Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 2195 - 2195: Sudden accident, the child (1)

Chapter 2195: Sudden accident, the child (1)

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Bo Yi’s heart ached as he carried an mu and kissed her forehead. be good, don’t worry. I’ll call the doctor over to take a look at your body.

an mu wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed against his chest. her voice was weak and soft. ” huahua, don’t worry. i still have to see uncle and aunty today. i’ll pack up and talk about it later. ”

“Don’t worry, there’s still time,”

In any case, compared to the child, he was more interested in finding out about her current physical condition from the doctor.

If one’s physical condition was really bad, then there were some things that could not be forced.

the doctor he called would definitely know what to say.

although an mu said that she was fine, she could not help but feel a little warm in her heart when she saw how worried bo yi was.

In fact, it was true. After the doctor came and carefully examined her, he said to an mu, ” it’s just that your stomach is a little uncomfortable. Miss an’s stomach has always been weak, so you need to pay more attention to your diet and rest.

after saying that, he nodded and looked at bo yi. ” don’t worry, mr. bo. it’s nothing serious. pay more attention to your diet. ”

Bo Yi thanked him and sent him out.

Before he left, the doctor repeatedly said that there was nothing wrong, but he still suggested to Bo Yi that since she was pregnant, it was best to take an mu for a physical examination at a fixed time, not only to check on an MU’s physical condition, but also the child’s condition.

Bo Yi nodded. In fact, he already knew that he could not hide some things from an mu anymore.

when bo yi went back, an mu had already gotten up, put on her clothes, and packed up. she had an appointment to meet bo yi’s parents at noon, and she could not delay it.

as for the nausea, since the doctor said that she was fine, she was naturally relieved.

bo yi got up early and made some light porridge and fruit salad for an mu. an mu ate a lot. an mu was puzzled. she said that her stomach was not good, but she could still eat a lot now.

After the meal.

bo yi went to arrange the meeting.

His parents were rushing over by plane and would be there in an hour or so. According to him, he could have waited for them to rest for a day before meeting them, but his parents did not listen. When they heard that he was attending someone else’s wedding with his girlfriend, his parents immediately rushed over without stopping.

Hence, Bo Yi had no choice but to agree.

He knew that he was worried about his marriage, and he also knew that they even thought that he could not find a girlfriend. They were even more worried that he would choose to be alone for the rest of his life. So, the problems that an mu was worried about?

Ha. &Nbsp;

It was simply impossible for it to exist.

His parents would only like an mu a lot, but he would not tell an mu so much about this kind of thing. She would know the specific situation by then.

Bo Yi sent someone to pick up his parents to the hotel. When it was almost time to meet, Bo Yi set off with an mu.

However, this time, Bo Yi did not drive.

As they were staying in a seven-star hotel, there were many high-end restaurants around. For convenience, Bo Yi chose one that was closer and had a more elegant environment.

Besides, an mu was pregnant, so it was good for her to walk around more.

However, this time, something unexpected happened.

the two of them walked out of the hotel. when they were walking on the road, an mu felt that something was wrong. it was as if someone was staring at her in the bustling downtown area, making her feel uncomfortable..

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