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Chapter 709 709:- I am Goddess of Light

Chapter 709 709:- I am Goddess of Light

Other major cities of the Empire were also attacked by the Voidfigures. Fortunately, because Aditya had let every Dragonian pick a powerful weapon or armor of their choosing, this time, the Dragonians were able to fight the Voidfigures without losing their ground.

Due to this change, the number of casualties was deficient this time. Close to 11,000 normal soldiers were killed. Most importantly, none of the Dragonians died this time. Since the whole Istarin Empire was prepared to face the Voidfigures, this time, instead of charging toward these creatures, long-ranged attacks were used. Even most of the Dragonians engaged these creatures from a safe distance. They made sure that none of the Voidfigures were able to touch them or absorb any of their Mana. Yesterday, the Empire lost many of its Dragonians and soldiers because the Empire wasn't prepared for the Voidfigures. No one knew anything about these strange creatures. Hence, this resulted in many soldiers dying on the battlefield. But today, everyone was prepared. Every city lord was informed about the Voidfigures and their capabilities. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of these monsters, every City Lord had planned carefully. The troops were ready to face these creatures. This was one of the reasons why the number of casualties decreased so much within just one day. The most effective weapon against these creatures was Solar Cannons. One powerful blast from the Solar Cannon was enough to wipe out nearly 25,000 to 30,000 of these creatures. Aditya also gave all the City Lords full permission to use Solar Cannons. In the last few months, Percy has created enough solar cannons. Now, each Major City of the Istarin Empire had multiple Solar Cannons. In such times, the most cost-effective weapon against the Voidfigures would have been the Arrowstorm Harbinger. Each Arrowstorm Harbinger is capable of shooting one hundred arrows at once. Unfortunately, shooting one hundred arrows isn't that impressive, given the time it takes to load all the arrows. Aditya had discussed with Percy his plan to make an upgraded version of Arrowstorm Harbinger and make it capable enough to shoot 1,000 arrows or even 10,000 arrows at once. Unfortunately, only a few days had passed since Arrowstorm Harbinger Percy had obtained the weapon and had the opportunity to study it. Aditya had planned to help Percy with the design just like how they worked together to make the first Flying Ship, unfortunately, Aditya has been occupied with Spencer's wedding and the Voidfigures. -


"So what do you think?" Aditya asked the girls. Everyone had gathered in Julia's laboratory. "I want to study this creature and learn about its biology," Julia said. "Weak....!!" Sasha replied in one word. "I wonder what would happen if one of these creatures absorbed Aditya's Mana and turned into a Duplicate version of Aditya," Lilith replied with a teasing smile. But the look on her face says that she is very serious. Hearing Lilith's words, everyone's expressions changed. They knew Aditya was the strongest cultivator in the six continents. If a Duplicate version of Aditya were to appear, then only Aditya would be able to stop it. "It would be catastrophic if this happened," Julia murmured in a low tone, but everyone heard what she said. "And if their battle were to take place in this empire, the entire eastern region would be destroyed, no questions asked." Millions of lives will be lost just from the shockwave generated from their battle. Amelia cannot even imagine such a thing. "If this were to happen, then the Istarin Empire might never recover from this," Alicia added. "I feel disgusted looking at this creature."

"For some reason, whenever I look at this creature, I have this deep desire to destroy this creature," Riya said with a face of disgust. "Maybe you feel like this because this creature isn't supposed to exist in the first place." Riya didn't seem too surprised to hear this from her mother. Like Amelia, the Goddess of Nature also has sensed it. Others were surprised to hear Amelia's words. "What do you mean?" Lilith asked. Looking at Lilith, Amelia was surprised to see the Succubus Empress having a very serious expression. For once, Lilith was very serious. "Well, to explain, this creature goes against the laws of Nature itself. In simple words, this creature isn't nature's creation." If not for her daughter and Aditya wanting to study this creature and learn more about it, Amelia would have destroyed this creature the very moment she laid her eyes on it. "This creature looks scary," Alicia said while rubbing her palms. This monster was alive. Yet after being tied with green veins, it completely stopped moving. It wasn't even moving an inch. After a while, everyone noticed that this monster wasn't even breathing. Alicia wouldn't be surprised if others mistake this creature to be dead. "It's even scary when you imagine this monster walking in your room in the middle of the night," Alicia said with a frightened face. Alicia was standing the furthest away from the Monster. She was standing a few meters behind Aditya. "It seems someone is scared." Riya didn't let go of this chance to tease Alicia. "I...I am not scared. Hmph!" Alicia replied with a pout. "Really.....!!" Riya turned to face Alicia. "Then why are you standing so back?" Riya asked with a smirk. "Did I hear it wrong, or was your voice really shaking?" Riya asked. Before Alicia could reply, Julia spoke first. "I also heard it."

Alicia couldn't believe that Julia was taking Riya's side. "Lara too....!!" Even the shy Lara also spoke. "Lara, you too.....!!" Lara avoided eye contact with Alicia. Seeing this scene, Amelia and Aditya chuckled. Sasha, even though quiet, had a small smile on her face. "Aditya, give us some time."

"I am 100% confident that if I and Riya were to work together then we will be able to learn more about this Creature." Julia seriously said. "Alright." Aditya could do nothing but wait. "I will also help you out." Riya and Julia nodded their heads. Aditya was about to leave as he had other work to complete, but then his gaze fell on Lilith. Seeing her, he stopped walking and asked. "Lilith, can't you put this monster under your charm and control it?" Lilith shook her head. "I tried but it did not work. This is the first time my charm has failed." If these creatures were powerful 5th-orders, then it would have been one thing, but these creatures were very weak. No weak cultivator or magical animal could resist Lilith's charm. This was the first time that her charm had failed to work on such a weak monster. This was the reason why Lilith appeared to be so serious. Before Aditya came, she had tried to control this creature, and it did not work. This made Lilith very curious. She wanted to know who was behind these creatures and their creation. It was obvious that these creatures were created by the mastermind. They were artificial beings. Aditya nodded his head. "Let me know if you find anything."

Saying that Aditya disappeared. He teleported to his office, where a massive amount of work awaited him. In Prime Minister Spencer's absence, Aditya's workload had increased significantly.

The girls looked at each other. Alicia, Lara, Lilith, and Sasha left while the other three remained in the laboratory. -


Scene Change_____

"Your Majesty, someone is here to see you." Daxton was in his bedroom.

He was enjoying a glass of red wine while watching a group of three beautiful women dance. One of the three women at the center was his wife, and the other two were his concubines. But the world did not know about this. Daxton has kept this a secret from everyone. Even his son wasn't aware of this. These two women were related to his wife. They were his wife's cousins. Seeing three beautiful women dance, the King was in the mood to have some fun. Since defeating the Echo Nexus Empire, things have suddenly become really peaceful for Daxton. There were no challenges for his Empire. Everything was running smoothly. This gave the Emperor more free time. Knock!! Knock!!!

"Who is it?" Daxton asked while frowning. He specifically asked the guards to not disturb him. "Your Majesty, someone very important is here to see you." From outside one of the guards answered. Hearing this, Daxton's frown deepened. Only his son was allowed to knock on his door. Other than his son, no one else was allowed to come to his chamber. 'When did the guards become so incompetent? After this, I must replace them.' Daxton thought in his mind. "I do not care who is waiting for me. Send whoever is waiting for me away. And do not dare to bother me again; otherwise, I will have you all executed." Daxton said in a serious tone. Bang.....!!!

But the doors were opened against his orders. "Who are you?" Daxton asked in an angry tone. His face turned dark seeing a mysterious woman entering his chamber. "It's nice to meet you."

"I am Goddess of Light. The name is Luna." ----------------

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