Chapter 1404 Befitting For One Who

Chapter 1404 Befitting For One Who


These 3 consciousnesses pressed down on their minds like heavy mountains. The pressure was stifling but they were largely unharmed.

The two clones' consciousness is stronger than before so they were able to bear the burden of the pressure of the consciousness of a high-order existence despite just being the two of them here in this world.

They were so relaxed that they could finally tell some details from the three consciousnesses. They didn't feel any form of power from the 3 of them. There was nothing like laws be they true or false, supreme or not. They didn't sense any divine power or divinity and they didn't feel any demonic power or sin from them.

The 3 consciousnesses are just that. They are consciousnesses. Not physical or spiritual or energy beings. The Suppression the clones feel is purely mental. It made them impressed that a being would have a
consciousness that is so large.

The three consciousnesses are indeed very large. They are like 3 mountains while the clones are 2 boulders. It could be that what they are seeing is just the minds of the 3 entities or the mental manifestation of their physical forms. Either way, they are very strong.

What seemed odd to them was that the 3 consciousnesses seemed to be just heads. The heads are also irregular. They have many indistinct faces on them. The faces on the three heads are also always changing.

The 3 consciousnesses spoke to them,

"Welcome Legion"

"You have broken"

"Another tenet of the"

"Void universe"


"We were wrong"

"You have proven"

"Us wrong"

"We debated"

"This moment"

"It is because"

"You don't need"

"The prize for"

"This Tenet that"

"You have broken"

"But we must"

"Give you one "

"It is the rules"

"Is it because of the shard of power?" he asked them.


"And no"

"It has"

"Something to"

"Do with it"

"But Not"



"You have fused"

"The three paths"

"Of Evolution in"

"The void universe"

"As such,"

"You will be"

"Granted a crown"

"Fit for one"

"That dominates"

"Power in all"

"Forms and shapes"

"Do I get to choose what I get?" He asked them.

They didn't answer his question. They continued from where they stopped talking.

"Go forth"

"And dominate"

"The myriad powers"

"Become Better"

"And evolve"

"Further into"

Then they all said together, "GREATNESS!"

He felt something appear in his existence but he also felt the dark world trying to repel him then. He tried to delay the rejection to ask his question.

"What will happen if I become a world god now?"

Their many smiled in amusement.

"If you do"

"Then you would"

"Have become"

"A world god"

"Without a supreme law"

"Your consciousness"

"Would be your"

"Supreme law"

"You will break"

"Another tenet"

"Of the void"

"Universe that way"

He got his answer. But they didn't let him go then.

They asked with slight amusement,

"So will you"

"Do it"

"Or not"

Then they pushed him out of wherever this was. The two of them returned to the void universe and found the whirlpool dying down. They focused on what just happened to them.

First, they thought about the question that three consciousnesses asked them. This š¯“¬ontent is taken from n[o]velne,

"So will you do it or not?"

They understand the implications of that question. There must be a reason or many reasons not to do it. At least not to do it right now.

If there were only benefits and no disadvantages with becoming world gods, then they don't have to think much about it before doing so. But there are some disadvantages so they have to think carefully about it before making a decision.

They have met the requirements to become a world god.

They have a world spark and a world engine. They have also reached the power requirement to build a world. All they need is a world seed and they will become a world god.

They thought about the pros and cons before deciding. "We will wait. It is not good to be shortsighted."

Becoming a world god will grant them a large boost to their power but it will come at a cost. For one, they have to fuse with their Origin for them to become a world god.

Their Origin is in Legion-l's control right now. Trying to become a world god means that Complete Unity has to take place. Every clone of Legion will have to fuse with Legion-1 immediately but that is not their plan.

It is a bad idea to become a world god now for many reasons. If they all return to their Origin now, all their concepts and divine abilities of the clones that haven't become Supreme will be lost.

Legion doesn't want that. That's why they planned for Unity with Legion-7 first before Unity with their Origin.

The most important reason why they don't want to become a world god now is that they will be like other world gods. They will have only one Supreme law and one world.

Legion doesn't want to be a normal world god. They want to become a world god with multiple worlds. For that to occur, all of them must have their own supreme laws at least before they unite with their Origin.

They can't let their reincarnation effort go to waste. They will lose Soverick's eyes, Helios' concept, Legion-8's budding concept, and many other benefits of reincarnation.

The third reason why they don't want to become world god yet is because they will have to detach Helios from the law matrix. This will cause them to lose their access to cosmic energy. They know that it will happen at some point in time but they want to delay it for as much as possible.

The last reason why they can't become a world god yet is that they don't have a world seed. They will need to acquire one before they can complete their breakthrough.

Currently, they are incomplete Origin gods. They need to unite with their Origin to become full Origin gods but that doesn't mean they are weak..

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