Eeryone Has Four Skills

Chapter 574 - 574: Winning (1)

Chapter 574: Winning (1)

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Moxiu continued to read. He was very curious about this period of history. He finally had the chance to understand this period of history by reading Old Master Tang’s diary.

“October 1st.

The preparations were complete, and the humans were about to launch a full-scale attack on the wild beasts. This would be the first time the humans would counterattack, and I was full of confidence in this.”

“October 3rd.

Me: ‘Will we win this time?

Supreme, What are you thinking about? I’ll definitely win this time!

Tianji replied,”Yes, I will definitely win!”

I asked, ‘What arrangements?”

Wu Shang said,’Just like last time, you take the lead. Tianji will stay in the middle to command, and I’ll support you.’

I said, ‘Okay!”‘

October 21st.

The first battle was a victory. Beast had never expected humans to be able to unleash such combat power. He was caught off guard. He had won the first battle, and he would continue to win the next battle.”

“October 30th.

Beast’s strength was still strong. Even after the first victory, they had entered a stable stage.

He had even met his master today.

I said, ‘The wild beasts have held back their strength. Now it seems that it will be difficult for us to eliminate them.’

Wu Shang said,’At least we’re not afraid of them now. We can waste time with them. They’re constantly fighting. Let’s see who can afford to waste time.’ I said,’l understand. I will guard the border and not let the wild beasts harm humans.”

The battle between the beasts and humans had entered a protracted stage. Mr. Tang’s diary was broken again, and the handwriting was a little different.

“6th January.

The beasts did not want to continue fighting. The Beast King had challenged all the upper echelons of the Human Alliance. The outcome of a battle between top experts could directly affect the survival of the beasts and humans.

This was a matter of great importance. Master and Tianji were discussing whether or not to accept the challenge.

I think we shouldn’t accept the challenge. The beasts are eager to end the battle as soon as possible, which means that they are afraid. If this continues, we humans will eventually win. I wonder what Master will decide.”

“January 7th.

After a night of discussion, the results came out. Master and Wu Shang both decided to accept the challenge. This is something I can’t understand.

Me: ‘Master, why do you want to accept the challenge?’

Supreme asked, ‘Let me ask you, what is your final wish?’

I said, ‘Let humans no longer be sad.’

Supreme replied, “If I don’t agree to Beast’s request for a battle, how many more people will be sad?” If they could end the battle as soon as possible, why would they not agree? Or are you afraid of losing?’

I said,’We humans have you, Tianji, King Nan, King Bei, my companions, and the person with the small meteorite fragment. We can’t lose. The wild beasts only have the eight kings and the leaders of some small races.’

Supreme replied, ‘It’s good that you understand.”‘

“31st January.

Today was the day of the battle. Regardless of the outcome, this battle would definitely be recorded in history. As a participant in history, his heart, which had not wavered for many years, could not help but feel excited. This battle concerned too much and would directly affect the fate of mankind.

We must win!”

When Moxiu saw this, he took a deep breath. He clearly knew that the humans had won in the end, but his heart was as excited as Elder Tang’s.

“February 3rd.

We won!”

There were only two words. MO Xiu guessed that Elder Tang was too tired and only wrote these few words.

“February 5th.

The battle had been going on for two days, and I had just recovered from my fatigue. Master and Tianji were discussing the post-battle matters, so I was relatively free and wanted to record the situation of the battle.

Actually, there wasn’t much to write. In summary, there were only ten words.

More than half of the beast kings were dead or injured, and they were invincible. ”

MO Xiu smiled when he saw the results. What kind of person was Supreme? His master’s master was able to do so many things. During the chaotic battle, he was able to make wild beasts tremble in fear and had an invincible aura.

Moxiu continued reading with curiosity.

“April 3rd. Master and Tianji have drawn up an agreement and are ready to sign a peace treaty with Beast.

At first, I didn’t agree, but after thinking about it, my master asked me what my goal was. Although it was a good time to eliminate the wild beasts, if we eliminated the wild beasts, more than half of the humans would definitely die.

After so many years of fighting, there were not many humans left. Now, there were even fewer.

Other than wild beasts, there were even more terrifying sea races. The sea race had cut off the connection between the various continents of the human race. If they suddenly attacked, the human race might be wiped out.

In the past, I never thought about these things. Is it because I’ve been by Master’s side for a long time? I’m starting to change.”

“May 30th.

In this one month or so, humanity has entered the reconstruction period. It’s a little strange. Master has left everything to me.

I have no experience, so I can only ask and learn everywhere.

I’ve grown a lot and thought of many ways to use Old White to restrict the royal family and give the commoners a better space to develop. We all know that in the next war, we might not be relying on the royal family.

Master had also changed a lot. He had nothing to do all day and seemed to be uninterested in anything. However, he was interested in women again.

But in this world, there is no woman who is worthy of Master. Until now, I still haven’t found a master’s wife.”

MO Xiu laughed. Elder Tang had suddenly shouldered a heavy responsibility, just like MO Xiu.

Mr. Tang was really naughty. He complained about his master in his diary.

“June 17th.

A strange thing happened today. Master and Tianji had a big fight.

The quarrel was very intense. The two people fought hundreds of rounds. Master went to Tianji’s residence to quarrel. Master came back in anger. Tianji came back to quarrel again. Now everyone knew about it.

Ever since they had known each other, the two of them had been very close. Not to mention quarreling, they rarely even had differences in opinions. This quarrel was definitely not simple.”

June 18th, day 18.

The two of them quarreled without success. Tianji came to find me and asked me to talk to Master.

It turned out that the reason was because his master wanted to make a trip to the sea race. However, the heavenly secrets had predicted that his master would not return this time.

This is a big deal. No matter what, I have to talk to Master tomorrow.”

“June 19th.

Me: ‘Master.’

Wu Shang said,’l know why you’re here. I’ve made up my mind. You know what I mean.’

I said,’l understand. You won’t change your decision. Can I ask why?’

Wu Shang said,’The greatest danger for humanity is the sea race. I have to go.’

But Tianji said that you’re doomed on this trip.’

Wu Shang said,’l know what I’m doing. You don’t have to persuade me anymore. After these two months of observation, I can see that you’re doing very well. I can leave without worry.’

I said,’l understand. I’ll go back now.’

Wu Shang said,’Wait, take this box. You must keep it safe. Remember to open it a year after me.’

Me: ‘Alright, as long as I’m here, this box will be here.’

Wu Shang said,”Okay, you can go.” “June 20th.

Master had disappeared too suddenly..”

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