My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 609: Bears and Zombies Do Not Mix

Chapter 609: Bears and Zombies Do Not Mix

A sudden glint of cold light fell!

Immediately after, a sharp scream erupted: “Ah!”

Yet, this voice belonged neither to Shana nor to Ling Mo…

Ye Lian, who had been aiming at a zombie, turned her head in bewilderment towards the direction of the sound: “Huh?”

In her puzzled gaze, Yu Shiran, who had been hiding there quietly, was staring wide-eyed, with her mouth agape, screaming in astonishment: “Ahhh!”

The cries of the zombie loli at this moment were quite similar to those of human little girls startled under normal circumstances.

The only difference was that the faces of human little girls would usually be streaked with tears, while the zombie loli’s face was just blank.

Yu Shiran was not frightened by “insignificant” creatures like cockroaches or mice; her uncontrollable screaming was entirely because the knife, which should have been headed towards Shana to usher in a new phase of life for her, was now appearing merely a centimeter away from her left eyeball.

What she found most unbelievable was that the knife was actually in her own hand.

“How… how can this be!”

Yu Shiran’s mind was screaming.

However, as soon as her eyes met Ye Lian’s, her screaming immediately diminished.

“Right, right! I’ve been discovered! No good, I must leave quickly! Lea…ve…”

The nervous Yu Shiran bit her lip, attempting to retreat, but she quickly realized that neither her arms nor her legs were responding to her commands.

All she could do was blink or choose to continue screaming.

“Black Silk! Should I be thanking you for leaving me in control of these two organs? Didn’t we agree? Besides, I didn’t attack that human at all!”

Yu Shiran was still muttering to herself, but then she somewhat unexpectedly found that Ye Lian, after locking eyes with her for a few seconds, had already turned her head back.

As for Shana and Ling Mo, it was as if they hadn’t noticed her at all, still focusing their efforts on dealing with the mutated zombies.

“Could it be… they didn’t hear? But it is a bit noisy here… Never mind, forget it.”

Zombie loli desperately rotated her eyeballs to the left, trying to catch Xiao Bai’s attention: “Shoo shoo! Xiao Bai!”

“Hey! Hurry up and save me, I turned into this just to come and save you,” Yu Shiran said.

However, Xiao Bai just lifted her eyelids and then lay back down again.

“Hey! Shoo! Xiao Bai! Panda! Stop playing dumb!”

“Xiao Bai, how about we make a deal? I promise I’ll never leave you behind again!”

“Xiao bai bai?”

The unresponsive mutated panda finally showed a hint of movement after Yu Shiran’s persistent calling.

But to Yu Shiran’s delight, the mutated panda merely lifted its paws and then pressed them to its ears…

It actually covered its ears!

“Curse this panda… I knew pandas and zombies don’t mix well!”

Yu Shiran grumbled with a grimace, then turned her gaze back to Ling Mo.

But seeing this human still turning his back on her, not even glancing her way, Yu Shiran suddenly felt she couldn’t relax…

Three minutes later, the last mutated zombie fell.

And finally, Yu Shiran got Ling Mo to turn around, but the look he gave her was not what she had expected.

“Sausage… you…” Yu Shiran started as she watched Ling Mo slowly walk over.

“What about me?” Ling Mo asked while rubbing his brow.

“Shouldn’t your eyebrows be knitted and your eyes looking like they’re about to pop out?” Yu Shiran asked.

“When did I… Ah, that’s what I look like when I’m angry,” Ling Mo realized and nodded, then turned and whispered to Ye Lian, “Do my eyes really look like they’re about to fall out?”

Ye Lian thought about it seriously and then nodded.

“Really…” Ling Mo rubbed his eyes, coughed, and walked up to Yu Shiran.

His expression today was indeed different from the usual fury he directed at Yu Shiran; now, he was calm.

“Having fun?” Ling Mo asked.

“Huh?” Yu Shiran blinked.

“That…” Ling Mo waved to call Shana over, “Take the knife down, will you?”

Yu Shiran finally widened her eyes in shock as she stared at Shana.

The long-haired girl smoothed her hair, and on her innocent face hung a sly smile. “Black Silk, put it down.”

Yu Shiran watched helplessly as her arm lowered, and the knife was taken by Ling Mo.

“Even though you chose a time when we were fighting to come over, hoping I wouldn’t sense you… that thought was pretty foolish,” Ling Mo said.

“But even if you sensed us, you were too busy… Besides, Black Silk and I are in this together!” Yu Shiran said, clearly not grasping the situation.

“You do realize you just compared yourself to a grasshopper, right?” Ling Mo said with a laugh, then added, “Indeed, I didn’t have much energy to spare, but do you think you could turn Black Silk against me? Haha…”

“Why not!” Yu Shiran asked.

Shana came over with a smile, reached out and pinched Yu Shiran’s cheek. “The reason is simple, because I’m the one who trained… educated Black Silk. Do you think that after spending some time with it, it would listen to you? Well, it did start to listen to you, but have you ever thought about why?”

At this point, Shana’s gaze suddenly took on a profound meaning.

Yu Shiran stared blankly at Shana for a while, then suddenly had an epiphany. “Ah…”

“Exactly, I allowed it to cooperate with you within a certain range because you two are symbiotes; this would accelerate the integration process. Once you reach a sufficient level of integration, there won’t be a need to do this deliberately… but this range is limited,” Shana said, squatting slightly to keep eye level with Yu Shiran.

It was clear she wanted to squat down completely, but doing so would mean looking up at the zombie loli.

Ling Mo, standing to the side, couldn’t help but smirk…

He hadn’t expected zombies to have issues with height…

“Range?” Yu Shiran was completely dumbfounded, struggling to process all the information with her little brain.

“Hehehe… like harm…” Ling Mo interjected proudly.

“Me” Shana said, pointing to her own nose.

“Ah?” This answer also left Ling Mo momentarily stunned. He remembered that all the commands he had taught Black Silk started with the principle of not harming him!

However, when Ling Mo voiced this doubt, Shana laughed a bit sheepishly and said, “Actually, the first rule was not to harm me…”

“Why?!” Ling Mo exclaimed in astonishment.

“Training… it just happened unconsciously,” Shana said with a tilt of her head and a smile.

“But…” Ling Mo was a bit slow to catch on, but he quickly came to terms with it.

It’s all the same, isn’t it? After all, his goal was to protect them.

Although there was always the nagging feeling that his Cool Wind Giant Dog disappeared because of this…

“So, did Black Silk betray me? Did it lead me into a trap?” Yu Shiran suddenly asked.

“Not really, it’s actually just you. Your mental powers… will probably merge together soon,” Ling Mo said as he squatted down to Yu Shiran’s level, one hand resting on the shoulder of the zombie loli. “But how does it feel to be teased like this?”

“Huh?” Yu Shiran was confused again.

“I mean, it must feel awful to be betrayed by someone close to you, right? And you can’t hit it or do anything…” Ling Mo said.

“I didn’t want to hit…” Yu Shiran tried hard to think.

Just then, two semi-transparent silver threads suddenly emerged, then dipped into the deep cleavage in front of Yu Shiran’s chest.

As a glowing “jellyfish” was hooked out and delivered into Ling Mo’s palm, Yu Shiran couldn’t hold back any longer and cried out, “Ah! Black Silk, I’m going to eat you!”

“That’s the feeling. And you can’t even get to it,” Ling Mo said with a full-faced smile, patting Yu Shiran’s cheek with one hand while fishing out a small trinket with the other and placing it into Yu Shiran’s palm, “Although zombies don’t lie, when even they aren’t clear about what’s going on in their own minds, their words aren’t very credible.”

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