Martial Peak

Chapter 5891 - 5891, Light Will Eventually Expel Darkness

Chapter 5891, Light Will Eventually Expel Darkness

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The Small Stone Race were all born with sharp and distinct edges. They appeared simple and stupid, as if they could not harm even a fly. Nonetheless, the moment they appeared, all the Black Ink Clansmen at the No-Return Pass who saw this felt their scalps go numb.

After fighting the Human Race for so many years, how could the Black Ink Clan not recognize these strange creatures? The Human Race had used these creatures to fight against the Black Ink Clan on many battlefields, and had often achieved good results.

When these strange creatures appeared, one of the Pseudo-Royal Lords immediately shouted, “Small Stone Race!”

His voice was trembling because he had never seen so many Small Stone Race Soldiers in one place.

The size of the Space-Time River was extremely large, and using its cover, Yang Kai had summoned 2 million Small Stone Race Soldiers.

Although Yang Kai had actually summoned an even larger number of Small Stone Race in the past, the strength of this Small Stone Race group was far beyond any he had ever brought out before.

During his journey to the Chaotic Dead Territory, Yang Kai had carefully selected each Small Stone Race Soldier, with even the weakest of them being equivalent to a Third-Order Master.

When 2 million such Small Stone Race Soldiers suddenly appeared, the momentum they released was so great that even a Royal Lord like Di Ya Luo was horrified.

Worse yet, with the two glows on the back of Yang Kai’s hands, Di Ya Luo immediately understood what was about to happen. His pupils instantly shrank as he screamed, “Retreat!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was the first to break through the encirclement and flee.

However, how could he get away?

The two million Small Stone Race Soldiers were deployed evenly by the Space-Time River, tightly blockading this part of the void. Furthermore, Yang Kai went a step further and froze the local space using his Space Principles.

In a flash, every Black Ink Clan powerhouse felt a great resistance around them, hindering their movements. Of course, this kind of resistance was not enough to immobilize them for long. If they had just three breaths of time, they would be able to escape from the Small Stone Race Army’s encirclement.

However, while three breaths was normally just a blink of the eye to such Masters, in this instance, three breaths was an eternity which separated life and death, making it impossible to cross.

“Light will eventually expel darkness!” Yang Kai declared in a low voice, clenching his fists. As he did so, intense yellow and blue glows suddenly emerged from the bodies of the 2 million Small Stone Race Soldiers, filling the void in the blink of an eye.

The yellow and blue lights converged and fused together, blooming into a dazzling white light. The pure white glow was not eye-catching at first, but in an instant, it started rapidly expanding like a Great Sun which had exploded.

Time seemed to freeze inside the No-Return Pass, but a moment later, shrill cries broke the despairing silence.

Shrouded in the white light, every Black Ink Clansman, whether it was Di Ya Luo, the Pseudo-Royal Lords, or even the lowly Black Ink Serfs, were howling in pain. Even the distant Black Ink Clansmen who were bathed in this white light were shrieking in horror.

Purifying Light had always been the greatest nemesis of Black Ink Strength, and the Black Ink Clan’s power was basically entirely derived from Black Ink Strength. When the Black Ink Clansmen were exposed to the Purifying Light, the pain they felt was no different from an ordinary Humans thrown into a boiling pot of oil. This kind of torture was simply unbearable.

While the pure white light was blooming, Yang Kai didn’t remain idle. His figure shuttled through the battlefield like he was walking in his backyard, appearing and disappearing like a ghost, and each time he flickered, a powerful aura would disappear.

After 10 breaths, the pure white light finally faded away.

At this moment, the originally chaotic battlefield had been cleared away. In the void, Yang Kai stood alone, holding a hideous head in his hand. The cut on the head was uneven. It didn’t appear to have been made by a sharp weapon, but rather looked like it had been torn apart with his bare hands. Jet-black blood was still gushing out from the neck.

More importantly, the head was very much alive. It was grimacing in pain and a trace of confusion could be seen in its eyes, as if it was still a little dazed about its current state. Regardless, this trace of life was destined to disappear soon.

On the battlefield, several other mutilated corpses were lifelessly floating about, all of them belonging to powerful Pseudo-Royal Lords.

The surviving Pseudo-Royal Lords looked completely terrified, their eyes filled with horror. The reason they were able to survive was not because they were stronger than their dead comrades, but because they were luckier. Yang Kai simply didn’t have time to kill them.

Originally, the entire No-Return Pass was filled with a massive amount of Black Ink Strength, giving the impression as if it was shrouded in one enormous Black Ink Cloud.

But at this moment, in this environment in which every nook and corner was filled with Black Ink Strength, there was now a spherical zone where the Black Ink Strength was completely purified.

On this battlefield, although Yang Kai was alone, he was like an Army of thousands, putting enormous pressure on the entire Black Ink Clan.

Standing right across him was Di Ya Luo, his face filled with fear. Mo Na Ye, who was supposed to be commanding the Black Ink Clan Army, was also standing beside him, staring at Yang Kai with a solemn expression.

“Are you alright?” While Mo Na Ye was asking this, his eyes remained completely fixed on Yang Kai.

As soon as Yang Kai activated the Great Sun and Moon Marks on the backs of his hands, Mo Na Ye realized what was about to happen and immediately rushed over to help. Fortunately, he had reacted fast enough; otherwise, it would not have ended well for Di Ya Luo.

After the Purifying Light burst, Yang Kai casually took the lives of several Pseudo-Royal Lords before directly attacking Di Ya Luo.

Originally, he had planned to use this opportunity to eliminate a Royal Lord. Under the cover of the Purifying Light, Yang Kai was confident that he could accomplish it without anyone’s notice; however, Mo Na Ye had come to interfere at the critical moment.

This forced Yang Kai to fall back for the time being.

It was still understandable to kill Di Ya Luo by borrowing the intense Purifying Light, but if he were to eliminate even Mo Na Ye, who had come to rescue the former, it would surely raise flags, which would cause the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods to become vigilant.

As such, he could only kill two more Pseudo-Royal Lords to vent his anger.

Nonetheless, the current situation was still acceptable. Di Ya Luo had been enveloped by the Purifying Light, which had affected his strength. Furthermore, he was a newly promoted Royal Lord, so his foundation was probably unstable now. Unless the Black Ink Clan used some kind of sacrificial Secret Technique to restore his strength, he wouldn’t be much more useful than a Pseudo-Royal Lord on the battlefield in the future.

Half of the dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords who had besieged Yang Kai had died, while the remaining half had their foundations severely damaged, causing their strength to plummet.

Trading 2 million Small Stone Race Soldiers for the life of half a dozen Pseudo-Royal Lords was an acceptable price.

After staring at Mo Na Ye for a moment, Yang Kai coldly snorted before tossing the severed head away and taking a step forward, heading towards the No-Return Pass.

Yang Kai’s speed wasn’t fast, but Mo Na Ye didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping him. He did not even issue an order to stop him.

He couldn’t determine how many Small Stone Race Soldiers Yang Kai had left, and until he had did, it would be unwise to continue provoking him.

But the main reason was that the Black Ink Clan no longer had the ability to restrain Yang Kai. Originally, they could still rely on Di Ya Luo, but now that the latter was injured, confronting Yang Kai would be tantamount to suicide.

From the start, Mo Na Ye didn’t want to have any kind of confrontation with Yang Kai; so, since he wanted to leave, all he could do was let him go.

Thus, while the two Armies were engaged in a fierce battle, Yang Kai leisurely made his way from the back of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line to the battlefield without any hindrance.

Immediately after, a scene appeared that sent all the Black Ink Clan Soldiers into despair.

A portal to Yang Kai’s Small Universe suddenly opened up as an endless Small Stone Race Army rushed out.

This time, Yang Kai didn’t use the Great Sun and Moon Marks to control their movements at all.

Under the stimulation of Black Ink Strength, the Small Stone Race Soldiers immediately charged towards the Black Ink Clan Army the moment they came out of Yang Kai’s Small Universe, without any fear of death.

Attacked by the Small Stone Race Army, the Black Ink Clan’s defence line, which was originally quite sturdy, immediately saw countless casualties.

Not long after, Yang Kai strolled along the defensive line, which resulted in Small Stone Race Armies appearing on every front.

They didn’t cooperate with the Human Race, each and every Small Stone Race Soldier simply acting like a killing tool without any sentience, attacking anyone or anything with Black Ink Strength.

Inside the No-Return Pass, Mo Na Ye watched the entire debacle from a distance, gloom and despair gripping his heart.

Under the current circumstances, it was just a matter of time until the Human Race conquered the No-Return Pass. Only death and destruction was waiting for the Black Ink Clansmen here.

Be that as it may, Mo Na Ye had never been one to sit back and just wait for death. Even if he couldn’t defend the No-Return Pass, he had to try his best to weaken the Human Race Army so that they wouldn’t have the strength to continue their crusade to the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction.

Mo Na Ye originally had some confidence that he could achieve this goal, but after witnessing such a huge Small Stone Race Army appear on the battlefield, this confidence was completely shattered.

These Small Stone Race Soldiers basically blanketed the entire battlefield, and they could not be stopped. Their population size was several times greater than the Humans, so using them as cover, the Humans would definitely suffer fewer casualties.

Under these circumstances, it would be extremely hard for the Black Ink Clan to destroy or even critically damage the Human Race Army.

Mo Na Ye couldn’t figure out where Yang Kai had obtained so many Small Stone Race Soldiers!

In fact, Mo Na Ye had done some research on these strange beings known as the Small Stone Race; so, he knew about their characteristics. The only thing he didn’t understand was their origins. From some Black Ink Disciples, he came to learn that the Small Stone Race was a special race brought out by Yang Kai.

But where did Yang Kai get them from? Everything in the Universe had a source.

After suffering countless casualties over the thousands of years of war, the Small Stone Race had gradually faded from the Black Ink Clan’s sight; so, Mo Na Ye had never expected Yang Kai to bring so many Small Stone Race Soldiers to the battlefield before today, catching them off guard.

[It’s Yang Kai again! Every single turning point in the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan is connected to him!]

Mo Na Ye couldn’t help but feel a little regretful. Had he known that Yang Kai had such a card up his sleeve, he would have insisted on keeping him here even if he had to sacrifice more Pseudo-Royal Lords.

But when he gave it another thought, Mo Na Ye realized that nothing was going to change even if he somehow pinned Yang Kai down here. Sacrificing 2 million Small Stone Race Soldiers, Yang Kai had managed to kill a few Pseudo-Royal Lords and injure Di Ya Luo. Even if they managed to pin him down, the Black Ink Clan would have to mentally prepare themselves for even heavier losses.

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