My Werewolf System

Chapter 915 Strike The King

**MWS Chapter**

The camera from above was filming everything: the transformation, the slide down from the apartment, and Gary bashing Sin’s face into the ground. From Clem's position, she could see the back of Gary’s green hair.

“Gary!” Kai called out, realizing who it was. “It’s really him, he freaking made it, he made it!”

Kai was a person who was very calculative. He based a lot of his decisions on logic and the information at hand and didn’t like relying on things like luck. If he was honest with himself, he thought they wouldn’t see Gary again.

He thought to himself, if he and Midwak were unable to take out Sin, then that would have been the end of Slough. Which was why it was such a relief for him to see this person, to see that he was completely fine and right here in Slough.

‘How did he do it? How did he manage to get here on time?’ It had almost brought a tear to Kai’s eyes, but he knew it wasn’t over yet. Just because Gary was here, could he take on Sin?

‘We need to help him still. Sin was too strong for all four of us to take on. It will be close to impossible for him to do it on his own!’

Gary continued to push down on Sin’s head into the broken ground; he didn’t dare let Sin come up from the floor. That was when, right from underneath his fist, Gary felt an intense heat burning his hand.

Soon, the entirety of Sin’s body was wrapped in flames, and a large tornado of fire had appeared right by Gary.

The Alpha werewolf had no choice but to lift his hand away as the flames pushed him back. A condensed pillar of fire came toward him, but Gary, with his arms transformed, grabbed onto the fire.

It pushed him slightly backward, but then with his strength, Gary slashed into the flames. Even though it was burning his skin, it wasn’t making a large difference and wasn’t getting through his hide to his real body.

When his arm swung through the flames, they disappeared from the spot.

“Get out of your city, get out of your city!” Sin said as he stood up. Flames were burning even larger from his two wings on his back, now nearly twice the size. Half of them looked physical while the other half of the growth was from the power of the flames.

“I owned this city from the beginning, the only thing I’m doing is taking it back!” Sin swung his arms, and two giant pillars of flames went right out toward Gary.

The pillars of flames looked like giant serpents in the air. They swirled around and came right toward him.

Seeing this, Gary didn’t move far from his position. He then swung his hands twice through the air, and a large claw mark was unleashed, hitting one of the serpents of fire head-on.

The sheer power of the claw mark broke through the flames, making them break apart and eventually fizzle out. The other pillar went to crash into Gary, but he jumped away from it. The pillar hit nothing but the ground, melting part of the ground he was on.

That was how intense the heat from the flames was. These attacks were more deadly than what Sin had been using so far, and Gary’s hide was still able to keep up with it.

Sin wasn’t even able to see where Gary was. His flames were out of control until someone appeared by his side and swiped a powerful claw cutting right through his chest.

Sin saw his own blood splatter in the air in front of him before his whole body was sent flying, crashing through the building walls.

Kai and Midwak, watching from the back, couldn’t believe it. They had been struggling with Sin, so they knew how strong he was. But now, it almost looked like Gary was the one playing with Sin.lightsnovel

Midwak himself could feel something in his body when seeing Gary as well.

‘How the f*ck did this kid get so strong in such a short amount of time? Just what did he do in that prison? Right now, I’m feeling his presence; it’s close to that of him… my body feels like it wants to bow down… it’s disgusting.’

Now that Gary stood alone, Clem was able to get a better view of him from the side and his face, and she could confirm it.

“It is… it’s Gary Dem, the retired AFA fighter who was recently arrested. It looks like he managed to get out, and now he’s protecting his city from the Phoenix Gang and fighting against one of the Kings!” Clem exclaimed.

The comments were a blur as they came in, talking about how it was possible for Gary to escape from prison. People were debating whether or not he had been wrongly imprisoned in the first place.

People were making connections, and after seeing everything that had occurred, it was only natural that they started to root for the green-haired werewolf.

However, on the ground, Gary knew it wasn’t over. He knew just that much wasn’t going to be able to tip the scales of the fight.

“You’re going to regret everything you did to me, including sending me to that prison!” Gary said, clenching his teeth.

The night sky was out, and the Dark Warrior class was activated.

[Gary Dem]

[Grade: Queen]

[Class: Dark Warrior]

[Level: 40]


[Health: 500 (1000)]

[Energy: 500 (1000)]

[Strength: 85]

[Dexterity: 84]

[Endurance: 100]

With the night sky out, due to Gary’s class type, all of his skills were leveled up, and his health and energy were doubled. It was now or never for Gary versus Sin.

The citcens, the people tuned in on the live stream and the Howlers were all on standby for the final fight.


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