Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 2720: Had to Resort to Special Measures

Chapter 2720: Had to Resort to Special Measures

There was that heart match document, of course.

However, would it prove that Cheng Fei murdered his adoptive family?

It wouldn’t. Although the incident benefited him, there was no evidence that he actually did it.

It’d be even more impossible to make Cheng Fei confess to it.

In killing his adoptive parents, Cheng Fei could get an inheritance and avoid having his heart stolen. This meant that Cheng Fei was a person with a very strong sense of self-preservation.

Ning Shu felt like her brain was going to explode.

In the past when she encountered love-oriented people, they pretty much had zero IQ.

So they were relatively easy to deal with.

However, someone who was as calm and reserved as a patient, crouching tiger, was much more difficult to deal with.

She had to resort to special measures.

During Cheng Fei’s stay in the hospital, Ning Shu went basically every day to see him.

Cheng Fei had been transferred to the psychiatric department of the hospital. Judicial officers and psychiatrists had also come to verify whether he was really mentally ill.

Ning Shu stayed at the hospital, although she didn’t actually visit Cheng Fei at all.

She just stood outside the ward and used her spiritual consciousness to see the situation inside.

However, since her spiritual consciousness had to first penetrate the wall, it became very weak.

Ning Shu saw a group of people surrounding the hospital bed. Cheng Fei was restrained and tied to the bed.

He was thrashing against the restraints. His gaze was a little empty, and he turned a deaf ear to the doctor’s questions and only muttered to himself.

His response to external stimuli was slow and sluggish.

Some of the people inside were taking note of Cheng Fei’s situation in their notebooks.

At times Cheng Fei would look scared. His eyes seemed to stare straight into the void as he muttered to himself, and then abruptly he would start sobbing loudly.

It looked like he was hallucinating.

After a while, he suddenly returned to normal. He looked at the people around him and asked, “Why did you tie me up? Are you trying to kill me?”

He then began to struggle so violently that it seemed the bed would flip over.

The experts and doctors that were surrounding him hurriedly held him and the bed down.

There was chaos in the ward for a while.

Ning Shu used her spiritual consciousness to see that Cheng Fei had slightly lowered his head. Hair blocked his eyes, and the corners of his mouth were curled up.

Cheng Fei was laughing. Laughing…

Ning Shu, dizzy from exhaustion, withdrew her spiritual consciousness.

Ning Shu sat down. She felt so sick that she wanted to vomit.

It was strenuous enough to push her spiritual consciousness through the thick wall. Moreover, Cheng Fei’s little show had gone on for quite some time.

She’d overdrawn her spiritual consciousness.

She experienced a kind of fatigue that couldn’t be relieved by sleeping.

She felt like her soul was throbbing.

As expected, Cheng Fei was just pretending to be insane. However, his acting really seemed like the real thing.

Judging from his appearance, he was having a lot of fun playing others as fools.

He was probably going to keep this up until he actually got sent to the psychiatric hospital.

A psycho on their own wasn’t that scary, if they were cultured it was scarier. On top of that, if they had high IQ, then you really were done for.

People like Cheng Fei were extremely dangerous.

Ning Shu rubbed her forehead and sneered. Acting crazy must be so much fun, right?

After Cheng Fei was sedated, the doctors loosened the straps that restrained him.

They planned to lock Cheng Fei in his ward and observe his behavior through the surveillance cameras.

Ning Shu didn’t expect much from them, though. The next time she and Cheng Fei saw each other, it would probably be in a mental asylum.

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