Pushover Extra Trains the Villainesses

Chapter 88: The Kingdom Project XXIV (1)

Watching what was happening right in front of her eyes, Isolda, who was mixed with the members of the Beden Merchant Company, began to frown.

‘It can’t be…that woman is…’

Princess Leira left the room with a woman in a white robe. 

Although she didn’t know the specifics, Bahamut had already hinted her about what would happen in advance.

[There was a traitor among the high-ranking Hangurians, so don’t tell anyone from the kingdom about our future plans.]

Regarding that matter, Isolda has always been vigilant and cautious, but she really never imagined that the traitor would be none other than Princess Leira.

‘That means…could it be that the rumor that Bahamut has a relationship with that woman has something to do with this plan? To make use of the traitor?’

Isolda thought that she might be speculating a bit too much, but there was a high possibility that it was true.

Wasn’t Bahamut someone who often did things that was out of anyone’s expectations. It was a reasonable conjecture from Isolda’s point of view that his relationship with Princess Leira was also part of his plan.

‘This…I don’t know if I should consider it a good thing. No, it’s definitely a good thing if it turns out that the news about the marriage is nothing more than a mere rumor.’

Reaching such a naturally positive conclusion, Isolda began to focus on the situation in front of her eyes, moving away from the rosy feelings she was beginning to feel again.

Although the men in black robes coming their way, she felt no threat from them.

‘That’s right, according to his plan, what will happen next…’


The next moment, another group entered through another door on the side.

At the center of the group were Bahamut and Ophelia, and at the same time, a number of adventurers also entered behind them.


In response, the people in robes clicked their tongues as they looked at each other, nodded briefly, and then ran out through the open door.


“Apologies. I didn’t know that they would come here.”

Bahamut ordered the adventurers to guard the room.

At the same time, a deep sense of relief appeared on the faces of the nobles who were in crisis just a moment ago.

“M…Mr. Bahamut!”

“Thank you, if it weren’t for you we would…”

They had experienced a life threatening situation just a few seconds ago. It was a great crisis that even the Royal Guards had failed to prevent, but thanks to Bahamut who intervened at the right time, they were able to save their lives.

And, seeing their response, Bahamut spoke in a calm voice.

“I just did what I had to do. Rather, I’m sorry for not paying more attention. I never thought that the Sakiels would do such a cowardly thing…”

“Then…then how is the situation now? I hope our Hangury is…”

“No, it’s not like that. They were just detached troops who came in through the other side of the gate that was poorly defended. The battle outside the castle is still going on, with neither side gaining the upper hand.”

“Hu.. that’s right..”

Although the war situation was still unclear, at least hearing that it was not as serious as their concerns, the nobles’ faces began to noticeably relieved.

“Oh that. Come to think of it, we’e in big trouble, Mr. Bahamut! They just kidnapped the Princess!”

“Yes? Is that so?”

“Exactly! The person who seemed to be their leader made a gesture, and the princess followed without resistance, but…”

“Why would she do that…”

Bahamut looked puzzled at the nobles’ words. Then he looked at the nobles in a determined voice and said,

“Alright. I’ll go outside again and try to find the Princess with the adventurers. Until then, please do not leave this room. You never know where the enemies will come from again.”

“Ah…I see.”

“I will only believe in Mr. Bahamut. Please save the Princess.”

“Yes, I will definitely do that.”

With those words, Bahamut went out again accompanied by a small group of adventurers and Ophelia.

Right before leaving, he made eye contact with Isolda, who was among the crowd, and slightly nodded his head.

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