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Chapter 100 Chaos In Varasima

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King Varasima's estate was in complete chaos. Knights, servants, and maids scurried around in all directions, and an atmosphere of fear and panic filled the air.

Adam had to use a teleportation token, which created a temporary portal to his bedroom and sent Elyra and Elara there. They had wanted to object, but under Adam's persuasive gaze, they reluctantly returned home.

"What strange sensations..." Adam thought as he walked through the empty corridors towards the exit.

It seemed like time had slowed down for him, and all his emotions, except for a strange feeling of envy, were suppressed. Even in this strange and uncomfortable time for envy, all he could do was grit his teeth and watch the riches in this estate.

The value of some items couldn't even be estimated because they were historical artifacts, ancient heirlooms.

"Weird... weird... weird!" he gritted his teeth, muttering with a deep and furious voice as if it emanated from the depths of hell.

Unconsciously, Adam found himself in front of the wall that separated Varasima's borders from the Chaos Empire. Magicians stood on the lookout towers, casting spells and sending them toward the enemy army. Adam truly envied such displays of skill.

His class, Casanova, wasn't meant for combat. It was more of a tactical class that could help with diplomacy or something else in the future. However, he hadn't fully tapped into its potential yet.

"Envy. Envy. Envy. Envy. Envy."

His eyes lit up brightly, and the sclera turned black, creating a chilling sight. His gaze was directed towards one of the lookout towers, where a magician with astounding magical energy stood, and their unique ability allowed them to read incantations in a split second as if they were Eminem.

A white noise appeared in Adam's mind as unfamiliar words began to appear in his thoughts, and then, unconsciously, he uttered, "Theft."

A bright light flashed, and the magician who was about to cast a spell suddenly froze, shocked that their ability didn't activate.

"What's happening?" he wondered but suddenly felt heat near him. Turning around, he saw a fireball heading straight for his face. "No..."

"AAAAAAAAH!" A loud cry rang out, grabbing the attention of other mages and knights. Looking in the direction of the scream, they saw the charred body of their comrade and were shocked. This greatly affected their morale.

However, Adam paid no attention to these cries because he received a notification in front of him.

[You have stolen the ability "Accelerated Spell Casting"]

[Duration: 15 minutes]

"Heh... Hehe..." He smiled, barely restraining his laughter.

Stamping his foot on the ground, he activated his wings and took off, instantly appearing on the observation tower. As soon as his foot touched the ground again, his wings disappeared. Seeing the army of demons tirelessly attacking the wall, his smile widened.

"Desiccating Darkness."

In half a second, Adam pronounced the spell, and a shadow flew out of his body, covering 500 demons in a fraction of a second. When they realized the sudden change, they tried to resist, but...


"What the hell is this?!"


Desperate cries of demons filled the battlefield as Adam's spell penetrated their pores, starting to desiccate them from the inside. Those with better constitutions fell victim to an illusion that drove them insane. It was like a scene from hell.

"What is this?" Suddenly, one of the knights asked in shock when he saw Adam, who was watching the battle with indifference.

"Isn't that the man... the advisor from Avalonia? Is he a mage?" replied one of the wizards.

Feeling the stares on him, Adam smiled and watched as the demons, although looking somewhat surprised, quickly regrouped and launched a new attack, this time on him.

Boom! Bang!

Loud explosions resounded as countless magical spells flew toward Adam. Thanks to his agility, he managed to avoid them, although some spells left burns and scratches on him.

"Tsk..." Understanding that he had gotten too hot-headed, Adam decided to retreat. However, suddenly, a magical bullet hit him without any problems, piercing his heart. "What..."


In response to his surprised sigh, loud laughter filled with mockery and arrogance echoed. Turning his head, Adam saw a demon with a repulsive appearance and gray skin striding carelessly over the bodies of his subordinates.

"!!!" Adam narrowed his eyes when he realized the strength of this demon. "Demon-Baron... according to the ranking system, it's a 'B-' rank... dangerous!"

The demon in front of him surpassed him in level by two times, so Adam didn't want to fight him, as he would most likely be defeated. However, the demon had other plans.

"Where are we going?" A loud cry came from next to Adam's ear, followed by a strong blow.

Instinctively, Adam covered the blow with his hands, feeling everything inside him turning into mush.


"F**k," Adam snorted and opened his wings, returning to his demon form. Sharp horns appeared on his forehead, growing to 20 cm, and his skin reddened slightly. Each demonic wing was five meters long, which looked impressive. His sclera darkened, and his iris turned blood-red, giving him a formidable and dangerous appearance.

Naturally, this transformation didn't leave the demon in front of him indifferent. Seeing Adam's appearance, he froze in shock.

"Damn it..." The demon gritted his teeth and glared at Adam. "Why the hell is a demon helping humans?!"

Verison was furious when he learned that a demon was aiding humans, their enemies. Although he had suspicions that Adam didn't die from a pierced heart, he didn't expect this.

In response to his anger, Adam showed no emotion and only smiled, baring his sharp teeth that gleamed with a purity that was unlikely to last long.

"You bastard, which family are you from?!" Verison asked with anger, trying to find distinctive features in his appearance, but nothing came to mind. "Judging by the impressive demonic aura, he might be from an ancient family... this aura is frightening."

Verison, gritting his teeth, took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of Adam, who raised one of his wings to block the attack.


A piercing sound rang out as if iron had struck iron, causing a strong shockwave among all the knights. Some of them lost consciousness due to the loud noise, feeling their insides being ripped out.

Adam smiled viciously and waved his other wing, turning it into a sharp spear that pierced Verison's body. Although he aimed for the heart, the demon with gray skin managed to change the angle, receiving only a minor wound for a demon.

"You... you damn traitor! Do you dare to oppose Verison the Bloody? The Demon-Baron?" Verison was furious and tirelessly began to strike Adam's body, delivering five blows per second, each one shattering Adam's bones into ashes.

"Hehehe..." However, even so, he couldn't make Adam scream in pain. He just laughed like a maniac, despite his entire body being covered in wounds.

"Damn it!" Verison cursed when he realized that the creature in front of him was having fun. "You dare to mock me?!"

His hands suddenly rose, and two black spheres began to appear on his palms, spinning at an astonishing speed. With each passing second, these spheres grew larger and larger.

"Abyssal Strike!"

Suddenly, the two spheres merged into one giant sphere, as huge as a meteor.

"Take this, you bastard!"

The concentrated sphere of darkness flew towards Adam, who narrowed his eyes, smiling brightly, baring his sharp teeth as if expecting something. Suddenly, the sphere struck his body, causing a loud explosion with an aftershock that blew away half of the observation towers and the upper part of the wall.

Despite this, Verison was not satisfied and clicked his tongue when he saw that the sphere of darkness was gradually shrinking. And when the sphere disappeared completely, he saw Adam, almost unscathed, surrounded by magical dark particles.

"Delicious..." Suddenly, Adam muttered and shivered all over, feeling ecstasy as if he had tasted the most delicious dish in the universe. "Finally, damn it, some proper food!"


Verison was shocked when he realized that Adam had simply absorbed his spell, and considering that Adam's presence had intensified, it meant that he had used Verison's attack to make a breakthrough to the rank of Demon General.

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[The sin of "Envy" has been condensed to 100%.]


Adam laughed loudly, feeling a surge of power throughout his body. He grinned predatorily, looking into Verison's eyes, who appeared as if he had been enlightened.

"Y-y-you..." He began to speak with a voice full of fear and uncertainty. "F**k... Why you're alive, a mistake of the demon race?!"

To be continued...


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