Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 647

Chapter 647

The Majin Transformation’s April possessed the ability to devour power of others. In addition to her recent training, her devouring ability had become even more bizarre after she entered the Half-God Level. She was already at the point where she did not need to turn the other party into a sweet prey to absorb the power.

Her ability was a bit similar to Goat Moya of Universe 6 that Muyang had encountered before, but in fact, their power essence was different.

April’s strange ability had attracted the fear of many experts. They left one after another. Just then, an orange figure blocked April’s path. It was a woman with blue hair. Her well-proportioned figure looked very enchanting.

Her name was Kayim, and she was a female universe from the Universe 1.

“What a strange woman. If I don’t stop you, you will take all the points.” Kayim’s aura was completely gone, and he stood there like a weak woman, but how could someone who could stand on the arena of all kings be an ordinary person?

April looked at the woman in front of him cautiously, and for some reason, she felt a throbbing.

Licking her lips, her pink hair fluttered in the wind. A demonic smile appeared on April’s face. “It won’t be easy to stop me. Aren’t you afraid that I will beat you down to the point where your score won’t be enough?” (f)ree

The woman named Kayim chuckled. “I’ve already defeated 18 people. The score should be enough. I want to test your strength now.”

After saying that, like a bolt of lightning, Kayim glared forward. An invisible pressure rumbled and crushed over.

April narrowed her eyes and suddenly revealed a smile.

“Then come on.”

When it came to points, April did not panic at all. Even if she did not get into the top 20, she could join the Time Patrol with Acceleration World’s ten spots.

The figure turned into a ray of lightning.


April lowered her body. A burst of strength erupted from her feet and her figure became illusory. At the same time, Kayim, who was in the Universe 1, laughed. He suddenly threw a punch in a certain direction. With a ‘dang’ sound, the two figures appeared. The air froze for a moment, and then faint ripples stirred. The two of them disappeared again.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!


“Your power comes from a strange magic ability. As long as you avoid your magic, all attacks will be ineffective.” Kayim’s eyes flashed with light. She spread out her arms and opened up an invisible shield, blocking all of April’s energy in front of her.

Seeing this, April frowned slightly. Her demonic magic seemed to be ineffective. She restrained her energy and the pressure she emitted disappeared.

“Hehe, do you think my ability is only magic?” April revealed a brilliant smile.

She suddenly became serious.

Countless illusory afterimages appeared and disappeared. April’s attacks became even more intense and crazy. Each attack seemed to have exhausted all of its energy. This caused even more damage. As they fought with April, this alien called Kayim immediately felt pressure.

“She actually can’t use up all her energy” Kayim frowned and realized that she had miscalculated. However, she immediately revealed a crazy smile.

This kind of competition was interesting. As expected of the competition held by Zeno. If it was in Universe 1, there would be no such opponent.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

April and Kayim retreated at the same time. When they landed, the soles of their feet cracked like a spider web. April’s soft and boneless body twisted and continued to fight against Kayim.


The sky collapsed and the earth collapsed. Waves of air surged and gorgeous energy erupted at the same time. April and Kayim’s speed had been raised to the extreme. Few people could see their movements clearly.

Soon, the momentum of their battle surpassed the others and was affected. The remaining experts also began to compete.

On the other side, Son Goku, who was sending an alien flying, felt the battle on April’s side. His blue eyes flashed with brilliant light. “As expected of Uncle Muyang’s wife. Aunt April is even more powerful than I imagined. Haha, I have to work hard too.”

Vegeta and Shasley worked together to subdue the enemy. Feeling the pressure from the air, they clenched their fists and continued to search for the next target.

“Hongye, how much ki do you have left?”

Elek and Son Hongye leaned back and supported each other. The two in the Super Saiyan 4 state were able to unleash the strength of a Half-God. In the hands of the audience, they were considered outstanding. However, as the competition continued, the rest of the contestants were not easy to deal with.

For example, the current Elek and Son Hongye were facing a contestant from the eighth universe. The strength of one person blocked the couple.

“I’m fine. I can hold on for a while longer.” Son Hongye gasped for breath. Although Super Saiyan 4’s transformation didn’t consume as much energy as Super Saiyan 3, a long battle also made them feel pressured.

“Let’s continue fighting. I will use Solar-Flare to confuse him.”

Elek’s muscles tightened. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

Suddenly, he began to move. His body leaped into the air, his hands placed between his forehead and released Solar-Flare. Although this move might not be effective in high-level battles, what if it could confuse the opponent? As long as it had a little effect, it would be good.

After Elek released his Solar-Flare, Sun Hongye began to attack as if their hearts were in sync. One punch, two punches, three punches… the opponent received them one by one.

Sure enough, in this kind of intense battle, the effect of the Solar-Flare was minimal, and it was almost not affected much. Helpless, Elek and Son Honye could only rely on pure strength to shake their opponent.

After a few minutes of battle, Elek and Son Hongye finally defeated their opponents. However, due to their lack of physical strength, they were shot down by the people from Universe 10 in the rear.

“Not bad, your performance is very good.” The God of Destruction, Beerus, said while looking at the stage.

Elek shook his head regretfully. “It’s a pity that we can’t continue such an intense battle.”

It was almost impossible to find a second match with the strength of Zeno Martial Arts Tournament.

“What was your previous state? I have never seen you use it.”

“That’s called Super Saiyan 4. It’s a transformation above Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3,” Son Hongye replied after eating an Senzu Bean.

“Super Saiyan 4?”

Beerus rubbed his chin and repeated, “You Saiyan have so many forms. It’s just that it’s too fancy. The real strong should rely on their own strength. Fortunately, you became Super Saiyan at the beginning of the competition. Otherwise, if you gave your opponent some time, you wouldn’t even have the chance to transform!”

Beerus looked down on Saiyan’s various transformations, especially since Saiyan liked to play probing tricks without using his full strength in the beginning. It was extremely easy for him to fail miserably in an easy task and be defeated by someone whose strength was far inferior to his own.

This was something that Son Goku and the others had displayed many times.

Of course, Beerus still praised Son Hongye and the others for their performance.

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