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Chapter 2675 - 2675: Reality is Stranger than Fiction

Chapter 2675: Reality is Stranger than Fiction

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“Even though I don’t know who the heck you’re talking about with that ‘fat ball’… But if I hadn’t blocked that punch for you, you’d be a goner,” Fairy

White Bones’ voice echoed in Song Shuhangs mind. Even her ‘Slow-Witted Songs Bone Shards’ couldn’t withstand the force of that punch. Song Shuhangs feeble consciousness would’ve been obliterated.

At the same time, Fairy White Bones swiftly materialized and extended her slender longsword toward Song Shuhangs consciousness. The sword seemed to magnetically draw his virtuous divine sense, a110ffing it to attach to the blade.

“The fat ball was the former big shot ruling over the Netherworld. Yeah, the one who just bit the dust because of the collapse of the Heavenly Dao,” Song Shuhang replied.

Fairy White Bones was speechless.

You really are something else!

If even the ruler of the Netherworld can’t take you out, how resilient must your life force be?

Fairy White Bones didn’t doubt Song Shuhang was boasting. During this time, she had been by Sage White’s side, assisting him with the God Creation Experiment plan. In this process, Fairy White Bones had already learned about Tyrannical Songs temporary authority as the ruler of the Netherworld.

A mortal who just ascended to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm wielding the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld… It’s so absurd that no one in the heavens and myriad realms would believe it.

Reality is indeed stranger than fiction.

“Oh, by the way, thanks Fairy White Bones… If it weren’t for you blocking that punch for me just now, my consciousness would’ve been toast,” Song Shuhang said aloud. Every time he was influenced by the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld, his mentality would inflate for a short period before retracting back to normalcy. Beneath his nonchalant exterior, he was still quite calculating.

Fairy White Bones steadied her form and glanced at her sword. “Don’t mention it. You saved me last time, so consider this payback.” As she spoke, the skeleton giant around her reformed.

“Can you send over those two sets of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Combined Magical Treasures?” Fairy White Bones inquired again — combining her giant skeleton with Song Shuhangs life-bound magical treasure would allow her to utilize the Beast God Equipment, enhancing her combat prowess.

“The passage between the Netherworld and the Dream Realm has been destroyed by the other party, and they’ve sealed off the entire space. My main body is currently working to reopen the passage, but it’ll take some time,” Song Shuhang replied via telepathy. The enemy boss seemed to be everywhere, so some matters required discretion.

It seemed that this big shot hiding in the Dream Realm, after slicing the

Dream Realm Lord over 200 times, had indeed gained some authority over the

Dream Realm… The Spatial Seal just now had directly sealed off the entire Dream Realm! It was like isolating a country, preventing those inside from leaving and outsiders from entering.

Fortunately, Song Shuhangs main body possessed the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld, which was of a higher level. Even if the Dream Realm was completely sealed, he could still forcefully create an opening with the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld!

“With the authority of the ruler of the Netherworld, I can do as I please.

Disagree? Come at me!” Song Shuhang taunted inwardly. Of course, he could only taunt in his mind. This fragment of consciousness couldn’t resurrect on the spot.

“How long will it take?” Fairy White Bones furrowed her brows and asked telepathically.

If it took too long… She feared she wouldn’t be able to hold out.

Although Sage White was peculiar in many ways, his current realm was a major concern.

Fairy Skylark also exuded a peculiar aura, but her strength was even lower, only at the Seventh Stage.

Combined with her status as a novice Immortal, it seemed daunting to confront the ruthless big shot hidden in the Dream Realm.

Fairy White Bones had only stepped onto her own path to immortality after the destruction of the ancient Heavenly City. Among Immortals, she was considered a newcomer.

Facing this big shot who shattered her ultimate technique, Slow-Witted Songs Bone Shards, with a single punch, she felt a bit apprehensive.

“My main body is racing against time to reopen the passage, but I can’t say for sure how long it’ll take,” Song Shuhangs consciousness relayed.

“l feel like we’re in hot water… If things don’t work out, I’ll take Sage White and that Fairy Skylark and run for it,” Fairy White Bones sighed.

She was in good shape now. Even if she wasn’t a match for the hidden Vicious, it shouldn’t be a problem to escape with Sage White and Fairy Skylark.

“Don’t worry, my main body will definitely catch up in time!” Song Shuhang said confidently.

With Senior White’s main body present, as long as Lucky White was still around, any action beneficial to Senior White would have a high chance of being activated.

Reopening the passage between the Netherworld and the main world would undoubtedly benefit the overall situation of the conflict. Therefore, there was a high probability of Song Shuhang reopening the passage at the optimal time.

“And don’t be pessimistic. In the end, it might not be us who have to flee. Perhaps it’s this hidden big shot who’ll be on the run,” Song Shuhang added via telepathy.

“l don’t know where you’re getting all this confidence from. 1 sure hope I could get a dose of that inflated confidence,” Fairy White Bones chuckled wryly. She gently swung her longsword and transferred Song Shuhang’s consciousness to a sachet on her waist. “Anyway, I’ll go up and assist Sage White… You also need to pick up the pace on your end. If you can’t support us in time, then I’ll have to take Sage White and make a run for it.”

As long as there’s life, there’s hope.

After Fairy White Bones said that, she controlled the giant skeleton and swiftly approached Sage White’s location.

But before she could get close, another invisible giant fist came hurtling toward her from the void!

It seemed the hidden Vicious Boss wanted to pick them off one by one, not giving Fairy White Bones and Sage White a chance to regroup.

Even though he was powerful, he remained cautious.

Just like a lion going all out to catch a rabbit, this hidden big shot did the same.

“Here we go again? Take this!” Fairy White Bones exclaimed angrily. She extended her hand and threw out two war hammers, which were caught by the white bone giant.

Slow-Witted Songs bone shards went all out as he swung his giant hammer at the invisible giant fist.


The hammer collided with the fist, unleashing a destructive impact — if Immortals initiated conflict in the main world, it would spell disaster for the realm.

The skeletal giant’s arms shattered, and he was sent flying once more.

But this time, the skeletal giant wasn’t obliterated. Immortal Fairy White Bones, who had endured an invisible heavy punch, quickly devised some plans to deal with it.

The processing speed of an Immortal’s brain was extremely frightening. Every move and stance had been meticulously calculated during the battle. “This is bad. I won’t be able to help Sage White at all,” Immortal Fairy White

Bones frowned and glanced at Sage White..

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