I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Chapter 26 - 26: What Kind of Monster is This Disciple? (Please Follow up)_i

Chapter 26: Chapter 26: What Kind of Monster is This Disciple? (Please Follow up)_i

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Feeling the terrifying vitality in his master, Xu Yan’s heart trembled. The excitement and thrill he felt, upon stepping into the martial realm, suddenly came to a peaceful standstill.

“I am too weak!”

“In front of the master, 1 am as insignificant as an ant, 1 still have a long way to go!”

At this moment, Xu Yan felt too insignificant. He had just entered the realm, what right did he have to be excited?

What right did he have to be arrogant?

“It must be that the master saw my arrogance and decided to show a bit of his vitality, to let me know what true strength is!

“1 must remain humble and patient, and work hard on my cultivation!”

Xu Yan subdued his own vitality and respectfully came before his master.

“Master, your disciple has entered the martial realm!”

Li Xuan, with one hand behind his back, was slightly trembling- he was excited. Yet his expression was calm, still maintaining an image of a strict master.


With a nod, he looked at his silly disciple with a slightly gratifying gaze.

“Did you see? This is the vitality of entering the realm, and at the peak. 1 just wanted to show you a little.”

Li Xuan spoke blandly.

“Master, 1 will definitely stay humble and patiently cultivate!”

Xu Yan said, his face colored with shame.

Li Xuan, containing his vitality, looked at his disciple and said contentedly, “1 gave you a year, and you were able to enter ahead of schedule. 1 am very pleased!”

As he sat down on a chair under a large tree, Xu Yan quickly poured tea for his master, respectfully waiting by his side.

“The Martial Path is endless, you have only just started, you still have a long way to go. Now let me ask you, is your commitment to martial arts firm?”

Li Xuan asked with a serious expression.

“Master, your disciple’s commitment to martial arts is firm!”

Xu Yan knelt down with a thud and affirmed firmly.

He was excited inside: “The Master is truly accepting me as a disciple and imparting the supreme martial arts technique!”

“Good, very good. From now on, you are my true disciple!”

Li Xuan’s face was filled with gratification.

Then, he seemingly casual asked, “My pupil, your cultivation journey is difficult. Think carefully, when did you refine your skin, your bones, your organs?”

Li Xuan was genuinely curious about how this aberration of a disciple managed to successfully cultivate the random techniques he made up.

Xu Yan had entered the martial realm, the Golden Finger appeared, he directly achieved proficiency, and naturally understood the process and methods of refining his skin, bones, and organs.

These processes and methods were clearly something Xu Yan had grasped on his own.

It couldn’t be said they had nothing to do with Li Xuan’s random methods, as after all, they were inspired by them. But fabricated methods are still fabricated, whereas real cultivation techniques, are real cultivation techniques.

The two were different.

One could see the random technique as a kind of illusory theory, while Xu Yan turned this illusory theory into a practical cultivation technique.

Only by understanding how Xu Yan turned the fabricated technique into real cultivation methods could he continue to fabricate supplementary cultivation techniques and subsequent martial realms.

Li Xuan had a feeling that even random techniques required a certain theoretical basis, even if it’s an illusory theory. They need to have a connection and a clear hierarchy.

The previous realm cannot be martial arts, and the next realm cannot suddenly become immortal cultivation.

Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to succeed.

Li Xuan felt these feelings were largely transmitted from the Golden Finger.

“Yes, Master!”

Hearing this, Xu Yan was excited. This was his master guiding him, wanting him to thoroughly understand the cultivation process and feel the mysteriousness of martial arts.

And so, he began to narrate his experiences of cultivation.

How he had understood the profound meaning of his Master’s teachings.

Li Xuan listened attentively, nodding occasionally, but his mind was filled with continuously erupting exclamations of ‘WTF’!

This disciple is seriously an abnormality!

His comprehension is simply against the heavens. He is incredibly good at interpreting and adding to things to the point of twisting them into something profoundly deep!

“The cultivation technique the Master passed onto me is truly extraordinary. Despite my slow comprehension, 1 spent a long time just to grasp it. If it weren’t for the Master’s technique, I’m afraid 1 wouldn’t have been able to refine my Golden Bones!”

Xu Yan remarked with a sigh.

Li Xuan was dumbfounded, thinking: “1 just fabricated those techniques… how can he grasp them? He is such a freak! 1 should just fabricate some more techniques and let this dumb disciple figure them out.”

“Once 1 had refined my Golden Bones, 1 was quite content. But thanks to Master’s guidance to persist, 1 managed to refine my Jade Bones!”

Xu Yan recounted, smiling proudly. He was about to report his accomplishments to his Master and was very pleased with how he was on par with the prodigies of antiquity.

If not for the Master’s hint to cultivate Jade Bones, how could he have become so powerful?

Thinking of these points, Xu Yan displayed an ashamed look.

Li Xuan was bewildered, “When did I hint this silly disciple to refine Jade Bones?”

Maintaining a calm expression, he asked, “How did you come to understand my hint, my dear disciple?”

Xu Yan, with shame on his face, said, “When I had refined my Golden Bones and was about to report to Master, you put away your golden sword and merely toyed with the Jade Ruyi… At that moment, I knew that Master was hinting for me to aim higher and persevere in refining my Jade Bones.”

“I am somewhat ashamed for almost misunderstanding Master’s hint!”

Li Xuan’s view of his disciple changed slightly. At that time, he merely preferred the Jade Ruyi and thought it held more value than the golden sword.

He never expected such a coincidence would lead his disciple to misunderstand.

Moreover, he took his own spin to it and actually refined Jade Bones.

Upon thinking about it, Li Xuan felt his scalp tingling. His disciple’s mind wasn’t dull, in fact, it was too sharp!

“Hmm! You were able to understand my hint, which shows your comprehension is satisfactory. You managed to persevere and refined Jade Bones, you must have endured a lot of hardships.”

Li Xuan said, his face full of satisfaction.

“The fact that I could refine Jade Bones is all thanks to your guidance, Master. If it weren’t for you pointing me to hunt the Flaming Fur Wolves in the Evil Forest, I would’ve probably been unable to refine Jade Bones.”

Xu Yan looked at his Master with a face full of reverence and respect.

Li Xuan’s scalp tingled. Now, he understood that the tiger, as well as the Flaming Fur Wolves he mentioned, were all hunted down by Xu Yan.

Not by gathering Guardsmen and Hunters.

That tiger looked fierce! Xu Yan actually hunted it down!

What’s the deal with the Flaming Fur Wolves?

“Tell me about your experience of hunting the Flaming Fur Wolves.”

Passing on his request with no particular emotion, Li Xuan casually asked, seeming to want to point out some deficiencies in the process of his disciple hunting the Flaming Fur Wolves.

“Yes, Master!”

Xu Yan respectfully assented and started to narrate his battle with the Flaming Fur Wolves, how he consumed its blood and refined its meat into a highly nourishing medicinal concoction to assist his cultivation.

Only by doing so, he managed to quickly refine his energy system and enter the doorway to Martial Arts!

Li Xuan maintained his calm exterior while in his heart he was shocked. Flaming Fur Wolves are this vicious?

These are no longer ordinary beasts.

What’s even worse was that Xu Yan actually fist-fought the Flaming Fur Wolves and used that to refine his Jade Bones!

From Xu Yan’s recounting, he could feel how dangerous that fight was, one misstep and Xu Yan would have become the prey of the Flaming Fur Wolves!

“This idiot disciple is too impressive! He wants to refine Jade Bones so he fought a Flaming Fur Wolves!”

Li Xuan inwardly exclaimed, this stupid disciple is really a freak..

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