Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 1933 The Mountain Xia (2)

"Miss is planning to infiltrate into Shi Long Kingdom's officials' area like before?" Leader Xi asked curiously. She was not very good at using her brain in anything other than her fragrance pouch. Anyway, this was something that she had done for her entire life, so Leader Xi had gotten used to it rather than wholeheartedly learning one.

Perhaps, if not because of her sister's incident, she would have become an ordinary woman in the corner of a city or village.

Rather than becoming a woman who was feared by many people and dabbed in countless smell of herbs every single day.

"I don't know, probably not." Qiu Dong looked at Leader Xi speechlessly. "Do you really expect me to be able to guess what's inside Miss's head?"

He was not good at using his brain either, okay?

If that was not the case, he would not have beaten up many people in his road to settle down in his designated area back then.

"Right, you're stupid."

Qiu Dong: "…" do you have to be so blunt?

If not because he was worried that Leader Xi would use some kind of fragrance pouch that had terrifying effect, he would have long raise his weapon to hack this woman.

Because of her, he had been extremely embarrassed back then when they were selecting the people for the position of the leader. After all, every single one of them had the ambition to be the leader.

But that damn cunning Si Mo Fan just had to win.

Tsk, if not for him losing so badly, he would have taught a lesson to Si Mo Fan and made him regret beating him up.

Unfortunately, this dream of his still couldn't be realized until now.

It was quite regrettable.

"There are more people coming." Qiu Dong stood up and dusted the nonexistent dust from his body. "It's been a while since we cooperate together. Ah, I kind of miss the time when all the seven of us gather together back then."

Unfortunately, his sister had passed away due to the b*stard people in Fei Yang Kingdom. Now, there were only 6 of them. Even if they gathered together, they could never gather together again.

When he thought about his sister, Qiu Dong felt a bit lost but he quickly suppressed his thoughts.

His sister is strong and stubborn.

If not because of this, there was no way she would become the leader in Fei Yang Kingdoms' area by herself.

Oh, not by herself.

Nan San was also there and his task was to gather enough information. "Too bad that time couldn't turn back." Leader Xi stood up and took out several fragrance pouch. "As before, you might want to stay far away from me."

Qiu Dong smirked. "As you wish."


The next moment, he dashed forward and jumped to the nearest tree. Even if he said that he was already a middle age and his body's condition deteriorated, he was still very agile. Crouching on the tree branch, Qiu Dong looked below him.

Several people rushed towards Leader Xi's direction.lightsnovel

Leader Xi showed a charming smile. "You boys are already so impatient? Coming here so energetically~."

Hearing the coquettish voice along with the mixture of smell and fragrance all around Leader Xi, these people were unable to control their body. Some fell to the ground and some others dashed forward.

Not long afterwards, there was some strange smell coming out coupled with the situation of these people looking extremely bad.

Well, bad as in embarrassing.

Qiu Dong shivered in disgust when he saw this. He felt that Leader Xi's method is always very dangerous for men.

Only very few of them would be able to withstand her temptation.

Thud! Thud! Slash!

Leader Xi leisurely used the sword and severed the head of several men around her who had fallen to the ground. She moved in an extremely calm manner as if these men were only sleeping and not… doing something disgusting.

The few people who were a distance away from Leader Xi were looking at the woman in the distance carefully. They didn't dare to come close when they saw that their friends had fallen to the ground.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

Swish! Slash!

Before they could react, a shadow passed by them and slashed their head. The large axe quickly cut down everyone in the path of Qiu Dong, leaving no time for them to react.



The head fell to the ground.

Qiu Dong waved his large axe leisurely. It was actually very heavy, but Qiu Dong's strength was far bigger than ordinary people, so he was able to swing it around leisurely. But if other people tried to lift it up, it was estimated that they wouldn't be able to move this axe at all.

"As crude as always." Leader Xi clicked her tongue.

"It should be bloody." Qiu Dong rolled his eyes. "You're not going to interrogate them? With your method, you can extract confession easily."

"No need. Miss's order is very precise, kill everyone who come here." Leader Xi took out several fragrance pouch from her pocket.

The moment Qiu Dong saw that, he coughed dryly and took several steps backward. If there were so many of these fragrance, can one guaranteed that women would not be affected?

He felt that Leader Xi is really evil!

"You don't feel anything seeing them like that?" Qiu Dong pointed at the few indescribable things around the fallen people's bodies.

Leader Xi arched her eyebrows. "I feel that you have asked me the same question in the past."

"But from what I know, you haven't used this method in a long time." Qiu Dong looked at Leader Xi helplessly. "You're always controlling the amount and didn't really participate in the direct killing."

"Because I don't like killing." Leader Xi played with the fragrance pouch in her hand. Her eyes showed complicated look that was forcibly suppressed. "If not because of him, I'll never walk on this path."

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