Having children earns benefit, start competing for dominance in the world by marrying a wife

Chapter 26 - 26 26 Showdown_1

26 Chapter 26 Showdown_1
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Wang Qingci knew she was done for.

During her first time cultivating a relationship with the North Prince, all she felt was pain, her mind constantly thinking about how to take revenge on him, how to kill him.

Yet, just a short half-month later, when she was once again cultivating a relationship with the North Prince, she forgot all her pain and completely lost herself in confusion and infatuation.

Several hours later.

Chu Yuqin was patrolling the north courtyard when she heard noises coming from a room, and she paused, stunned.

She had clearly seen Mu Zixuan and the three other women in the east courtyard when she was there on patrol, so why were there such sounds in the north courtyard?

Could it be that a man had sneaked into the north courtyard and was having an illicit affair with one of the maids?

This would not do.

Chu Yuqin then approached the room from where the sounds emanated, poked a hole in the paper door, and peeked inside.

Upon looking, Chu Yuqin was taken aback.

She quickly closed her eyes, blushed, turned her head, and hurriedly walked away, muttering, “This little rascal brings a woman back and doesn’t even tell me!”

She had thought that a man from the outer courtyard had come in for a secret affair with a maid from the inner courtyard, but it turned out to be Lu Chen himself up to no good.

After witnessing that scene, Chu Yuqin felt even more restless and agitated.

Chu Yuqin quickly circulated her cultivation technique to steady her mind and kept reminding herself not to have improper thoughts.

At sunset.

The sun gradually slanted westward, and the sky was filled with fiery red twilight.

Mu Zixuan and the two sisters from the Zhou Family were chatting and laughing as they arrived at the north courtyard, obviously aware of what had happened there.

At that moment, in a room in the north courtyard, Wang Qingci was lying in Lu Chen’s arms, motionless.

The fiery glow of twilight shone into the room, casting Wang Qingci’s fair skin in a bronze hue.

By this time, Wang Qingci had completely sobered up.

She knew she had been deceived.

No, it should be said that everyone had been duped!

The entire Great Xia Dynasty had been fooled.

The North Prince, the man who had taken her virginity, definitely could not be a good-for-nothing!

After her virginity was taken by the North Prince the last time, she was overwhelmed with extreme anger, so she never considered the possibility that the North Prince was not a good-for-nothing.

But now when she thought about it, there were doubts everywhere.

First of all, the North Prince being able to toy with her for hours was an impossible feat for an ordinary person, who wouldn’t have such physical stamina, especially when there were rumors that the North Prince had long been sapped of his strength by wine and women.

Furthermore, the North Prince was also able to silently seal the skill in her body, which likewise proved his extraordinariness.

Additionally, today, after the North Prince drank Soft Muscle Powder, he was completely fine, could that be an ordinary person? Could that be the useless prince people spoke of?

What a joke!

If someone who could drink Soft Muscle Powder and be unaffected is considered useless, then there probably wouldn’t be many useful people in the world.

As for the North Prince claiming he felt a headache and weakness after drinking Soft Muscle Powder, it was now clear that he was pretending with the goal of having her help him into the room, making it easier for him to carry out his actions.

The more Wang Qingci thought about it, the more she regretted it deeply, feeling so foolish for actually believing the North Prince was affected by the Soft Muscle Powder.

But it was no use regretting now, what happened had already happened.

At that moment, Wang Qingci whispered, “Prince, you knew my identity all along, didn’t you.”

At this stage, there was no need to keep up the pretense, it was time to lay the cards on the table.

Lu Chen was clearly aware that she was a Ninth Grade Martial Artist since he could instantly seal her skill, and the fact he was resistant to the Soft Muscle Powder indicated he knew what it was.

There was no point in pretending any longer.

Upon hearing Wang Qingci’s words, Lu Chen, stroking her smooth jade back, smiled and said, “What identity? Qingci, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

Wang Qingci continued, “Prince, there’s no need for you to pretend any longer. The ability to instantly seal the skill within my body isn’t something ordinary people can do, and it’s impossible that you’re unaware of my identity.”

“So tell me, how do you intend to deal with me? Now that I’ve fallen into your hands, you can kill or slash me as you please.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen flipped over, propping his hands on either side of her head, looking down at her from above.

“Why would I kill you? My Prince Shuyun has been so good to me, gifting me with a Ninth Grade beauty. If I were to kill you just like that, wouldn’t I come across as inhumane?”

At Lu Chen’s words, Wang Qingci’s heart skipped a beat.

Indeed, the North Prince must have long known she was sent by Prince Shuyun.

Wang Qingci then chuckled lightly and said, “Everyone says the North Prince is useless, even the Emperor sent you to North City because he was disappointed in you, yet you never defended yourself and even promptly came to North City.”

“The North Prince has hidden his true self so deeply, there must be a greater scheme at work. Now that I know you’ve been feigning all this time, are you certain you won’t kill to silence a witness?”

Wang Qingci’s beautiful eyes stared straight at Lu Chen, not believing she would be able to survive.

After all, she was already powerless before the North Prince, and he could not possibly be an ordinary man; perhaps the Mysterious Grandmaster that people spoke of was the North Prince himself.

At that moment, Lu Chen raised his hand, caressing Wang Qingci’s charming cheeks, then said indifferently, “Had it been someone else, they might well have killed you.”

“But I am not like them. Not only will I not kill you, but I also intend to make you my slave, my cherished pet, to bear children and carry on my lineage.”

Upon hearing Lu Chen’s words, Wang Qingci became dumbfounded.

However, she then let out a cold laugh.

Lu Chen, puzzled, asked, “What, do you find my words amusing?”

Wang Qingci responded, “Indeed, they’re laughable. Do you actually think I would willingly serve you by your side with all my heart?”

“Even if you have sealed my skill, I could still take my own life when I’m alone.”

Lu Chen said with a smile, “Take your own life? I’m curious as to what reason you’d have for suicide?”

Wang Qingci replied, “The Prince wishes to keep me in the Prince’s Mansion as a tool for gratification, yet you ask me why I would take my own life? Do you think I would endure such humiliation just to stay alive?”

Lu Chen spoke indifferently, “I never said I would keep you confined to the Prince’s Mansion forever. I will release you shortly.”

Wang Qingci’s mind went blank for a moment.

What did she just hear?

The North Prince was going to release her?

How could that be possible?

They had already laid their cards on the table; if he let her go, wouldn’t that be like releasing a tiger back to the mountains?

The North Prince had managed to pretend to be incapacitated for so many years, proving he was a very calculating man. Was he daring enough to take such a risk?

Or did the North Prince have the confidence that he could keep her from leaving Yan County?

Seeing the astonishment on Wang Qingci’s face, Lu Chen then asked, “What, do you find it strange?”

Collecting herself, Wang Qingci then inquired, “Aren’t you afraid that once I leave the North Prince Mansion, I will spread the word that you are not a disabled man?”

Lu Chen replied indifferently, “Firstly, no one would believe your words. Secondly, I believe you won’t spread my secrets.”

After two instances of cultivating a relationship, Wang Qingci’s favorability had risen to ninety, especially after today’s interaction, which could be said to have completely conquered her.

Once favorability surpasses eighty, there is no possibility of betrayal, not to mention her favorability is now at ninety.

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