Fallen Fate Online

Chapter 148 Consequences

"Agh... Agh... Agh..." Zayne breathed heavily, slowly calming down. Though it was a picture of people unknown to him, even NPCs, the single moment of imagining that he could have been in this young man's place was worse than any nightmare for him.

'A lot of villages have been destroyed, and all because of my fight with Selania... Damn, I hope they didn't get hurt.' Zayne muttered inwardly and quickly climbed into the capsule.

Zayne didn't notice it, since his eyes were closed, but this time, before his mind was immersed in Fallen Fate, his body glowed brightly, as if it were trying to actually move somewhere.

With a flash, Zayne found himself on a stone altar. There were many holes in the ruins from which silhouettes were climbing out to bring destruction.

Zayne stepped forward and stopped in front of his sword stuck in the ground. He stared at the black stain from the thunderbolt for a moment, then his eyes flashed.

[You defeated Selania, Light of Fate!]

[You defeated an opponent who was much stronger than you!]

[Your opponent was seriously weakened due to some factors, so the reward was greatly reduced!]

[You received 5000 Exp!]

[Your body reached its limit more than once to eventually prevail. All of your stats have been increased by 5!]

The messages stopped, which puzzled Zayne a bit since he expected more, but after a while blue sparks flew out of the ground, forming a massive cube.

"Oh... Treasure Box, right? It's been quite a while since the last time and it's blue... Hmm, is this really a reward from Fate? Isn't it supposed to be evil on me?" Zayne muttered in confusion before touching the cube.

Blue energy came out, revealing what was inside. It was several fragments that, when put together, could be used to create a sword.

"Agh... Is it really supposed to be like this...?" Zayne frowned slightly, picking up the largest shard with a hilt from the ground.

[Shards of the Sword of the ???

[Put the shards together to rebuild the sword of a once great warrior and uncover the mystery of its previous owner.]

"Hmm? I could be wrong, but this sword is similar to Selania's one, however, it has a different hilt and no runes, so they are just the same type?" Zayne pondered as he tilted his head.

Zayne moved the debris into the ring and headed for the exit of the ruins. However, just as he reached the passageway, he stopped and looked up.

His gaze caught on the massive blue crystals that had remained and the rough surface on the walls, which, in theory, made it possible to climb to the top.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Zayne began to jump lightly in place, as Veronika had done before their sparring, he could feel the energy flowing through his wounded body, filling him with strength.

"Fine, since I can't change things anymore, at least I got to look at the consequences from a better place!" Zayne said confidently as his silhouette blurred.

Zayne bounced off the massive debris, jumped high up, and clung to the ledge, then repeated this several times, gradually getting closer to the top until his feet were on the edge.

"Damn... That was hard..." Zayne wiped the sweat from his forehead, he frowned because of the blood stains on his coat and the wounds that had opened, "Well, I think I know someone who can help me."

Zayne looked around, glancing at the area around the ruins. Some of the villages were now just ruins, and a few destroyed houses with black spots on the ground from the fires. He'd seen it before from a photo, so he wasn't shocked much, but the sight still sent shivers through him.

"Agh, at least they're okay." Zayne looked in the direction of the one village that was his starting point.


Step. Step. Step.

Zayne entered Landow Village with a complicated expression despite the devastation. Some residents were wounded, but no one was dead, which deep inside made Zayne happy.

He opened the door of the only hospital in Landow Village, intending to meet Harald, but no matter how much he searched, the place was empty.

"Hmm? I thought Harald would be very busy helping the injured... Did something happen to him?" Zayne muttered, scratching the back of his head thoughtfully.


Suddenly the door opened, and a girl with a tired look on her face and several flasks in her hands stepped inside. She looked at Zayne, and her eyes shone brightly.

"Zayne! You're back!" Amelia exclaimed joyfully, which was unusual for her, but she could not contain her emotions.

Before Zayne could say anything, Amelia hugged him, pressing herself tightly against his chest.

"Oh... I didn't expect you to miss me so much..." Zayne was surprised.

"I'm sorry... I don't know what came over me, it must have been the extreme stress..." Amelia muttered, stepping away from Zayne and looking away awkwardly.

"Where is Harald? Did something happen to him?" Zayne asked with a worried expression.

"Agh... That's right, you don't know. Anyway, he's trying to help the Elder now..." Amelia's face darkened, which explained the whole situation to Zayne without words.

"Got it. I have to see him." Zayne said confidently, clenching his fists tightly.


Aron lay on the massive bed as his torso was tightly bandaged. However, even though the battle had ended at dawn, his condition was getting worse, his face was pale, and he coughed up blood at times.

Next to Aron sat Harald, who with the help of various herbs and medicines, was trying to make something. He was frowning heavily and biting his finger from nerves.

"How bad is it?" Zayne asked, standing in the corner, covered in shadow.

"Very bad... I could go to Red Feather City or any other big city and find a proper cure there, but I don't have time for that... I could be wrong, but, if this keeps up, Aron will be dead in a few hours." Harald muttered in a deep voice.

Zayne glanced at Aron, who couldn't even speak, then he stared coldly at Harald, "Tell me. Can Fate Power save him?"

Harald nodded, "Yeah... If I had the Fate Coin I would have used it by now."

"In that case... What about Chaos?" Zayne's voice filled the room.

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