Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 1883 Consequences (1)

Chapter 1883 Consequences (1)

But no matter what, he didn't like being used.

"For using me, he'll understand that not everyone can be offended easily." Kuang Shen snorted and tossed the letter to the other campfire nearby.

He didn't have much interest to manage this matter, but he didn't like the fact that others were taking advantage of him. Since he had been recruiting people, he naturally has his own means to control them.

Even if it was not a complete control, he could make sure they would suffer once they decided to betray him.

"Senior Brother Kuang, come over here," Luo Qing Wei called from the distance.

Kuang Shen looked at the three people and felt really tired. Neither Crown Prince Jin or Young Master Lan seemed to have the thought that they were going to the frontline. All day long, they were just playing around.

This made him feel like he was babysitting three children.

But they were all already adults!

"Princess Luo, don't go too far."

"I'm not. I'm just looking for some plants." Luo Qing Wei pouted and then ran around happily.

Looking at the happy Luo Qing Wei, Kuang Shen truly felt that his junior sister will never grow up. The more time passed, the more childish Luo Qing Wei would be, but

Kuang Shen only felt that she was cute.


"Your Highness, please be careful when playing around. We're already near the south frontline."

"I know." Crown Prince Jin waved his hand dismissively. He felt that Kuang Shen was really noisy. If not because Luo Qing Wei wanted to bring this senior brother of hers, he would be the first one to ask Kuang 

Shen to leave.

Kuang Shen looked at them and finally gave up.

His status has always been the lowest.

There was just one thing he couldn't understand. With such leaders who didn't seem to care too much about the kingdom's situation, how did Shi Long Kingdom managed to stay so strong and powerful so far?

Then again, Kuang Shen didn't know much about the few ministers who truly held the power in the palace.

He looked into the distance.

Soon, they will reach the place where General Ruan and the others were located.

<Long distance away, Fei Yang Kingdom's Capital City, Imperial Palace>

The news of Fei Yang Kingdom's defeat had made a lot of people wary and depressed. Their confidence that had been raised due to the successive news of victories were now dampened.

This caused a lot of people to stay in their home, worrying about this and that.

Emperor Yang Zhou was a bit annoyed.

There was already a new plan being arranged to let Great General Long be the one to lead the soldiers later. In that way, they would be able to attack Shi Long Kingdom and conquered that big kingdom.

But because Great General Long requested to go in spring, it will still take a few months.

This is already autumn. The sourc𝗲 of this content is n(o]v,elne' m

And the soldiers were all being prepared.

But Emperor Yang Zhou couldn't just tell everyone to cheer up. It would be strange for him to say something like that.

In the end, Empress Xiao proposed to arrange a banquet to invite the noble ladies to cheer them up. If they see that the Imperial Family were still fine and there was nothing wrong, they should be able to put down their worries.

The proposal passed.

And today, it was the day of the banquet.

Nan Si Qiao looked at the Imperial Palace in front of her with a mixed feeling. Because she was still staying in the Capital City, she was also invited to come to the banquet and participated.

But if she had to be honest, she didn't want to come.

Her husband was still fighting on the frontline and with the defeat of General Shangguan, it was clear that there will be more people arranged to fight her husband.

Would General Feng be fine?

Nan Si Qiao was honestly very worried about this.

But she couldn't show it on the surface because it would only make others worry about her and so on. There were many people paying attention to her, so she had to stay strong and acted as if nothing happened on the surface.

"Madam Feng, I didn't expect you to be here!"

Nan Si Qiao looked at the woman who greeted her and smiled back in response. "I have been staying in the Capital City to accompany my father, Madam Lan."

Madam Lan is the wife of Prime Minister Lan. She was one of the few highest ranked noble ladies who came today.

Prime Minister Lan was a relatively mild person and his relationship with Old Master Nan was not that bad. So the two women still knew each other and acted polite on the surface.

"I see." Madam Lan nodded. "Let's come inside."


Empress Xiao has been in the palace for some time and was naturally familiar with the protocol by now. She hosted the banquet well and entertained the noble ladies, sharing stories and also chatting with them.

The atmosphere was very harmonious.

"Almost everyone come here." Nan Si Qiao sighed with emotion. As expected of the banquet hosted by the

Empress herself, even princess had to come and give face to Empress Xiao.

Well, if they still wanted to live peacefully, they have to come.

Time passed quietly.

For Nan Si Qiao, it was a very boring banquet, but a few people still come to talk with her from time to time.

"Your Highness, how about if we take one last walk before ending the banquet? I heard the flowers in Your Highness' garden is very beautiful."

Empress Xiao looked at the woman who spoke. Her eyes narrowed slightly, but she still nodded. "Alright, we shall go to the garden."


Nan Si Qiao had a bad feeling as she followed the crowd to the garden.

As she had expected, after they walked and passed by a pavilion, they were greeted with a scene that's disturbing....?

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