up his Job Class and Subclass, acquire new Skills, and grow even stronger as he unlocks a brand new Level Cap. Remember that Shared EXP will be given to anybody with a System within your Party, so even Aquarina will get this EXP!]

[Completion Rewards: [1.000.000 EXP] [500.000 Shared EXP] [Divine Strengthening Elixir (A Grade)] x2 [Divine Skill Proficiency Potion (A Grade)] x2 [Divine Grade Rune Potion (A Grade)] x2 [Greater Potential Cube (B Grade)] x2 [System Made Item Coupon (A Grade)] x2 [???]

[Time Limit: 3 Days.]

Oh, this is a rather hard Quest… Max Level, huh? Is that possible within 3 Days? Well, it depends if the monsters around this forest are strong or not…

"Oh, Sylphy, it seems the Harvest Familiars are ready to evolve! Both have already Ranked Up!" Said Alice.

She's been doing this job automatically in the background, summoning their seeds and then merging them into one, so they could evolve.

They needed 100 seeds for each one, so that took a while to collect, but finally, with both evolved, I can now summon their newly powered up forms and replace the others, granting me higher level bonuses.


<Status System>

[Name]: [Dashy (Awakened)]

[Type]: [Agile] [Plant] [Ranged Attacker]

[Race]: [Rogue Radish]

[Rank]: [C+]

[HP]: [1500/1500] [+200]

[Strength]: [1200] [+400]

[Defense]: [850] [+200]

[Magic]: [1200] [+200]

[Resistance]: [850] [+200]

[Agility]: [1500] [+400]

[Luck]: [700] [+200]

[Charm]: [500] [+200]

[Buff]: [+100 Agility] [+100 Luck]

[Skills]: [High Speed Running+] [Nutritious Flavor+] [Stealth+] [Leaf Shuriken+]

[Growth]: [MAX]


<Status System>

[Name]: [Tumpy (Awakened)]

[Type]: [Robust] [Plant] [Warrior]

[Race]: [Knight Potato]

[Rank]: [C+]

[HP]: [2500/2500] [+200]

[Strength]: [1500] [+200]

[Defense]: [1500] [+400]

[Magic]: [500] [+200]

[Resistance]: [1200] [+400]

[Agility]: [500] [+200]

[Luck]: [700] [+200]

[Charm]: [500] [+200]

[Buff]: [+100 Defense] [+100 Strength]

[Skills]: [Guardian's Corpulence+] [Fortifying Flavor+] [Substitute+] [Self Destruction+]

[Growth]: [MAX]


Both evolved into a certain "Class" though their Growth was now maxed, so this is all they could offer. However, it was still a rather big enhancement. Their stats increased a lot, and they gained two new Skills each.

The Radish Rogue, Dashy, gained the ability to activate "stealth" and reduce his presence around himself. This can work in combination with many of the same summon. Also, leaf shuriken allows it to attack with a lethal flying knife-like leaf that can cause critical damage, poison, and bleeding. Though, its base damage is not that good.

Lastly, as for Tumpy, they maxed out their defenses a lot, and became capable of taking damage for me or any ally through Substitute, and then… if I really wanted to, they would also self-destruct and deal huge amounts of damage based on their total HP and Defense Stats.

The bonuses became much better, both giving +100 to two Stats at once! If I get 30 of one, I'll be getting +3000 of both stats, and if I divide them equally, +1500 to four stats.

Of course, thanks to our constant summoning of these seeds through the last days…


[The [Great Harvest Familiar Summon: Lv1] Skill has earned +200 Proficiency.]

[Max Proficiency has been reached, the [Great Harvest Familiar Summon: Lv1] Skill has reached Level 2!]

[The Maximum Amount of Summons has increased from 30 to 60!]



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