Demon Immortal

Chapter 243 The Cacophony Of Slaughter

"Is he dead?" Lu Tianxin spat and looked at Wu Dongmin who was near Duncan.

"No," Wu Dongmin said causing Lu Tianxin to frown. "But he seems to be heavily injured. Looks like even his strong body can't handle our attacks." Wu Dongmin sneered.

"Fucking bastard! Why won't he die!?" Lu Tianxin raged and walked towards Duncan's location with malevolence on his face. "It's fine as well. I haven't had my fill of hearing him scream. I want him to beg for mercy before I grant him death."

At this moment, all Duncan could think of was not to waste the chance he had created for himself. He didn't know if he would be able to acquire slaughter qi quite easily after this. After this battle, people would know his name. His reputation would be widespread. There will be no fools delivering themselves to him like this.

As for being injured heavily and being on the verge of defeat and death, Duncan's mind blocked them out completely. In his mind, the matter of defeat was non-existent. He didn't believe that he could lose. More exactly, he refused to lose. So much so that Duncan didn't think of how battered his body was currently.

When it came to the fight, all he could think of was that those imbeciles would not be able to use their trump cards after this. He had seen the toll it took on their body. They probably had one more use left in them before the last clash. And now, they had already used it. Duncan felt that there was nothing more standing in his way to acquire the required slaughter qi.

So, he refused to think about anything else. In his mind, he had already won this fight. What was left was to collect the slaughter qi that he required. That belief was firmly etched in Duncan's heart. The pain, the wounds, the battle, nothing mattered. All he wanted to do was slaughter these sheep and collect what he was due.

As this thought echoed repeatedly in his mind, his heart started beating in the strange rhythm that it sometimes did. His defiant will bloomed slightly at this moment causing unknown changes to appear in his bloodline. The blood that was flowing out of the body was rapidly replaced with more blood that was darker in color and nature.

Duncan breathed heavily as his body slowly started repairing itself. His eyes shot open and he looked at the distant sky. The sky looked red in his vision. Duncan was reminded of the time he had fallen into that illusion where everything had been red. As his thoughts wandered, he recalled how he had killed a demonic beast as a mere mortal.

Thinking back to that moment, Duncan realized what made that moment special. He had refused to die. He had refused to give in. He didn't care about the result. He only wanted to fight and slay the demonic beast in front of him. The concept of such a thing being impossible for a mortal man never even crossed his mind at that moment.

Duncan let out a turbid breath and blinked his eyes.

At this moment, a sudden sense of enlightenment engulfed his mind. His mind became clear. He vaguely understood what made his bloodline tick. The bloodline in him didn't care about cultivation levels. The bloodline in him didn't care about techniques. The bloodline in him didn't care about what everyone knew as normal.

The only thing it cared about was that he didn't give in. The more defiant he was, the more his bloodline awakened. This was a bloodline that gave the cultivator an undefeatable will. Such a will can only be forged with slaughter and overcoming difficulties.

Duncan twitched his fingers and found that he could feel them once more. The blood flow in his body had become stable. There was still blood flowing out of his body. His regeneration wasn't that magical yet. His wounds were still open. The sword aura and the saber glow were still wreaking havoc in his body.

But, all that mattered to him was that he could move his body now.

Just as Lu Tianxin was approaching close, Duncan's figure twitched causing both Wu Dongmin and Lu Tianxin to look over. Under the surprised eyes of everyone, Duncan began to move. He struggled to sit up at first. But accomplished it soon. Then he started to climb up from the pit he had been buried in.

Lu Tianxin and Wu Dongmin watched with disbelief etched on their face as Duncan climbed out of the pit slowly. The blood was still flowing down Duncan's body freely as he breathed harshly. It was clear to everyone watching that even a small movement was sending excruciating pain throughout Duncan's body.

But, despite the heavily injured state he was in, Duncan managed to climb out of the pit, slowly but surely. His entire body was dyed red in blood. There were sword wounds and saber marks all over his body. Even after climbing the pit, Duncan wasn't done.

Duncan struggled to stand up and fell to his knees a couple of times, before planting two feet firmly under his body and looking at the surprised cultivators in front of him.

"Is… ahem… is… that… all… ahem… you got?" Duncan asked in a hoarse voice while coughing blood to the side.

No one answered him. Duncan took a look at everyone present. He could see the disbelief on their faces. Duncan's lips twitched. He glanced down at his hand. His sword was still in his hand. Even through that harrowing attack and resulting pain, he hadn't relinquished his sword.

Duncan's mind went back to the time when he didn't relinquish his sword after being gored by a wild beast when he was a mortal. He recalled the elation he had felt at that moment. He recalled the pride he felt at that moment. He couldn't help but smile at that memory.

To others, Duncan's small smile at this moment looked like stuff that came directly from their nightmares. They didn't know how to react to Duncan. All they felt was incredible fear in their hearts. But, Duncan didn't let them wait for longer.

"I think it is time to wrap this up!" Duncan whispered softly before vanishing from everyone's vision the next moment.


The sound of a sword being swung echoed and Lu Tianxin's head slid to the ground.

His face still had a bewildered look on it. There wasn't even a register of pain in his face. All he could do at that moment was to react in surprise. But, that falling head felt like a huge stone that made waves in the hearts of everyone present.

"Hmmph," Duncan snorted. "You really think you are someone eh? You wanted to hear me scream! Hmmph! What a joke!"

Duncan kicked the head away and vanished from the spot the next moment. Before anyone could react, they heard the sound of a sword being swung again. Wu Dongmin's head rolled at Duncan's feet this time.

"Without those weapons, you didn't even stand a chance," Duncan spat a glob of blood right on Wu Dongmin's face.


Everyone collectively exclaimed in shock and horror seeing the two prodigies who almost brought the demon to their knees be killed one after the other. Duncan picked his ears nonchalantly and looked at the surrounding crowd.

"Now, it's your turn. Try to last as long as possible eh? I get really bored if the fight isn't interesting," Duncan chuckled devilishly and vanished from the spot.

What followed was a cacophony of slaughter.

Duncan dashed between the surrounding cultivators swinging his sword left and right without any care. With each slash, a couple of heads were harvested. Countless heads started rolling around on the floor as Duncan absolutely slaughtered everyone present.

Naturally, there were those who tried to run. But, whenever Duncan saw anyone who was running a little away, he targeted them first. As a result, none of the young talents from the sects were able to escape Duncan's massacre.

Blood flowed like a river in that region as Duncan chopped heads like cutting melons. A never-before-seen sight of slaughter was gifted to those spectators watching in the distance. They could neither take their eyes off it nor enjoy the bloody spectacle Duncan created for their enjoyment.

Only fear remained in their heart. Their bodies refused to obey them as they stood and watched Duncan slaughter the young talents from various sects in horror. In the end, the final head rolled down causing Duncan to stop and turn to look at them.

"Now, what do I do with you lot?"

Duncan asked casually causing the crowd to piss themselves in fear.

"We just came to watch. We aren't with them. We have no quarrel with you at all. Esteemed expert, please pardon us. We will atone for our mistake by spreading your great deed far and wide," one of the quick-witted spectators overcame his fear and begged for his life rather eloquently.

Duncan smiled at the man and shook his head in disbelief.


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