I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Chapter 25 - 25:1 Made it Up and You Actually

Chapter 25: Chapter 25:1 Made it Up and You Actually

Managed to Practice it Successfully? _1

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Xu Yan’s inner Qi and blood were circulating within him, merging into one, integrating into his body. The gate of Martial Arts had already been opened, and at this moment, he was lifting his foot to step in.

Through a night of cultivation and comprehension, he finally understood how to merge and integrate everything into one.

The foundational stages of refining skin, bones, and organs, while already tempered, did not signify stepping into the gate of Martial Arts.

Only when the three elements come together, integrated into one body, with corporeal transformation completed, and Qi and blood smoothly integrated as one, emanating outside of the body, intense like a canopy – that is the entry to Martial Arts.

Only then have you truly stepped into the threshold of Martial Arts.

“This is integration, becoming one, 1 feel myself elevating, becoming more powerful.”

Xu Yan silently experienced his transformation. His inner Qi and blood were growing fiercer, stronger, extending a foot outside his body, refining into a canopy.


At a certain moment, a dull sound echoed inside of him, followed by continuous sounds one after the other.

His muscles and bones trembled, each tremor causing a surge of Qi and blood, getting stronger causing his muscles and bones to emit louder sounds.

“Muscle and bone thunder, this is muscle and bone thunder!”

“I am finally going to step through the gates of Martial Arts!”

“Muscle and bone thunder, Qi and blood like a canopy, I’ve achieved it!”

Xu Yan was beyond excited, after such a long time of hard cultivation, this was the day he finally stepped into the gate of Martial Arts.

With each episode of muscle and bone thunder, his Qi and blood would explode, his physical body becomes stronger, his power surges, his control over his body continuously increases.

The canopy of Qi and blood also became more intense.


It was already dawn, the night having passed.

The sky had faint dark clouds, covering the sun.

In the small mountain village, the sound of thunder suddenly filled the air, each crash following the last, each louder than the others.

Li Xuan got up to wash when he suddenly heard the thunder.

He raised his head in doubt: “Is it thundering? Is it going to rain?”

Coming out of his house, he suddenly stared wide-eyed, his mouth agape, completely stunned.

He rubbed his eyes with his hand, then opened them wide for another look.

Xu Yan was at the spot where he cultivated, at this moment his muscles and bones were thundering, his Qi and blood flaring like a canopy, the intense canopy of Qi engulfing his whole body. Even from far away, he could sense the powerful force within.

The sound of thunder was indeed coming from within Xu Yan.

Seeing this, Li Xuan was speechless and stunned: “1 made that up, how did you manage to cultivate it successfully? What kind of freak are you?!”

Before, Xu Yan was adamant about becoming his disciple, and in return for a tribute, Li Xuan simply made up a cultivation technique and set a time limit of one year.

He thought, given Xu Yan’s hard cultivation, he must be a fool with a poor mind, focusing on this so-called path of Martial Arts!

But the outcome!

Am I the fool?

Li Xuan was so shocked that his eyes nearly popped out. He made the cultivation technique up and yet, Xu Yan managed to cultivate it successfully. What kind of freak is he?

Could it be that those who were rejected for marriage are bound to be the children of fortune?

Wasn’t muscle and bone thunder, Qi and blood like a canopy something he made up?

At this moment, Xu Yan’s muscles and bones were thundering, and the sound of thunder was echoing throughout the small mountain village. The intense canopy of Qi engulfing him contained a terrifying power.

“I’m just a fraud. I made it up, yet you’ve cultivated it? If you’ve cultivated it, what do I do now?”

“Keep making things up?”

“What if my deception is exposed? Won’t I get punched to death?”

Li Xuan was dumbfounded.

This disciple is such a freak, monstrous to the point where he himself is scared!

At this instant, a burst of golden light emerged in his mind.

A voice echoed in his mind: “Your disciple has successfully made entry by practicing the cultivation technique you devised; your cultivation technique has greatly succeeded, with strength a hundred times that of the same realm!” Boom!

In this moment, a vigor rose from Li Xuan, like a surge of vitality and blood, shooting up into the sky as high as a hundred lengths.

In Li Xuan’s mind, the process of cultivating his skin, bones, and organs appeared, his body pure and flawless like jade, a rhythm of life flowing through him, his vitality and blood like a vast, boundless sea.

This was exactly the image he described when he made up the cultivation method: at its culmination, vitality and blood surge a hundred lengths high, violently burning like fire.

“The Golden Finger has appeared!”

At this moment, Li Xuan was uncontainable with surprise and joy.

What delighted him even more was his flawless bones, glowing with a transcendent aura.

This was exactly the scenario he’d fabricated—the realm of flawless, uncorroding jade bones.

“Xu Yan, this kid, is damn extraordinary. Not only did he succeed in cultivation but also tempered his bones to jade!”

“I’ve stricken gold, I’ve stricken gold! 1 must exploit this extraordinary disciple to its utmost! Whether I can be invincible or not all depends on you!”

“Damn it! If I’d known he was such a freak, I would have made up a cultivation technique for immortality.”

Li Xuan suddenly became a bit regretful.

If he’d known his disciple was such a freak, he wouldn’t have made up a martial arts cultivation technique, but rather a cultivation technique for immortality.

“Fortunately, I left some leeway. This is just the threshold of the martial arts, I can continue to make it up, make it bigger and stronger. The realm of the upcoming cultivation, 1 must contemplate carefully. No more random concoction.”

“What is this ‘Golden Finger’ of mine? Does my disciple’s cultivation success have anything to do with this Golden Finger of mine?”

The golden light in his mind had long disappeared, as if it had never existed.

No matter how Li Xuan called out or searched, there was no trace.

As for his disciple, Xu Yan, he is definitely a freak. If he wasn’t, how could he have succeeded in cultivation and even tempered his bones to jade?

As for whether his successful cultivation is related to his own Golden Finger, Li Xuan is not quite sure. But no matter what, whether he can continue to grow stronger or not, it’s all up to his disciple, Xu Yan.

Xu Yan has entered the gates of martial arts, and Li Xuan’s cultivation technique has greatly succeeded and is a hundred times stronger than the same realm.

This ‘a hundred times stronger’ means a hundred times stronger than one who has fully mastered his cultivation technique.

Li Xuan inwardly rejoiced that he hadn’t priced his made-up technique too low. Moreover, this is just the beginner’s realm. He is now only a grand achiever of the beginner’s realm.

After all, the cultivation technique he made up only included the basic realm of skin refinement, bone refinement, organ refinement, and martial arts introduction.

“Calm down, calm down, don’t get excited, stay steady!

“I am a hidden master, 1 can’t panic!

“My stupid disciple is coming, I have to continue to swindle him, let him know how powerful his master is.

“Let him know that the martial path is endless, and he must diligently continue his cultivation…

“Don’t you dare think about women, go grasp the essence of martial arts. 1 must keep fooling him…”

Xu Yan’s muscle and bones thundered, his blood and qi were strong, finally stepping into the gates of martial arts.

His face was full of excitement. He could feel his strength, feel his hot blood and qi that seemed to burn grass and trees.

“This is martial arts!

“I, Xu Yan, have finally entered the gates of martial arts, finally become a disciple of my master!”

“Everyone laughed at me for being silly, right? Humph, let them see what a martial arts expert is!”

Xu Yan, who was excited, agitated and filled with infinite longing for martial arts, suddenly felt a terrifying momentum rising. A supremely powerful force, as if it could destroy the heavens and earth, shot up into the sky.

He looked up, completely stunned by the sight!


This terrifying surge of vitality and blood, soaring a hundred lengths high, burning intense and fiery, boiling seas, made his own vitality seemed like a small creek compared to a vast sea..

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