Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3917 - 3917: This Is Good

Chapter 3917: This Is Good

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Feng Jiu frowned and asked with some concern, “If this is the case, won’t your divine soul be injured?”

“Injured it won’t be, however, it should fall into slumber again.” MO Chen said.

Hearing this, Feng Jiu shook her head, “Then let me think of another way!” She said slowly, her gaze looking at the Golden Lotus in that pool, bending down, reaching out and touching the water in the pool, she felt a source of holy power

spreading out in the water.

Perhaps because that Golden Lotus power was transmitted from her fingertips into her body, she felt that the Blue Lotus in her body seemed to slightly release the Blue Lotus power to her, her heart was slightly surprised, with a movement of her hand, she introduced the Golden Lotus breath from that water into her body, and after a while, she did feel the Blue Lotus that had been sleeping in her body for a long time awakening once again.

She was elated as she turned to MO Chen and happily chirped, “MO Chen …” Before she finished her words, she froze as she looked at his body which had turned more transparent. She was shocked and quickly ran over to his side: “What’s wrong with you? Why did your body become transparent?” MO Chen smiled faintly and pacified her, “It’s fine, don’t worry.”

“Your body has become like this and you’re still fine? In the end, how …” halfway through her words, she was suddenly stunned, turned back to look at the Golden Lotus in the pool, and then looked at MO Chen: “Is it because I just introduced the Golden Lotus breath into my own body? That’s the reason, isn’t

He smiled gently, “It’s alright, didn’t I say so? I won’t disappear that easily, it only weakened my body a bit.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think … about it,” She apologised and hung her head, feeling guilty.

“It’s alright, no need to say you’re sorry.” He raised his hand, to rub her hair, but in the end, he let it go, and just smiled gently, “Is it that the scent of this Golden Lotus has awakened the Blue Lotus in your body?”

“Hmm.” She answered.

“Since that’s the case, then you should cultivate here first! Not only the Golden Lotus Qi, but even the Holy Buddha’s breath in here is good for you.”

Hearing that he had already said this more than once, she couldn’t help but hesitate and look at him, “But if that’s the case, won’t you …” she had just introduced the Golden Lotus Qi into his body with her fingertips he had become like this, if he were to cultivate here, wouldn’t that make him just condense out his Immortal Body back to its original form?

“It won’t. ”

He gently shook his head and said, “The aura released by the Primordial Golden Lotus itself, you are able to absorb it and use it for cultivation, that way it won’t hurt me half as much as the body of the Primordial Golden Lotus, and at the same time it can help you to improve your strength.”

Hearing this, she then said, “Then, I’ll try to cultivate in here first, and see if I can move the Golden Lotus out after the Blue Lotus gradually recovers.”

“Well, I’ve been out for a long time today, I have to go back first.” He said, after glancing at her, he pointed his toes towards the Golden Lotus in that pool.

Feng Jiu watched as his figure turned into a golden light and fell into that Primordial Golden Lotus, and instantly disappeared, unable to help but be baffled.

Mo Chen really still exists, and also got grasped such an opportunity. With an Immortal Body shaped by the Primordial Golden Lotus, his future was brighter than before.

Thinking of this, she heartily revealed a smile, as long as he was still here, all was good..

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