Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3734: The Crown Prince Arrives

Chapter 3734: The Crown Prince Arrives

Because the Grand Exalt’s formation had sealed up the entire Reverent Observance Heaven, none of the experts on heaven were able to personally witness the amazing battle in the spatial crack, but they still managed to learn about the final outcome through various avenues.

For a moment, all of the experts on the Reverent Observance Heaven developed extremely deep fear and respect towards Fang Jing.

It was not just them. Countless experts across the Immortals’ Worlds revised their impression of Fang Jing.

In the past, the various experts all knew she was very powerful, but they had never imagined that she had actually become so unbelievably powerful.

The result of the battle between Fang Jing and the four supreme ancestors of the Sacred Beast clan swept through the entire Immortals’ World like a storm. Even the distant Demons’ World and some of the experts who remained in the ruined Daemons’ World learnt about this.

The battle had completely shaken up the upper echelon of the three worlds.

Meanwhile, the instigator of all this was completely unaware of the uproar. At this moment, Fang Jing hovered quietly above the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens, staring at the ruined sect in a daze.

The four remaining ancestors of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants and Nanming Yuyan of the Vermillion Bird clan all stood in the distance with pale faces, unable to utter a single word.

In particular, Nanming Yuyan had already become frightened out of her wits.

As a Seventh Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt, she was a significant figure in the Vermillion Bird clan who possessed vast influence. She had truly witnessed and survived great storms. She had even lived through the war between the two worlds three million years ago.

But she had never felt fear like right now.

As she faced Fang Jing, the dread she experienced was no less than when facing a Grand Exalt!

“Sigh!” After a very long time, Fang Jing who hovered above the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens let out a lengthy sigh as if she found it regrettable that the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens had been reduced to its current state.

Shortly afterwards, she swung her hand, and the Space-splitting Venerable’s soul that was trapped in her hand slammed into the ground heavily, leaving him bewildered.

But right now, the Space-splitting Venerable no longer dared to utter another word. He silently accepted this with his head lowered.

From how he seemed right now, even if Fang Jing stomped over him viciously again, he would never utter another word.

“I’m tempted to kill you here and now, but you are not fated to die by my hand, so I’ll let you starve out a meagre existence a little longer.”

“You may have escaped death, but punishment is still due. From now onwards, you will kneel like this at the entrance of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens in repentance. Continue until the moment you die.” The Dominion’s Brush in Fang Jing’s hand released a wondrous power, seemingly capable of controlling the ways of the world and mobilising the greatest force that the universe had to offer.

In the next moment, a mysterious power emerged from the space there, turning into a transparent crystal that trapped the Space-splitting Venerable there.

The Space-splitting Venerable remained in his kneeling posture like he had been completely frozen in ice, never to move again.

Afterwards, Fang Jing looked at the four other ancestors of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants.

When she looked over, the four ancestors all trembled and subconsciously took a step back. Their hearts shivered.

“As for you lot, I won’t even bother laying my hands on a bunch of ant-like figures. There will be someone who’ll deal with you in the future,” Fang Jing said coldly. Her gaze towards the four ancestors was filled with disdain.

As soon as they heard how Fang Jing would not be coming after them, the four ancestors of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants immediately let out sighs of relief as if a great burden had been lifted from their shoulders.

As for the future that Fang Jing was talking about, they no longer cared. They would already be extremely fortunate if they could survive right now.

In the end, Fang Jing looked at Nanming Yuyan on the side.

Nanming Yuyan’s heart tightened as she bowed towards Fang Jing in a hurry. She said politely, “Your majesty!”

When all the experts on the Reverent Observance Heaven saw how courteously she behaved, they could not help but be overcome with a strange feeling. Was the Nanming Yuyan before them really the same person who arrogantly claimed that the courts of heaven were nothing in her eyes when she faced the Sword Heart Ancestor of the Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords in battle?

Fang Jing stared at Nanming Yuyan coldly and said, “Have you come here also with plans to destroy the ancestral grounds of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens?”

“No, no, no. You’ve misunderstood, your majesty. I did not come here for the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens. Instead, I heard how the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants had their sect destroyed. All of the traces had been erased, with Space-splitting and the other struggling to find the culprit, which was why I came here. I am here to assist the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants with their investigation.” Nanming Yuyan leapt in fright and explained in a hurry. The elder princess of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance was determined to stand up for the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens. She would never try and get in her way intentionally.

“In other words, you have a way to find the person who destroyed the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants?” Fang Jing’s eyes shone.

Nanming Yuyan hesitated slightly and said, “I do indeed. The Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants has a damaged sovereign god artifact. Our Sacred Beast clan had bestowed the sovereign god artifact upon the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants, and we have a way to find out exactly what had happened when the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants was destroyed through the sovereign god artifact.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll come with you to the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants. I am also very curious about just who had destroyed the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants,” Fang Jing said as she smiled mysteriously.

But at this moment, Fang Jing sensed something. She looked into outer space, and her icy expression immediately melted, replaced by a bright smile.

Shortly afterwards, Nanming Yuyan sensed it as well and also gazed into outer space.

Several figures moved quickly through the sea of stars where they looked. With each flash, they would cross an extremely great distance, reaching the Reverent Observance Heaven in just a short while.

There were a total of four people. The person at the very front was a young man with a striking appearance. He gave off an ethereal presence. He was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor.

As for the three old men following the young man, their presences were immense like oceans. Just by standing there, they gave the four ancestors of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants tremendous pressure despite also being Immortal Exalts.

The three old men were all supreme experts at the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Immortal Exalt!

There were an extremely small number of experts like that throughout the entire Immortals’ World. All of them would be supreme ancestors who presided over peak organisations.

But at this moment, the three of them followed behind the young man silently like servants, following his lead everywhere.

“Brother, what brings you here?” Fang Jing’s face immediately beamed with a smile.

The young man was Daowei Chengqing!

Despite only being a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor, Daowei Chengqing’s arrival had led to a drastic change in Nanming Yuyan’s expression.

Just who in the Immortals’ World did not know about Daowei Chengqing? As the first person to ever emerge from the Hole of Reincarnation after all these years, he had already become a living legend.

In particular, he had brought the Dominion’s Brush and the Book of the Populace with him from the Hole of Reincarnation. One of those items paved Daowei Fatian’s path to Grand Exalt.

The other item had created a supreme expert like Fang Jing, an existence with the greatest chance at reaching Grand Exalt.

Without any exaggeration, Daowei Chengqing’s appearance had changed the Immortals’ World’s fate to a certain extent.

As a result, even Nanming Yuyan of the Vermillion Bird clan had to be wary around a supreme prodigy like that.

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