I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Chapter 19 - 19 Xu Yan has refined the Golden Bone (Asking for more reading) !

Chapter 19: Chapter 19 Xu Yan has refined the Golden Bone (Asking for more reading) !

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“So this is what ‘mindful perception in nurturing the spirit’ means. Every slight change and alteration are within my thoughts, allowing me to understand the subtleties of bone refinement without any leakage.”

Half a month has passed since Xu Yan returned to his small mountain village.

As usual, before the crack of dawn, Xu Yan was already in the midst of practice. At this moment, he gained new insight. The subtle changes in his bones, every alteration in his body, and the circulation of his blood and energy were all within his mind.

The efficiency of bone refinement increased once again.

“These two lines of mantra are far more than they seem. I have not yet truly understood their essence!” he exclaimed in his heart. The mantra handed down by his master was truly profound.

Each time he felt as if he has grasped the manifold secrets, an unexpected spark of enlightenment would strike, making him realize that his understanding was still insufficient!

“Now I’ve undergone eight transformations, and the bones throughout my body have turned into golden bones!”

“Only one last transformation is required to fully turn my entire body into golden bones!”

The diligent bone refinement of the past half month, especially the new insight into the mantra, has deepened his control over his blood and energy. His speed of bone refinement has also improved a lot. He had already undergone the eighth transformation now.

All his bones had turned golden.

The ninth transformation, where his golden bones were without flaws and his body was harmonized as one, was not far away.

Xu Yan continued his cultivation with a premonition that he would successfully refine his golden bones within the next day or two.

“Once my golden bones are refined, 1 will be peerless like the ancient prodigies and can start refining my organs.”

“Getting started within a year should not pose a problem.”

“As for jade bones, Master said they cannot be achieved just by talent and persistence. 1 shouldn’t set my sights too high or be too greedy.”

Golden bones were already extraordinary. As for jade bones, that was extremely hard.

Being high-reaching and refining jade bones, thereby wasting time would likely hinder his entry within a year.

Since he was already on par with historic prodigies, what was there to be dissatisfied with?

Therefore, Xu Yan planned to start refining his organs after completing his golden bone refinement.

He could start comprehending the method of organ refining.

Thus, while refining his bones, Xu Yan started to recall the organ refining method taught by Li Xuan, carefully comprehending its profound significance and mystery.

Having laid a foundation with skin and bone refinement, refining organs wouldn’t be difficult.

He already had a direction for refining organs. The efficiency of his refining was something that needed careful comprehension of the mysterious organ refining method.

Li Xuan yawned and looked at Xu Yan, who was in the midst of cultivation and sighed, “This foolish disciple of mine, how persistent he is! And he can actually remain calm and composed!”

He couldn’t help but wonder, for so long Xu Yan hasn’t sensed any qi and blood yet he has been persisting?

He hasn’t shown any signs of impatience whatsoever.

No signs of frustration, depression or feelings of shame in front of him for not being able to sense the qi and blood.

He hasn’t even asked him how to sense qi and blood.

“It’s truly rare for him to maintain this composed attitude, not flustered nor frustrated, persisting in his cultivation every day. If there really was a method to cultivate, given his diligence, as long as he has talent, he could become a powerhouse.”

“What would he do if he knew that 1 was deceiving him, and that the cultivation method was made up by me?”

Li Xuan felt it would be better to keep this secret.

Xu Yan seemed like an honest man. Bullying an honest man too hard could lead to an explosive backlash, and that would be no laughing matter.

Besides, he was an honest man with an extraordinary background.

“Forget it, I won’t bother about him. Let him do as he pleases. The road out of the village is safe now. When a year comes to pass, I’ll just send him away.” “Maybe 1 could even receive an additional tuition fee?”

“I can’t stay in Donghe County, or even Qi Country, any longer. 1 should head to Wu Country when the time comes.”

Li Xuan had already thought of his escape route.

He reclined on his chair, leisurely. He had grown accustomed to these leisurely days. He might feel uncomfortable without someone to attend to him in the future.

Once he’s in Wu Country, he must buy a few maidens to serve him.

Two more days passed.

Xu Yan had now reached the ninth stage of transformation.

“The golden bones are forming!”

Through the tempering of his blood and qi, his bones began metamorphosing into lustrous golden bones, radiating a dazzling light.

At a certain moment.


His bone marrow flowed like a roaring river, the blood qi in his body surged instantly, like a mighty dragon, increasing more than twofold.

Circulating around the bones of his whole body, and like a raging river, his bone marrow also changed with the qi and blood endless birth, his bones glowing with a faint radiance.

The golden bones shone brightly, appearing immortal.

Xu Yan was overwhelmed with excitement.

At last, he had tempered the golden bones!

Once the golden bones were formed, his physical body also underwent a transformation. His qi and blood became more pure, his physical body stronger, and intricate patterns of profound mysteries appeared on his golden bones.

It was like understanding the mysteries of heaven and earth.

With each circulation of qi and blood, it was like a roaring dragon.

The instant the golden bones were formed, Wang Yang’s body radiated a faint golden light, making him seem as if he was bathed in this radiance.

At this moment, the sun rose. The golden sunlight passed through the small village’s path, shining on Xu Yan’s body.

Li Xuan came out from the house; he only glanced at him, not paying too much attention.

He only thought that it was sunlight shining on Xu Yan’s body.

This had happened several times before.

However, he didn’t notice that the golden glow emanating from Xu Yan’s body at this moment was even more dazzling than the sunlight normally shining on his body.

Moreover, it was radiating from within his body.

As the golden glow receded, Xu Yan carefully felt the changes within his body, experiencing the power of the golden bones.

The power increase from the formation of the golden bones far exceeded the previous eight transformations.

At this moment, Xu Yan understood what it meant to be powerful and experienced the mysteries of martial arts.

“Is this the power of the geniuses of old?”

“I have finally formed the golden bones, achieving my master’s expectations. 1, Xu Yan, am not inferior to the ancient geniuses!”

“Everyone said 1, Xu Yan, was stupid, they all laughed at me, ridiculed me, but in my eyes, you are all just frogs at the bottom of the well.”

At this moment, Xu Yan remembered these past years when he visited experts and was laughed at in Donghe County.

Now, with the formation of the golden bones and his increased strength, even the top martial artists are like paper in front of him.

“You said 1 was useless, that I lost your face. 1 told you, if 1 said you could not afford to offend me, you indeed could not afford to.”

Xu Yan’s eyes were full of sharp light.

“I feel an endless life force within me. Once the golden bones are formed, it seems my lifespan has drastically increased too.”

“Master said that once the golden bones are formed, they remain brilliant even after being buried underground for tens of thousands of years, and naturally, one’s lifespan too drastically increases.”

At this moment, Xu Yan felt that he and the other martial artists outside were people of two different worlds.

“With my current strength, even the old emperor of Qi Country, 1 do not fear in the slightest.”

“Do 1 have the qualifications to despise the imperial power?”

“No, I can’t have such arrogant thoughts, 1 must guard against arrogance and impetuosity, I mustn’t forget who I am just because 1 improved a bit, I must remember my master’s teachings!”

Xu Yan kept admonishing himself in his heart.

“I have formed the golden bones, I must go and tell my master, I am now on par with the ancient geniuses!”

Having formed the golden bones, an excited Xu Yan, after finishing his practice, eagerly went to his master. He wanted to tell his master in person that he had formed the golden bones and was now on par with the ancient geniuses.

He did not disappoint his master!

After all, as a young man, he couldn’t help but want his master’s praise..

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