Leveling Up With My Pet

Chapter 202 Zig-Zag

A gust of wind swept through the air, setting the stage for what was about to unfold. 

The cheetah, known for its remarkable speed, could reach speeds exceeding 120 kilometres per hour. However, Liu Yong seemed to surpass even that, dashing towards the small plateau on the right with incredible swiftness. Kang Zhenggang stood there, his mind blank with disbelief. He Qiang couldn't help but express his awe [ " Just as expected from our Boss, truly astounding! " ] Since they had taken the "genetic medicine," they had become somewhat like superhumans. Running a hundred meters in less than seven seconds was already an impressive feat in their eyes. However, Liu Yong's performance left them completely stunned. Within a few blinks, he had covered a distance of approximately a thousand meters. When he was merely two or three hundred meters away, the few pirates on the small raised ground finally noticed Liu Yong's presence. [ " What in God's name is that?! " ]

The machine gunner who spotted Liu Yong was petrified, his mouth hanging wide open, forgetting to pull the trigger. In no time, Liu Yong closed in on the machine gunner. With a swift motion, he drew his knife and, in one clean stroke, slit the machine gunner's carotid artery, causing a gush of blood to sprout as if it were an uncontainable fountain. The remaining onlookers stood there dumbfounded, their minds yet to catch up with the sudden events. [ " Hands up, all of you! " ]

Within moments, the remaining five pirates transformed into lifeless bodies, falling to the ground individually. [ " Well, this machine gun seems quite decent. " ] Liu Yong calmly sheathed his sabre, picked up the M60 general-purpose machine gun, still in relatively new condition, and approached the small highland several hundred meters away. Taking cover behind a large rock, Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang watched the scene unfold before their eyes, their amazement reaching new heights. 

[ " Unbelievable! Our Boss is truly remarkable! He managed to eliminate everyone on the right high ground within a minute. " ] The admiration overwhelmed the two men, leaving them in awe of Liu Yong's extraordinary skills.

Simultaneously, a burning desire to prove themselves ignited within them. Witnessing their Boss's exceptional performance, Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang yearned to showcase their skills and eradicate the pirates.

Gripping the formidable M60 general-purpose machine gun, Liu Yong set his sights on a small elevated area to the left. The distance to reach it was merely a few hundred meters, a feat he accomplished in ten seconds.

Several pirates stationed there eventually caught sight of Liu Yong's presence. Reacting swiftly, the machine gunner unleashed a barrage of bullets in his direction.

Undeterred, Liu Yong moved incredibly fast, zigzagging his way towards safety. The machine gunner's bullets failed to find their mark.

Not one to hold back, Liu Yong reciprocated while skillfully evading the enemy's fire. Squeezing the trigger of his machine gun, he sent a flurry of bullets that tore through flesh. Every pirate fell, and none were left alive.

Pressing forward without hesitation, Liu Yong knew his gunfire would undoubtedly attract the attention of pirates holed up in their lair. Nevertheless, he paid little heed and continued his relentless march towards the military base.

Maintaining their zigzag pattern, Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang promptly reacted, bursting forth from their cover behind a boulder and charging towards the heart of the military base.

Liu Yong's ability to accomplish such feats stemmed from his dominance and power. His approach was straightforward and unceremonious.

At the base's entrance, two machine guns stood guard, positioned on the left and right, a considerable distance of at least two hundred meters away. Seizing the moment, Liu Yong hurled two grenades successively.

The grenades traced elegant arcs through the air before finding their mark, exploding with thunderous force beside the machine guns.

Such an operation seemed almost inconceivable!

Two hundred meters apart, yet the accuracy was astounding.

While trailing behind, Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang stood awestruck, witnessing the spectacle before their eyes.

While Liu Yong pressed onward, Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang were closing in on their destination at a distance of approximately one or two hundred meters from the gate.

In the current situation, the entire military base lay in ruins, it's systems fried from the devastating attack that had taken place.

A horde of pirates surged forward, brandishing various guns and weapons, ready to overpower any resistance.

As Liu Yong dashed through the gateway, he was immediately confronted by a formidable group of thirty to forty pirates. Nearly all of them wielded AK-47 assault rifles, and one of them menacingly carried an RPG rocket launcher.

[ " Da da da! " ]

Liu Yong's grip tightened around his machine gun, unleashing a torrent of flames as the weapon discharged at its fastest rate. The chain of ammunition, comprising 200 rounds, rapidly dwindled, leaving a trail of spent shell casings strewn across the ground.

Many pirates fell before him, unable to withstand the onslaught.

Nevertheless, the sheer volume of adversaries posed a daunting challenge.

Several bullets found their mark on Liu Yong's body. However, thanks to his mastery of the third-level tortoise shell technique, his defence was impervious to AK-47 bullets, rendering them futile in breaking through his armour.

Liu Yong felt a dull impact as a bullet struck him, the pain barely registering. At most, his skin bore a slight reddish mark, remaining unbroken.

Knowing that these bullets posed no threat to him, Liu Yong exhibited unyielding courage.

One man against dozens of pirates.

As the 200 rounds of ammunition were rapidly depleted, fewer than ten pirates remained standing. Abandoning the spent machine gun, Liu Yong swiftly drew his Desert Eagle and expertly maneuvered, rolling and evading enemy fire.

[ " Bang, bang, bang! " ]

Gunshots reverberated through the air, leaving a trail of bloodshed in their wake.

With a single magazine of seven bullets, many pirates fell to the ground. Liu Yong deftly replaced the magazine, seizing the moment. At this critical juncture, Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang arrived.

The thunderous roar of an assault rifle filled the air.

Pirates crumpled under the onslaught, succumbing to the superior firepower unleashed by the reinforcements.

Once again, the two men marvelled at the indomitable prowess of their leader. How could a single individual overthrow such a multitude of pirates? Their admiration resurfaced as they surveyed the grim scene of lifeless pirate bodies.

Kang Zhenggang was on the verge of asking Liu Yong if he had sustained any injuries when he suddenly noticed a fresh wave of pirates converging upon them. This time, their numbers exceeded the previous encounter, armed predominantly with AK-47 rifles.

Reacting swiftly, Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang immediately sought cover behind a nearby bunker. Meanwhile, Liu Yong retrieved a grenade from his arsenal and hurled it into the midst of the pirate horde. The resulting explosion reverberated through the air, accompanied by anguished cries.

Liu Yong advanced with his Desert Eagle, the magazine fully loaded. Methodically, he unleashed a storm of bullets upon the swarming pirates, his aim unerring. Yet another bullet found its mark, striking Liu Yong's body. Astonishingly, it failed to breach his defences. The AK-47's shots proved insufficiently robust. To penetrate their formidable defence, only large-calibre armour-piercing rounds would suffice.

Undeterred, Liu Yong pressed on, emptying his magazine before plunging headlong into the midst of the pirate group. Abandoning his Desert Eagle, he brandished his sabres, dispatching his foes with lethal efficiency.

Wide-eyed with disbelief, Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang watched in awe. This was beyond human resilience. How was their Boss capable of such feats? It defied all logic.

They bore witness to several bullets striking Liu Yong, yet he remained unscathed, defying all odds as he wielded his sabre amidst the crowd of adversaries.

After a brief moment of astonishment, Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang instinctively sought shelter behind the bunker, intermittently picking off pirates with their gunfire.

Meanwhile, in a three-story building within a military base, Zawahiri, alongside several vital leaders, gathered in the conference hall. They were in high spirits as 100 million US dollars had just arrived, prompting discussions about hosting an evening celebration banquet.

Suddenly, the loud sound of gunfire erupted from outside.

Taken aback, Zawahiri was about to inquire about the source of the commotion when a subordinate swiftly approached and delivered the news [ "Boss, we have an intruder. " ]

Curiosity piqued, Zawahiri inquired, [ " How many individuals are on the other side, and what kind of firepower do they possess? " ]

The subordinate, Little Boss Hui, responded, [ " There are only three individuals, but... " ]

Interrupting him with a dismissive hand wave, Zawahiri showed no interest in hearing further. Three individuals posed no significant threat when pitted against his vast force of over 300 men.


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