Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 4793: High Firmament Divine Sword

That sword was like water, reflecting the very universe. With a swift stroke, it severed the arm of the Celestial race's Heaven Saint, and the rest of its power sliced through the very world, causing a rupture to appear in the sky.

“Are you trying to bully the High Firmament Academy by treating Dean Long Chen like this?” interjected an elder.

Clad in elegant robes, exuding a scholarly aura, the elder was none other than Bai Letian, the dean of the High Firmament Academy. While he looked as composed as before, his eyes revealed a new sharpness, as if he was influenced by the sword in his hand.

Before the onlookers could take a closer look at the sword, it was returned to its scabbard. Long Chen was startled when he saw it.

“The High Firmament Divine Sword!”

Long Chen had not seen the High Firmament Divine Sword before, but he had seen its scabbard when Bai Letian personally scared Enpuda off with it.

Long Chen could not comprehend how both the sword and scabbard were here. The two of them were the invaluable treasures safeguarding the karmic luck of the High Firmament Academy. According to reason, they couldn’t leave the academy, or at the very least, one of the two should have remained within the main academy.

“It is… the High Firmament Academy’s High Firmament Divine Sword! The sword and scabbard have appeared at the same time!” exclaimed an Earth Saint.

“The High Firmament Divine Sword contains millions and millions of years of karmic luck. It’s said that in its peak, no divine weapon other than the ten great primal chaos divine items could match it.”

“But a karmic luck divine weapon must be kept at their headquarters! If it’s used like this, it won’t be able to protect their foundation.”

The fame of the High Firmament Divine Sword was just as powerful as that of the number one academy within the nine heavens and ten lands. Anyone with any scholarly knowledge had heard of it.

While most of them had never even heard of what it looked like, they knew that perhaps only the mythical High Firmament Divine Sword was capable of cleaving through a Heaven Saint's arm as effortlessly as slicing a watermelon and tearing asunder the very fabric of the world.

“Give me my arm back!” the Celestial race’s Heaven Saint roared. He then took out a shield and slammed it on the disrupted space.


Unfortunately, the spatial fracture didn’t budge, and instead, the Heaven Saint was sent flying, blood spraying out of his mouth.

His blood was like magma burning the void, causing miniature black holes to appear in the sky.

“That’s his core essence blood! Heavens, instead of shaking this fractured space, he ended up injuring himself to this extent.”

“A Heaven Saint shouldn’t be this weak, right? He’s not as terrifying as I imagined.”

“You are mistaken. Long Chen’s father already inflicted severe injuries on him, and he forcibly suppressed those injuries to kill Long Chen. With his arm severed and his aura thrown into disarray, attempting to break through this fractured space has only worsened his condition even more.”

Just then, more blood sprayed out of Heaven Saint’s mouth. He couldn’t even stop it. The wounds inflicted by Long Zhantian had effectively robbed him of half his life force, and he had only suppressed them temporarily with a secret art.

He hadn’t expected that other than Long Chen’s father, Long Chen had another terrifying protector. During normal times, he wouldn’t care about losing a single arm. However, after being injured by Long Zhantian, his very foundation was damaged, and there was even danger of his realm falling. Hence, if he didn’t reclaim his arm, he probably would lose it forever.

In his peak state, by relying on the shield, he would have had a high chance of breaking this fractured space. However, he had forgotten that his condition did not permit him to do so, so all he did was make things worse for himself.

At this moment, Long Chen didn’t forget to mock him. “Hey, are you done or not? All the heroes of the world are here watching you. Don’t you think it’s rude to bleed in front of all of them?”

“You…!” The Heaven Saint angrily pointed at Long Chen, only to spit out more blood.

Long Chen reached out and grabbed his severed arm. Seeing this, the Heaven Saint panicked, but trapped within the fractured space, he couldn’t do anything.

“Do you want it?” asked Long Chen, looking at the hand of the Heaven Saint.

The Heaven Saint could do nothing but nod like a chicken bobbing for spent grain.

Long Chen nodded. “Alright. Just wait for me to cook it for you.”

After that, white flames burst on Long Chen’s hand, enveloping the Heaven Saint’s arm with a terrifying heat that twisted the surrounding space.

“Stop! Stop! Give me back my arm! What do you want? I’ll give you anything!” shouted the Heaven Saint, finally pleading.

“Who do you think I am? Don’t worry, once you’re in the other world, you’ll have it back,” replied Long Chen.

The surrounding experts stared at him oddly, some almost chuckling at his wickedness.

“I’m not dead yet! What are you doing?!” the Heaven Saint retorted furiously.

“Don’t worry, this is called early preparation. I wouldn’t want you to still be waiting for it when you get to the underworld,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Brat, stop! Otherwise… otherwise…” The Heaven Saint wanted to threaten Long Chen, but Bai Letian simply stood beside Long Chen with the High Firmament Divine Sword, so there was nothing he could do to threaten Long Chen. He didn’t know what to say.

The flames in Long Chen’s hand intensified, turning the sleeve of this severed arm into ash. However, the arm still looked alright.

Even so, the Heaven Saint panicked. If Long Chen didn’t return his arm in time, once the backlash of his secret art fully erupted, he wouldn’t be able to put it back on.

“Long Chen is too inexperienced. That’s the arm of a Heaven Saint! It has endured the trials of Heaven Saint tribulation, rendering it impervious to harm. He wouldn't even be able to burn a single hair no matter how hard he tried,” remarked an expert, shaking his head in disbelief.

While Long Chen’s flame looked powerful, this expert was unable to sense any of its fluctuations. Moreover, the severed arm was still perfectly intact, as if silently mocking Long Chen’s efforts.

Everyone fell silent for a moment as Long Chen continued to hold the severed hand, his gaze fixed upon the Heaven Saint trapped on the other side of the fractured space.


Suddenly, this arm exploded, transforming into ice fragments that covered the world.

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