Chapter 520 First Champion’s game

Chapter 520 First Champion's game

?Alex was zooming through a field of ashy ground with no vegetation in sight, while the sky above him was covered in dark and grey clouds, casting an ominous gloom over the landscape.

The smell of scorched earth and heavy air filled the air, making this biome anything but pleasant. But suddenly, Alex stopped running as a ringing echoed in his mind, followed by a transparent system window appearing before him.


Name: Tomb of the Unknown Emperor

Objective: Last man standing

Participants: 120/300

Reward: 10 law tokens and one golden grade wish from the Realm Ruler or a single weapon from the Realm Treasury's lowest section

Info: The Conquest will take place inside the tomb, a labyrinth with multiple layers, each filled with treasures and traps.

?- The game will progress with the elimination of participants, as each time a third of the participants fall, new guards will spawn, and the previous ones will despawn.

?- The new tomb guards will move through the tomb labyrinth to hunt down participants, and the cycle continues until only a single individual is left standing.

?- As the participant number decreases by 33%, the labyrinth will become more dangerous at the edges, with random traps appearing to claim lives and even tomb guards knowing your exact location, while the inner area would be much safer, with hardly any guards roaming the area.

?- There are treasures to be found in open and hidden areas of the tomb labyrinth, as well as traps that could claim or heavily injure even the strongest.

Accept / Decline


Alex was a bit surprised, but after a few moments of silence, a smile spread across his face, knowing he had found the lucky break he had been looking for over the past seven months.

'I was hoping to find a clue to a sword of immense value, and who better than the Realm Ruler itself to tell me,' Alex thought with a bright smile stretching across his face.

Alex had the opportunity he was looking for, and the best part was that this champion's game had a simple goal, so he didn't hesitate before he accepted the invitation.

Alex took a meditation position on the ashy ground, knowing it would take a few hours for the participants to reach the required number, and he could use this time to rest and recover to his best condition.

'I wonder if I will get to fight any magic-wielding cyborgs or get to meet any proud young masters,' Alex thought as he did a final stretch, seeing that the participant number had grown to 299.

Alex was going into this game to win, and while he had made a decision not to use the Monarch Aura but to win this game, he was prepared to use the aura once more.

It did not take long before darkness cloaked his senses, and with instantaneous transition, Alex found himself standing in the halls of the labyrinthic tomb.

The labyrinth stretched out before him, dimly lit by eerie, flickering torches mounted on the walls, while the air was thick with the smell of dust and age, mingling with the faint, lingering scent of decay.

The ceiling loomed thirty meters above, and the walls was twenty meters apart, and while the passage was spacious, it gave little roam for retreat so every encounter would end in an agreement or a full-blown fight.

The walls were adorned with intricate carvings and runes that pulsed with faint mana, and as his senses scanned the surroundings, finding the walls and floor to be impenetrable, Alex did find an irregulatory in the mana pulsing from a specific area a small distance away.

The tomb was a labyrinth, so it should be a complex network of corridors and chambers, each one promising both treasures and deadly traps so Alex knew he had to navigate this maze carefully, using both his wits and his strength to survive.

But he also knew opportunities did not come without dangers, so he stepped to the point of disturbance and placed his hand on the wall before releasing mana and increasing flow till the point it matched the surroundings.

The mana pulse synchronized with the surroundings, causing the wall to shift aside, revealing a staircase. Instantly, a breath of unbearable rot stench followed, followed by a dense release of death mana.

'It looks like the guards will be undead,' Alex thought as he activated his Eyes of the Ancient and began descending the stairs.

As Alex went down the narrow, spiraling staircase, he could feel the oppressive aura of death and rot growing stronger as the air was thick and heavy, making each breath laborious.

At the bottom, a small corridor led to a set of giant doors guarded by two vampires. Their bodies were a grotesque display of rotten flesh and bones, reeking of death, yet they emitted a life pulse more akin to zombies and ghouls than actual undead.

The first guard was shorter, with dried, colorless white skin that looked like it could crumble at any moment, and his eyes were sunken into his skull, void of any light or life.

He was clad in a dark leather suit that clung tightly to his skeletal frame, and he wielded two sickles, their blades barely carrying an edge.

The second guard was tall and thin, his elongated limbs giving him an unsettling appearance. He wore mismatched pieces of rusted armor and wielded a massive, door-like shield, and as he came to life and moved, the metal clunked loudly, echoing in the tight passage.

'These guys are strong, but they can not hope to beat even the weakest participant, so their presence could only mean a warning,' Alex thought, watching the tall vampire raise his shield.

As the battle began, the smaller one jumped into the shadows, blending pretty well with them, while the one with the shield slammed it on the floor, making hardened spikes of blood tear through the ground, rushing toward Alex.

Alex tapped his foot, sending a chaotic wave that shattered the dark spikes and leveled the area.

Alex sensed the smaller vampire propelling himself from the ceiling, sickles poised to plunge into his face, so he tilted to the side, avoiding the sickles, then caught the vampire by the neck and slammed him to the floor.

In one swift motion, he tore off the vampire's arm, splattering himself with dark blood, but did so intentionally to see what the vampires were capable of.

A few minutes later, Alex was before the giant doors, the passage bearing the marks of an intense battle, while torn-

apart remains of the two bat-like creatures lay scattered on the floor.

Alex pushed the doors open and stepped into the pitch-dark chamber with no source of light, but with his vision and senses, the room was as clear as a day to him.

Alex saw a towering figure, a man standing over two meters tall, standing beside an empty throne. The figure had blood-

red eyes that were nothing like the abyssal soulless eyes of the guards outside.

The figure was adorned in a high-collared black coat, but Alex could easily sense the dark, light armor that he wore beneath it. He also had two bat-like wings folded behind him, and his appearance and presence were closer to a living individual than a near-dead zombie.

'So he is a three-star tomb guard, a figure that should come once there are only thirty-three participants left,'

'Just my luck,' Alex thought, his eyes set on the dark treasure box that was placed behind the empty throne.

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