Reborn with Steve Stand

Chapter 576: Elder Sign

Chapter 576: Elder Sign

"Oh, it finally worked."

Hearing the system notification in his mind, Fang Mo's eyes lit up.

After that, he began to energetically batter the Cthulhu beneath him.

Chopping with his sword, smashing with his fists, and verbally berating—it frankly resembled a crude street brawl more than a battle between deities.

But the problem is... the scales of these two are just ridiculously off.

Not to mention Cthulhu, who, although not as powerful as the three pillar gods among the Outer Gods, is a dominant figure among the Old Ones. Mostly dormant, yet capable of annihilating a planet in a moment upon awakening.

His body alone measures in kilometers.

As for Fang Mo on the other hand...

Well... the fluctuations in his strength are indeed quite ludicrous.

Without using his Tinker' Construct weapon, the Void Ring, or the Arcane Ring, Fang Mo in his normal state is actually quite weak—barely causing trouble in a Marvel movie, perhaps meddling with the Avengers, showing his countrymen what it truly means to "do whatever one pleases."

But with the aforementioned equipment...

Fang Mo's strength becomes considerably more formidable. Stabbing Laevatein into the ground, oh, it's just like playing with marbles...

Of course, if on top of this...

He also incorporates the Beacon, Crystal Matrix Armor, or simply the Power of Dimensions...

Fang Mo's strength would elevate to an absurd realm, akin to Dormammu, consuming planets at will, imposing his authority and rules upon the world.

Even surpassing Dormammu, Fang Mo, as a dimensional demon god, wields control over multiple dimensions, and as he masters more modules in the future, he could even impersonate the Lord of Heaven, setting up an elevator named after Hawking at the entrance to heaven...


This is getting a bit off track.

But speaking of which, this precious clash between deities and monsters, even if it's just primal close combat... the consequences are absolutely disastrous.

Even just the mirror space has become a true god-level disaster.

The entire planet is trembling uneasily, its surface torn open with countless abyss-like fissures.

The mere aftershocks and vibrations are nearly enough to destroy the entire ecosystem. The energy released every second by both parties exceeds the total of the global nuclear arsenal, the atmosphere begins dissipating, and the entire mirrored world becomes a hellish landscape.

And Fang Mo is genuinely having a blast.

After all, it's the first time he's encountered such a tough nut since capturing Ego in Marvel. Most battles have been instantaneous, with few able to withstand even a single strike from him, let alone force him to exert full effort.

So Cthulhu is indeed getting a terrible beating...

Whether it's the tentacles or the gelatinous, bloated fat of its body, nothing withstands Fang Mo's relentless iron fists, and in the blink of an eye, everything is pulverized into an indescribable mush.

And after pounding for a bit...

His mind receives another system notification.

[System Notification: "Tide Moon" concept research completed, you have obtained 60% of the related modules.]

"Sixty percent now," Fang Mo murmured, instinctively pausing his fists.

He had to stop; after his merciless barrage, he couldn't see anything around him anymore. All he could see was rock steam and bright lava, no longer knowing where he had been hitting, only vaguely sensing the entire planet's cries of pain.

As for the Cthulhu beneath Fang Mo...

It had completely turned into a nonsensical mass of dark green swell.

Like furiously beating a jelly to the point of disintegration, not even knowing where to hit next.

Despite Cthulhu being smashed alive...

Fang Mo had a strange feeling.

It was as if... the other side didn't care about these attacks, and even Fang Mo couldn't explain why, but he just had this feeling.


Frowning, Fang Mo stared at the unidentifiable mess beneath his feet.

And as he watched, the blob that was hard to describe suddenly spoke.

It didn't even have a mouth, but Fang Mo could "hear" it speaking. The voice was that of the Old One Cthulhu, tinged with unexpected mockery.

"Are you a newly born Outer God?"

"So, you thought you could kill one of your own kind just with physical incarnate attacks?"

With these words, the blob on the ground, which looked like debris, suddenly and without any process returned to being Cthulhu, his body appearing unharmed as before, his crimson pupils filled with a bizarre scorn.

"If you really want to defeat me, show me your true form!"

Cthulhu suddenly roared.

Then, taking advantage of Fang Mo's momentary daze, he violently broke free from the restraint, and a ball of eerie green energy struck directly at Fang Mo.

Fang Mo raised his hand in response, launching a deep abyss magic to counterattack...

And taking this opportunity, Fang Mo suddenly had a thought, ripping a large chunk of the rock shelf beneath him. The strange brown began to sketch on it, eventually forming a pentagram symbol.

"Physical attacks can't kill you, huh?"

As Fang Mo controlled the massive rock with a gravity field, he smirked coldly, "Well then, taste this Elder Sign."


Not far away, Cthulhu saw this and seemed genuinely stunned, "You... you're actually using the Elder Sign!?"

This astonishment wasn't out of fear.

Rather, it was pure disbelief.

Like two people fighting and suddenly one pulls out a handful of excrement, naturally, the opponent would be stunned.

It was just a disagreement.

You really had to lose face using that stuff against me?

Yes, for the Old Ones... or most of the Cthulhu-type Outer Gods, they are extremely averse to the Elder Sign, much like people don't want to touch that stuff.

In fact, in the universe where the Cthulhu gods are active...

Many people wear Elder Sign ornaments on their bodies for protection.

It's akin to painting oneself with a comic's trashy part or deliberately vomiting on oneself when about to be violated—it's just so disgusting that in the eyes of the Outer Gods, these people are no different from maggots.

If it's just ants, they might casually crush a few.

But there's really no need to go out of their way to crush this thing...

Of course, if a human really angers an evil god, he can find a way to kill you without touching you, like casting a long-distance spell, or simply picking up a few thousand tons of rock to throw at you.

The uses of these Elder Signs...

Are just survival measures from ordinary humans.

But Fang Mo is different; he actively uses the Elder Sign to attack the Old Ones, and honestly, Cthulhu, who has lived who knows how many years, has never seen a fellow god daring to beat him with an Elder Sign before.

If it's just a simple maggot, then throwing a rock from a distance to kill it would suffice.

But if someone goes to a dry toilet to grab a handful of maggots to beat you, who can stand it? Cthulhu admits he really can't stand it.

"You... you stop!"

Cthulhu's roar for the first time carried a tone of nervousness: "Don't touch me with this filthy thing!"

And seeing this, Fang Mo burst into laughter, it seems Nyarlathotep really didn't lie to him.

Yes, the Cthulhu gods' aversion to the Elder Sign was initially told to Fang Mo by Nyarlathotep.

It started during a casual chat, where Fang Mo mentioned he enjoyed playing with vulgar jokes, especially since it had become a part of his own module.

And Nyarlathotep, after listening, pointed out that many Outer Gods don't really despise excrement, because many of them are much more disgusting than that, and if there's something they truly hate... it's the Elder Sign, and he even taught Fang Mo how to properly activate the Elder Sign with spells.

It's as if Nyarlathotep knew.

That Fang Mo would eventually conflict with other Outer Gods.

And indeed, the cheerful-smiling Obama really had some tricks up his sleeve; Fang Mo really used the trick he was taught, picking up the Elder Sign and ruthlessly beating Cthulhu with it.

However, the Elder Sign causes more mental damage.

It might have significant lethal power against some minor monsters, but for the Old Ones... its killing power is extremely limited.

So Fang Mo had to start researching other methods.

And quickly, he suddenly realized what his real trump card was.

Just as Cthulhu was roaring continuously, his mountainous body suddenly shook violently, and a huge wound burst open from within.

"This power..."

Cthulhu was also a bit shocked, "This is from your true self..."

Before he could finish speaking, his body was severely damaged again, his head nearly completely severed, only a thin layer of soft skin still connected at the severed neck.

And Fang Mo didn't continue to waste words.

He directly controlled Steve to furiously slash at its foot skin.

Unlike Fang Mo's attack, Steve, as a stand, is an existence manifested from pure game rules, its strikes dealing percentage damage.

Unless the opponent can withstand the entire Minecraft world's rule system, even gods must abide by the rules and lose health.

Not to mention the previous awakening of his Requiem, which seems to have made the logic prioritization even more absurd.

You'd think Cthulhu would be immune to physical attacks, but Steve's hacking is a physical attack, so it shouldn't cause damage... but it seems the rules of the MC world don't judge it that way.

It seems that these external biological entities...

As long as Steve can strike them, they must lose health.

Conversely, like the game's mechanistic monsters, even liches, a kind of trash... can withstand Steve's attacks.

Honestly, Fang Mo doesn't understand the logic of this judgment; perhaps because the lich and Steve are both part of MC, the judgment is more complex, but as for external enemies... it's just set to a simple and brutal hit-and-lose health rule.

"Never mind, I don't want to think about it anymore."

After thinking briefly, Fang Mo simply shook his head.

He then drew a bizarre giant sword from behind, also brown in color.

This was also a weapon he had previously crafted, a weapon custom-made for Cthulhu by the vengeful Fang Mo, the sword of the Sleeper in the Shit Sea—Rojak.

"Anyway, let's seal this damn octopus first…"

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