Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough

Chapter 1276 Information on the Immortal Dreamer

Chapter 1276 Information on the Immortal Dreamer

As she received the task of finding out more about geniuses in the Dao Seed Realm among the different major powers on the continent from Xuan Hao, Elder Dust Fairy remained speechless for a long period of time before she set out to try and find the information that had been requested from Xuan Hao.

Even though she understood that her current information network was far from strong or wide enough to gather information on the different major powers on the continent, she still decided to see if she could find something with her current limited capabilities. After all, she didn't try to find anything damaging to the different major powers and was just seeking information on powerful Dao Seed Realm cultivators or Earth Immortal Realm cultivators so to speak.

Surprisingly, this approach did allow her to gather some information on some figures that fit into the category, with the most surprising among these figures being someone she and the rest of the people of the Star Shattering Sect had heard about before. The Immortal Dreamer, who had awoken the Immortal Dream Physique and surpassed what they now understood to be the Domain Lord Realm.

Apparently, this figure had not disappeared, but had apparently been recruited to join the Blue Sea Empire due to his overwhelming and unique talent. In the end, he had refused this and ended up being chased down by the Blue Sea Empire for unknown reasons.

More information about what happened afterwards was close to impossible to find in her current scope of operation, but Elder Dust Fairy still managed to figure out that the chase lasted for hundreds of years and had allowed the Immortal Dreamer to break through to the Dao Seed Realm before becoming a figure that no Dao Seed Realm cultivator could fight.

What happened after that, she couldn't find out, but guessed that the Immortal Dreamer might have ended up drawing the attention of one of the Celestial Immortal Realm ancestors of the Blue Sea Empire.

In the end, after reporting this information to Xuan Hao, Elder Dust Fairy didn't waste any time as she sped up the integration of the information network in the Onyx Empire. Hoping to spread her information network into the Blue Sea Empire as fast as possible so she could get some idea about what ended up happening to the Immortal Dreamer, as she herself had become quite curious about this person.

Even more so after hearing a few rumors regarding that person comprehending the mysterious Dao of Time. After all, the Dao of Time and what happened to those who comprehended it was a mystery she had long since learnt about since her information network spread out into the chaotic land of what had once been the Sky Empire and the now demonic territory of the quickly falling Onyx Empire.

Outside of the Immortal Dreamer that had fully managed to grab Elder Dust Fairy's attention, there were also a few others who fit the criteria set by Xuan Hao, but none of them seemed to reach the level that would put them at the Peak of the Dao Seed Realm with the possibility of reaching the Profound Immortal Realm. Only the Immortal Dreamer had seemed to fit those criteria so far.

Even then, Xuan Hao was still surprised that Elder Dust Fairy had managed to find so many people that had surpassed the level of what was considered the Peak of the Earth Immortal Realm on the Ewaria Continent. Making him feel more certain that there should be someone inside these different major powers that had managed to reach the Profound Immortal Realm during their many years of existence.

"I really need to reach the Peak of the Dao Domain Lord Realm…" Muttering this to himself as he glanced over his current strength as shown by the system, Xuan Hao could not help feeling that he needed to improve his strength.

After all, he currently had 14 layers around his Dao Seed. Although it could be considered strong and put him at the same level as someone in the Middle Stage of the Dao Seed Realm or the Half Bloom Stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, he was still far from the Peak of the Dao Domain Lord Realm that he guessed required him to reach the Radiant Bloom Stage that required 36 layers around his Dao Seed.

Let alone facing the potential Profound Immortal Realm cultivators that might be hidden inside these major powers, he was still far too weak to face the Celestial Immortal Realm cultivators that served as the strongest power on the surface of these major powers.

Not to mention, all of the major powers had more than just one person at the Celestial Immortal Realm, with a weaker major power like the Astorion Empire where Chun Hua's family was located having three Celestial Immortal Realm ancestors as one of the weakest major powers in the core of the continent.

"Maybe I should go back to the mystic realm of the Mirage Sect to try and see if I can find out more about the Dao Domain Lord Realm now that I'm stronger. At the same time, I could also take that Su Wuhan with me and help Elder Dust Fairy hide him from the experts of the Blue Sea Empire…" Narrowing both his eyes as he said this to himself, Xuan Hao could not help glancing in the direction of the Flying Sword Sect where one of the entrances to the Mystic Realm of the ancient Mirage Sect was located.

Now that he had the robe of the elder and had been recognized as the owner of the robe, he could freely enter the mystic realm without having to worry about the barrier that prevented anyone above the Nascent Soul Realm from entering the Mystic Realm.

At the same time, he could also lend Elder Dust Fairy a hand in hiding away Su Wuhan, whom she had repeatedly asked him for help in hiding since learning about the Blue Sea Empire coming to sweep through the area to deal with any demonic cultivators inside what they perceived to be their border territory for preventing the demonic cultivators of the Frozen Wasteland from directly bordering the Blue Sea Empire itself.

Although he didn't really care too much about Su Wuhan after he had given him to Elder Dust Fairy, he didn't mind lending her a hand in helping keep Su Wuhan save after all the hard work she had done for the sect. Especially so with her recent exploits of somehow managing to find some of the information he wanted when he thought it would be impossible for her to do so in such a short period of time.

"But… I also promised Elder Song to look after Mui and teach her how to behave…" Remembering what he had promised Elder Song just as he was about to leave to pick up Su Wuhan and head for the mystic realm of the Mirage Sect, Xuan Hao came to stop.


Soon enough, his divine sense spread across the sect to find Mui. Soon finding the little girl in the process of building something that he couldn't describe with words, a somewhat downcast expression on her face as she still seemed affected by what Elder Song had told her earlier about not stealing.

Listening to what she was saying muttering to herself while creating the hard to describe object or artifact, Xuan Hao managed to pierce together that it seemed to be something for the blacksmiths of the Blacksmithing Hall. Apparently, an apology gift of sorts for the spiritual metal she had borrowed from them over the past few months for her unique creations and artifacts.

"Guess I should take her with me after she finishes that… Thing…" Not knowing what else to call the thing that Mui was in the process of creating, Xuan Hao decided that he was going to take the little girl with him to the mystic realm after she finished the thing she was in the process of creating.

Luckily, there was still some time left before the day that the cultivators from the Blue Sea empire would show up to sweep through the empires and kingdoms bordering the Frozen Wasteland. Giving him some time to wait for Mui to finish her apology gift for the blacksmith residing in the Sea of a Thousand Furnaces before leaving with her.

At this point in time, he was just hoping that whatever apology gift this little girl ended up creating wouldn't end up bringing more harm than good, something that was hard to guarantee with her record.

At the very least, he would be watching over her during the next few days. More than ready to jump in and salvage the situation in case something really ended up going wrong with the strange thing she was in the process of creating for the blacksmiths.

Hopefully, if it did go wrong, the power of the thing wouldn't exceed the Dao Seed Realm…

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