Eternal Villain: I can enslave Reality!

Chapter 255 255: The Same

He had managed to absorb the essence of Heaven thanks to his devouring skills. And that too was when he had angered Heaven.

If it wasn't for his Celestial Spirit, he would have died. But there was someone who had used Heavenly Laws to break through? And it was someone who was said to be almost the same age as him

He was getting quite intrigued about this Saint Family. It wasn't surprising that the Royal Family was going so far to welcome them.

Xu Shan looked forward to seeing what that person was like and if he could steal that man's talent and strength.


While Xu Shan was thinking about the heir of the Saint Family that was the talk of the town, the person in question was sitting under a waterfall.

The pressure of the water was so high that it would have killed even an ordinary Celestial Immortal. But the young man looked unharmed.

His skin was breaking apart by the pressure of the waterfall, but it was healing just as fast.

After a long time, the bare chested man stood up and stepped away from the waterfall.

A young servant gave him a towel and he dried himself off before putting on his robe.

"Young Lord, are you really going to that desolate Kingdom?" the young servant asked.

Although the servant looked young, but even the servant was strong enough to annihilate the small Kingdom in which Xu Shan was staying.

"Do I need your permission for that?" The young man asked, his eyes narrowing.

"I wouldn't dare!" The young servant realized that she might have misspoke.

"It's just that you only recently returned to that lower world. What was it called... The Eternal Realm? Yeah, that's it. You just returned from there. I thought you would be resting for a little."

The young servant was responsible for all the needs of the heir of the Saint Clan. She was his personal maid.

Although she was a maid, it didn't mean she was poor. In fact, she was also an heir of a major clan.

However, the position of the personal maidservant of the young hair of the Saint Clan was something even more influential than being the Family Head of her clan.

In fact, just from the fact that she was a maidservant here, her family's influence had increased throughout the world. Even the Holy Lands treated her family with respect.

She didn't take her position lightly either.

"If there's anything you need, I can have someone arranged for it. You won't have to waste a trip to that desolate Kingdom," she added.

"I don't need you to do things for me. I can do things myself." The young heir wore the robe, leaving the area.

If Xu Shan was here, he might have recognised this man. This man was the same person who had invaded his world, forcing him to escape.

This man was the same person who had destroyed his home, turning the Eternal Realm into a graveyard.

The maid watched her young master leave. She didn't understand why he was insisting on going to that distant Kingdom.lightsnovel

On one command, the Royal Family of that Kingdom would have come here, crawling on their knees. Did he really make friends there?

She didn't understand. But all she could do was follow her young master who could turn the tide of winds on his one command.

A few days passed.

A majestic dragon could be seen flying across the sky above the Saint Clan territory. Almost everyone recognised that dragon as it was the mount of the Young Master of the Clan.


The day of the Dragon Banquet drew near. The young men from various major clans in the Kingdom who had received an invitation token started arriving in the Royal City one after another.

Amongst them, Xu Shan even saw the people who had the same attire as the Sect where he had first appeared in this world.

The disciples of the tenth peak weren't part of the group. But he did see the disciples that had faced them and won one of the tokens.

Although the disciples of the Tenth Mountain hadn't appeared, but the Elder was present. It was the same Elder who had given him some help, thanks to a misunderstanding.

The Royal City had turned into a place where all the major powers of the Kingdom had gathered. But none of them were rowdy.


They knew how much importance the Royal Palace paid for this event, thanks to the guest who was going to arrive.

Even as the sects were arrogant, they didn't want to ruin such an occasion. Even if they could survive the wrath of the Royal Family, they couldn't if they accidentally offended the Saint Family.

Other than the representatives from the sects of the Kingdom, Xu Shan also noticed some unknown people.

They weren't part of the sects and the young people that were part of those groups were much stronger than the youngsters of this Kingdom.

They were also covered in high grade treasures. It wasn't hard to find out that they belonged to the Holy Land.

Even the Royal Family himself came to welcome them.

Even though the Holy Lands weren't invited, but it didn't matter to the Royal Family. If they could strike a good relationship with the Holy Lands, it was only better for them in the long term.

Only the Sword Mountain hadn't sent any representatives for this event.


The Dragon Banquet venue was a magnificent palace located in the heart of the Royal City. Its grandeur was unmatched, with towering pillars, intricate carvings, and shimmering golden accents.

Inside the palace, the banquet hall was adorned with lavish decorations. The air was filled with the aroma of exquisite delicacies, and the sound of lively conversations echoed throughout the hall.

Xu Shan took a moment to soak in the atmosphere before making his way towards the gathering of young men.

Although he didn't have an invitation token, he had already taken care of it. It wasn't hard for him to steal one in a crowd this huge.

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