I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Chapter 28 - 28: How to arrange the following practice? _1

Chapter 28: Chapter 28: How to arrange the following practice? _1

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Before Xu Yan had successfully cultivated, Li Xuan, with the idea of deceiving in mind, randomly made up things without any psychological pressure; he just concocted as wildly as he could.

There was no need to consider whether it was practiceable or not.

How could something made up out of the blue be successful in cultivation?

However, Xu Yan, this freak, managed to succeed in cultivating the randomly fabricated Cultivation Technique and even triggered the Golden Linger. Li Xuan instantly mastered the technique, and his strength was a hundred times that of his peers in the same realm.

From then on, he couldn’t be carefree while creating the next Cultivation Technique.

After all, it was related to whether he could successfully cultivate or keep gaining feedback from the Golden Finger to enhance himself.

With psychological pressure, more thoughts came up.

While creating, he had to consider whether the theory made sense.

And if there were any loopholes.

If he didn’t make it exotic enough, he worried the technique wouldn’t have enough power.

If he made it too exotic, he was afraid Xu Yan wouldn’t understand it and be able to continue his cultivation.

In short, when he started to create the next stage, and how that would be cultivated, Li Xuan realized that he had been thinking too simplisticaily.

With pressure on his mind, he started to hesitate and worry about gains and losses!

“Damn it! Maybe I should just make up something and let the disciple wrap his head around it and perceive it.

“But wait, what if he can t comprehend it? Wouldn’t I be the one who misses out?

“What’s the deal with this damn Golden Finger, anyway?”

Li Xuan looked troubled.

The Golden Finger was triggered, but after it infused him with cultivation power, it just disappeared as if it never existed.

“Because Xu Yan succeeded in cultivating the randomly made-up Cultivation T echnique, he triggered the Golden Finger. So if I want feedback, it has to come from Xu Yan. This kid’s comprehension ability is abnormally strong.

“So, when I concoct Cultivation Techniques, 1 need to connect the stages properly. The specifics of the cultivation can then be comprehended by Xu Yan himself.

“All I need to do is create a theory, as well as a mantra that sounds mystical.”

Li Xuan took a deep breath, sorted out the direction for making up the Cultivation Technique, and began to consider how to construct this imaginary theory.

He should make a mantra that just sounds mystical.

Afterwards, everything could then be left to Xu Yan to comprehend.

Seeing as he had independently figured out cultivation involving refining the sldn, bones, and organs, why wouldn’t he be able to handle the next stage of cultivation?

“The Bone Refining Mantra I made up was Observing oneself with a clear mind, cultivating genuine intention, Qi and blood forge a golden body, like a dragon. For the Qi-blood stage also, 1 should create a mantra or two for Xu Yan to comprehend. It will speed up his cultivation.”

Li Xuan recalled that when he made up two mantras, Xu Yan figured out the method to temper golden bones from them and even cultivated jade bones.

Therefore, the mantra is very important; it should be mystical but not obscure, it would be up to Xu Yan to comprehend it.

“The realm after the Qi-blood stage will be referred to as the Innate Realm for now. I don’t need to worry about creating that just yet. I should first work on the mantra for the Qi-blood stage.”

Even without a mantra, the direction of cultivation has already been confirmed, and Xu Yan can still cultivate to the ultimate point of the Qi-blood stage.

However, if there was a mantra, Xu Yan could comprehend something from it and his cultivation speed would increase significantly. His strength would also increase.

As Xu Yan’s strength improved, his master, Li Xuan’s strength would also consequently improve.

Currently, Li Xuan had mastered the Qi-blood stage, with a strength of hundred times those at the same stage. The benchmark standard was based on his disciple, Xu Yan.

At present, Li Xuan’s strength was a hundred times that of Xu Yan at the completion phase of the Qi-blood stage.

So, if Xu Yan could comprehend the mantra, and cultivate it to gain more significant strength than he has now,

T he stronger Xu Yan becomes at the completion phase, the more powerful Li Xuan will naturally become.

Therefore, 1 must create the Mantra.

I’ve already mastered rhe cultivation methods for refining the sldn, bones, and organs, as well as the entry level Martial Arts, which were imparted by feedback from the Golden Finger.

T his completes the foundational system for entry-level Martial Arts cultivation.

Gleaned from Xu Yan’s cultivation and enlightenment, and a practical foundation for cultivation, Li Xuan generally knew how to create the mantra for the Qi-blood stage for Xu Yan to further comprehend.

Essentially, the reason for creating the Qi-blood stage mantra is to let Xu Yan comprehend a more powerful and efficient method of Qi-blood stage cultivation.

Enhance the strength of the Qi-Blood Realm.

“The Qi-Blood Realm focuses on strengthening our Qi and blood, as well as our physical bodies. The essence of its cultivation lies in improving the quality and quantity of our Qi and blood, and increasing the potential of our bodies…”

“Since it focuses on cultivating Qi and blood, this should serve as a suitable mantra, right?”

After some contemplation, Li Xuan came up with a four-lined cultivation mantra.

“Four lines it is then. That’s it, I’ll pass it on to my foolish disciple to ponder. Even if he doesn’t understand anything, it won t hinder his ongoing cultivation…”

“Achieving mastery of the Qi-Blood Realm is only a matter of time. The important thing is for my foolish disciple to continue cultivating his extraordinary abilities and manage to master the Innate Realm – a purely hypothetical realm I just made up.”

Li Xuan sighed, put his hands behind his back and walked out of the room leisurely, looking every bit the stern teacher.

Xu Yan was in the midst of consolidating his realm.

“Disciple, come here, I will teach you the mantra for the Qi-Blood Realm,” said Li Xuan, beckoning.

“Yes, Master!”

Xu Yan, excited, ran over.

A Qi-Blood Realm mantra!

“Listen well,” instructed Li Xu, a note of solemnity entering his voice. “The Qi-Blood Realm mantra consists of four lines. If you can understand its essence, your cultivation will progress rapidly. It won’t take long before you’ll master the Qi-Blood Realm.”

“Yes, Master, I will strive to understand the mantra, I will nor disappoint you!” said Xu Yan, thumping his chest in assurance.

“Your confidence heartens me, but do what you can, not being able to understand the essence of the mantra won’t hinder your cultivation,” Li Xuan’s tone lightened.

We shouldn’t push the disciple too hard. Too much psychological pressure could backfire and make it even harder for him to understand rhe mantra.

“I understand, Master!”

Xu Yan nodded.


Li Xuan nodded and slowly said, “Listen well, the four-line Qi-Blood Realm mantra; ‘A thousand streams join into a great river, a mighty current flows into the ocean; Raging waves swelling up, Qi and blood that can shake mountains endless’!”

Upon hearing the final line of the mantra, Xu Yan murmured: “Qi and blood that can shake an endless mountain?”

He felt awestruck by the imposing and incredibly powerful image evoked by this phrase.

After a slight cough, Li Xuan said, “Disciple, remember, the cultivation techniques 1 teach focus on understanding and context, not form, and certainly not surface value!”

Upon uttering the familiar phrase, he continued to remind Xu Yan.

“Yes, Master, I understand!”

Xu Yan replied respectfully.

At that moment, the four lines of the mantra were all that filled his mind.

“Mmm, go consolidate your cultivation.”

Li Xuan nodded.

He breathed a sigh of relief internally, finally having passed the mantra on to Xu Yan; whether it would be successful, now rested on him.

If he couldn’t understand it, it wouldn’t be his Master’s fault.

Next, he needed to focus on the Innate Realm.

He needed to conceive it in a way that seemed profound, yet could logically transition from the Qi-Blood Realm, thus avoiding any gaps where there would be no way of progressing.

“Yes, Master!”

After respectfully bowing, Xu Yan returned to where he had been cultivating.

As he began to ponder the four lines of the mantra, he thought to himself: “This mantra taught by my Master is indeed extraordinary. It’s like a poem with profound profound meanings that holds infinite martial arts wisdom.”

“I must understand it, I cannot disappoint my Master!”

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