I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 2306 - 2306: Chapter nfronting A Domainian And Heavily Injuring Him

Chapter 2306: Confronting a Domainian and Heavily Injuring Him

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The speed was simply too fast. It was so fast that even the experts who had come to watch the battle were a little dumbfounded.

The speed was too fast, not giving them any time to react!

Chu Yunfan easily killed Gongsun Hong with one strike. Then, the Sea Dragon went on a killing spree and killed all the other disciples of the Destiny Sect.

This kind of strength suppressed many people who had other thoughts.

Chu Yunfan’s current strength was not something they could compete with.

“You guys are courting death!”

Suddenly, an angry roar came from afar. Then, a big hand broke through the sky and grabbed in Chu Yunfan’s direction.

Chu Yunfan didn’t move or look at the hand, but every pore on his body was spewing out sword energy. The sword energy turned into a terrifying torrent and gathered above Chu Yunfan’s head, turning into a huge sword of light.


This incomparably huge sword of light slashed down horizontally, cutting through the large hand on the spot and turning it into nothingness.

Immediately after, a figure in black arrived in front of everyone.

Everyone focused their eyes and saw that it was an old man in black. He had white hair and a youthful face.

The old man was hunched, but the terrifying power contained in his body made people shudder.

“Another Domainian has arrived!”

Many people instantly reacted. The Destiny Sect had finally produced a Domainian.

With the strength of the Destiny Sect, it was impossible for them to only have one Domainian in the ancient battlefield.

Now, another one had finally appeared.

When he saw the situation, the old man immediately realized what had happened. His face turned ashen. The Destiny Sect’s base had actually been slaughtered from top to bottom.

One could imagine that once the Destiny Sect learned of this news, they would immediately explode.

“How dare you! Even the sect master of your Flying Celestials doesn’t have the guts to kill so many prodigies of our sect!” The old man pointed at Chu Yunfan with a furious expression, wishing he could tear him into pieces.

He was a Destiny Sect grand elder and held a high position in the sect. However, his talent had reached the limit after he cultivated to the Domain Stage. He came to the ancient battlefield in order to break through.

There were such people in all sects and races. Not everyone could be like these top geniuses and Supreme Youths, who treated cultivation as simple as eating and drinking.

Even though he was once a prodigy, he was now just an old man. Time had not shown him any mercy.

For any cultivator, time was never enough.

“So what if I kill him?” Chu Yunfan said coldly, “I don’t need you to interfere in my matters!”

“Then use your life to pay for it!” the grand elder said coldly.

“If you want my life, then come and try!” Chu Yunfan didn’t say much.

Wisps of energy seeped out of the pores of the Destiny Sect grand elder, forming a terrifying storm.

This aura was clearly far stronger than those elites of the Divine Treasure Stage. Even Sanjue, who had been killed by Chu Yunfan, was slightly weaker than this Destiny Sect grand elder.lightsnovel

2,500 laws!

The Destiny Sect grand elder had cultivated at least 2,500 laws. Just the number of laws alone far exceeded Sanjue’s. In addition, he had learned the ultimate technique of a righteous sect like the Destiny Sect. In terms of strength, he was at least 50% stronger than Sanjue.

Many people’s hearts skipped a beat. The pressure that the Destiny Sect grand elder gave them was too great. After all, he was a grand elder of a famous sect. Even if he weren’t outstanding in the Destiny Sect, he was at least an unimaginably powerful existence in the outside world.

Such a person would be an unrivaled existence in an ordinary era. He would be high and mighty all his life and would not have to worry about being knocked down from his pedestal.


It was also because there were too many experts in this golden era, so many that it was unimaginable. There were all kinds of rare geniuses that were as numerous as the stars. That was why they could possibly be defeated.

That was why he could be knocked down from his pedestal by those geniuses, and now, there was already such a trend.

Chu Yunfan was only the first person to display such strength.

The Destiny Sect grand elder was covered in crimson light and rose like fog. His entire body emitted an extraordinary aura as he stepped on flames.

His entire body was like a burning man.

“Kill them!”

“Die!” the Destiny Sect grand elder shouted. He was like a tiger that could swallow mountains and rivers. The entire sky trembled with him. As he shouted, an incomparably huge domain was released in an instant and enveloped Chu Yunfan.

This was a must-have technique for Domainians. Whoever had a stronger domain would have the complete advantage.

Chu Yunfan remained calm. His body emitted an even more dazzling light. The brilliant golden light made him look like an ancient god cast in gold.

In an instant, it was in an uproar!

The laws on Chu Yunfan’s body surged out and met the attack. Looking from the sky, it was as if two stormy waves had collided in the air.

They devoured each other and tore everything apart!

This was a collision between two completely different Great Daos. It was direct, pure, and without any fancy tricks. Whoever’s Great Dao was stronger would immediately gain the upper hand.

Obviously, Chu Yunfan’s Great Dao was stronger. Although he was slightly inferior in terms of quantity, in terms of quality, he was much stronger.

They were not on the same level at all.

In just a moment, the domain of the Destiny Sect grand elder was torn open by Chu Yunfan’s domain. It was like a huge wound.

In the next moment, the Destiny Sect grand elder and Chu Yunfan collided in the air like two huge stars colliding.


The sky trembled violently, and huge cracks appeared. They looked extremely ferocious, like wounds in the sky.

The two of them passed by each other, and the sound of metal filled the sky as blood sprayed down.

Although the Destiny Sect grand elder was hunched, he was invincible.

Chu Yunfan was invincible.

Everyone focused their eyes and saw that there was a ferocious wound on the abdomen of the Destiny Sect grand elder, and blood sprayed out from it.

However, Chu Yunfan was completely unharmed. Clearly, the Destiny Sect grand elder had suffered a huge loss in his clash with Chu Yunfan.

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