Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2882 Two Reasons

Chapter 2882 Two Reasons

It struck them all like a bolt of lightning. The only reason the Life Tablet would be here was if...


Leonel flipped another palm, and a Silver Tablet appeared.

The surrounding Spirituals felt their worlds crumbling apart.


Leonel was the most fearsome character they had ever seen in their lives.

They only realized now that Leonel had to have lost to Lady Emberheart on purpose. How could he have lost if the battle was so close, even without him using the Life Tablet?

They only now realized that Flaura had been single-handedly devastated by Leonel's scheme, that her entire life was shredded apart because she dared to offend him. The only reason they weren't on the losing end was because he made them a convenient pawn of their game.

They only now realized that... a war of Demi-Gods and Gods had been triggered by this young man before them alone.

"The world doesn't know it yet," Leonel began with a smile as he put his tablets away, "but I'm the last person who you would want to be the enemy of. Even when I'm impulsive, I win."


News of the Ma'at Bubbles' apology spread like wildfire, and soon the details began to be understood as well.

No one knew of the exact strength of Lady Emberheart, but the fact that at the Sixth Dimension Leonel could defeat both her and her husband handedly spoke volumes about his current strength.

He seemed to have disappeared for more than a year, but when he came back, he did so with a swift vengeance that swept through the Mortal Bubbles once again.

However, the war still ruled the world of Demi-Gods.

And it was at that moment that an existence that had been delayed for far too long appeared.



The young Void Race stepped out into the world. Her body shook uncomfortably, a frown marring her features, or so it seemed. In reality, when a Void Race member frowned, the galaxies that formed up their bodies blinked in and out of existence as though their slight malcontent could wipe out worlds.

The battle continued to rage on, but she was truly entirely uninterested.

She descended into the middle of a skirmish and reached out.

An Owlan was plucked out of the air, their throat warping into her hand.

What was the most shocking to the Owlan was that their body was still in place. A vortex-like black hole had appeared around his throat, swallowing it whole.

High above, Shan'Rae still stood looming, seeming to grab the air. And yet, it was clear to everyone that she had grasped onto the Owlan's throat.

Fear struck all their souls at the same time.

What kind of ability was this? It was like a forceful teleportation, and yet on a completely different level. The Owlan didn't even have the chance to resist before he felt his airway being constricted.

He was by far the strongest on this battlefield, a man with more military merits than half of them combined. He was a true warrior of the Ninth Dimension, and though he didn't have even a Quasi Creation State Force, he was still at the very pinnacle of the Life State.

But it didn't seem to matter at all.

Against this Sixth Dimension God Race youth, he didn't stand a chance.

"Leonel Morales. Where is he?"

Shan'Rae asked indifferently.

The pupils of the Owlan constricted. This question didn't make any sense to them. They were so lost in battle that they hadn't thought of this name in years.

How could they have thoughts about the boy that had been humiliated? They didn't have the bandwidth to consider him.

"I asked a question," Shan'Rae said coldly.

"... I-don't-know-"


His neck snapped, and silence fell.

"None of you know?"

A shudder ran through their hearts.

"Then die."

Shan'Rae spread her hands, and her aura surged.

In a blink, thousands of miniature black holes appeared across the battlefield. They tried to dodge, but it was as though it had locked onto them all.

The black holes only rotated slightly as they all froze.

When they disappeared, their heads had disappeared along with them.

Their bodies went limp and they fell to the ground in an uncontrollable heap.

At the same time, the Void Race combatants had all kneeled at some unknown time, not daring to raise their heads. They didn't have the answer either, as they didn't even know who Leonel Morales was. They didn't dare to believe that kinship would stop Shan'Rae from killing them.

Shan'Rae snorted in discontent, but she didn't kill anymore.

She had been so delayed because of the sudden appearance of the Idol Battlefield. There had been a great debate about whether they should be participating in this war at all now.

It had to be remembered that the Idol Battlefield was the opportunity of the humanoids. Beasts had no part in it. Its appearance also signified the rise of the humanoids.

Knowing this, it seemed silly to continue fighting it out with losers who stood no chance.

It was clear that the Fallen God Beasts hadn't expected such a change either, or else they would have never started the battle now either.

But in the end, they chose to continue for two important reasons.

The first was their prestige. How could the God Races be so casually offended?

The second was in recognition of the sort of desperate state this would put the Fallen God Beasts in.

If before they were willing to drag this battle out, very soon, they would be making a decisive strike.

If they couldn't return to being Gods before the Idol Battlefield descended, they would never have another chance.

It could be said that, once again, Leonel's actions had turned the world upside down. It was just that this time, no one was aware.

In the end, Shan'Rae and three others had been sent to deal a decisive blow before the Fallen God Beasts could make their decision.

But first... Shan'Rae wanted to kill a particularly annoying ant.

"Young miss, I think I might know where you can look," a voice called out hesitantly.

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