My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 3169 - 3169: Immediately Regret

Chapter 3169: Immediately Regret

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The moment she stepped back, Long Min’s group eagerly rushed forward.

“Don’t push!” Gu Yixuan whispered, “Since we can open this door with Spirit

Stones, we all have a chance to enter.”

Long Min paid no mind to him, taking the lead and walking up the stairs. She flicked the Spirit Stone she had prepared onto a groove above the school ring.

“Dang!” The main door slowly opened, and Long Min happily stepped in first.

Simultaneously, two people appeared behind Long Min and followed her. In less than three seconds, the two of them were sent flying by the blue water-patterned film. With two thuds, they landed heavily on the ground and couldn’t straighten their backs for a long time.

Ming Bao pointed at the two of them and laughed wildly. “I can’t believe there’s someone so stingy. He even thought of sneaking in with someone else without spending a Spirit Stone. Oh my god! He’s really unlucky now.”

The two of them got up from the ground with abashed expressions and squeezed forward to take out two Spirit Stones each.

At this moment, Gu Yixuan and the others had already walked in. The two of them flicked the Spirit Stone into the groove and waited for a long time, but there was no reaction from the main door.

The other person’s expression changed. As if unwilling to give up, he took out another Spirit Stone and tried again.

In the end, there was still no reaction.

The two of them looked like they had lost their parents. They glanced at each other with long faces, full of regret and anger. They thought to themselves that if they had known earlier, they would not have coveted that small advantage.

Seeing that the two were standing at the main entrance blocking the way, Qiao Mu said, “Please make way.”

She didn’t let others enter the door first because she was being modest.

The reason was that she couldn’t allow others to follow behind her and benefit from her efforts. Therefore, the best approach was to let everyone else go in first, with Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao being the last to enter with the group of relatives and friends.

Crown Prince MO and the others were well aware of the little fellow’s thoughts. Although they didn’t show anything on their faces, they couldn’t help but find it amusing in their hearts.

The two individuals who couldn’t enter through the doors were feeling indignant. Upon seeing Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao move forward, they couldn’t help but roll their eyes automatically.

One of them swallowed his pride and said with a smile, “Crown Prince Consort, why don’t you put us into that Storage Talisman and bring us in together?”

“Shh!” The young crown prince consort raised a finger and gestured for them to keep quiet.

She even sized up the surroundings, making the two of them feel a bit uneasy. There was nothing around. What was the young crown prince consort looking at?

“The main spirit is secretly peeping at you in the dark. Guess, if I put you in a Storage Talisman and bring you in, will the border of the secret realm be shattered by you and that Storage Talisman?”

The two men shuddered, fearing that they might break out in a cold sweat.

When they looked up again, they saw that Qiao Mu had already used a Spirit Stone to open the door to the hall and was the first to enter.

MO Lian and the other two naturally paid with Spirit Stones as well. f(r)eeweb(n)ovel

Huang Sheng and Old Pa, following closely behind, hurriedly took out two Spirit Stones and threw them into the groove above the school ring.

The group walked along the large bluestone tiles.

Along the way, they felt that the entire hall was absolutely empty.

“Qiaoqiao, can I come out?” Ma Ta asked excitedly.

“It’s better if you don’t come out,” Qiao Mu said indifferently. “I suspect that this main spirit is observing us sinisterly. Just because it can’t sense where you are doesn’t mean that it doesn’t want to eject you..”

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