Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3723 - 3723: Curse and Blessing

Chapter 3723 - 3723: Curse and Blessing

“Hehehehe, little Sword Heart, you’re done for this time.”

Nanming Yuyan laughed happily. Even though she was quite injured, it was nothing compared to the Sword Heart Ancestor’s present state.

“Nanming Yuyan, you think this is enough to kill me? You’re underestimating me a little too much,” the Sword Heart ancestor said sternly. His presence rapidly diminished as the curse spread through his body.

He had already become enveloped in sword Qi. He resisted with his full strength using the power of the Laws of the Sword as well as his cultivation.

At the same time, the power of another law burst forth. It was the Laws of Slaughter.

The Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Slaughter revolved around the Sword Heart Ancestor as two completely different colours.

Finally, under the Sword Heart Ancestor’s efforts, the spread of the curse stopped. He had staved it off temporarily.

“Hehehe, of course, I knew you had two laws. Just this curse that has been weakened by the passage of time alone is not enough to kill you. However, little Sword Heart, destroying you doesn’t necessarily mean I have to kill you.”

Nanming Yuyan returned to her human form. Her injuries rapidly healed. She stared at the Sword Heart Ancestor excitedly with her large, beautiful eyes and said, “Like right now, stuck with the Grand Exalt’s Laws of Curses, you have to use everything to stop the curse’s spread. How are you supposed to fight against anyone else in this space? And how are you supposed to cultivate?”

The Sword Heart Ancestor fell silent. He knew that Nanming Yuyan was telling the truth. With his strength at half step into the Eighth Heavenly Layer, a drastically weakened Grand Exalt’s curse could not kill him.

However, the existence of the curse restrained him. Before he nullified the curse, not only was he unable to fight, but he could not cultivate either. He would have to remain like this forever.

The curse from a Grand Exalt reached heights that were far too great after all. Unless a Grand Exalt who had also comprehended the Laws of Curses to the limit personally interfered, it was extremely difficult to free him from this curse.

“Little Sword Heart, you better just stay in the Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords and pass your days in peace from now on. Quit running around in the Immortals’ World.” Nanming Yuyan laughed gently. At the same time, with a wave of her hand, the scattered feathers all gathered together again, forming the small, red umbrella in her hand again.

Apart from being rather dull from depleting too much energy, the umbrella was unscathed.

“You’ve gone to such great lengths to injure me just to stop me from supporting the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens?” the Sword Heart Ancestor said sternly.

“A declining sect already past its prime is not worth us going to such great lengths. After all, an ancestor’s feather that possesses a Grand Exalt’s curse is extremely precious to our clan.”

“The reason why we used this item was because of you. You’re progressing too quickly. In the past, you were still my junior, an ant-like existence in my eyes, yet now, you’ve actually overtaken me and grown to a level where I can no longer defeat you. If you’re left unchecked, wouldn’t you become the second heavenly emperor of the Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords some day?” Nanming Yuyan made no attempt to hide her intentions, confessing them openly.

“Just the Heavenly Emperor of Sword Radiance alone is enough for your Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords. If a Heavenly Emperor of Sword Heart appears in the future, won’t you be able to rival our Vermillion Bird imperial clan with two heavenly emperors?”

By now, Nanming Yuyan had already recovered from her injuries completely. She no longer paid any attention to the Sword Heart Ancestor, instead turning around and leaving. Her voice drifted into the ears of the seven ancestors. “Return to the Reverent Observance Heaven and go do what you want to do. Once you’re done, pay a visit to your sect. We’ll go and find the person who destroyed your sect.”

When they heard that, the seven ancestors of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants beamed with joy. In the next moment, the seven of them vanished.

After Nanming Yuyan and the seven ancestors of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants left, a few figures stepped forward from among the spectating Immortal Exalts and arrived before the Sword Heart Ancestor in a few steps.

The city lord of the Observance Heaven City, Jiang Pingtian, and the vice city lords, the Master of Fire Virtue and Lu Wujin, were present among them.

“Sword Heart, it’s extremely difficult to resolve your curse. The Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords will probably struggle to undo it. Why don’t I take you to the Courtyard of Ways and see if the old head has any ideas.” Lu Wujin stared at the curse on the Sword Heart Ancestor with worry.

“The Vermillion Bird clan is far too vicious. Their Sacred Beast clan is already so powerful, so why do they still have to do something like this to oppress fellow Sword Heart?” The Master of Fire Virtue gazed at the Sword Heart Ancestor who radiated with black Qi and shook his head.

The Immortal Exalts gathered around the Sword Heart Ancestor all asked about his well being in concern.

The Sword Heart Ancestor was unfazed. Black patterns had already appeared on his face. The presence of the curse radiated from him, which even made the space around him wither.

“I won’t be going to the Courtyard of Ways for now. It’s just a pity that I no longer have the ability to protect the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens.” The Sword Heart Ancestor sighed sorrowfully. At that moment, he seemed to lose all of his strength, giving off a sense of dejection. Afterwards, he turned around and left without looking back, vanishing into the sea of stars with a few flashes.

Even though the Sword Heart Ancestor could no longer use his cultivation, he was still a half-step Eighth Heavenly Layer expert after all. He moved extremely quickly, returning to the Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords very soon.

The Immortal Sect of Colossal Swords did not reside on any of the thirty-three heavens, but in an unknown region of space, on a colossal sword that floated through the cosmos.

The sword was a sovereign god artifact, but at this moment, it had turned into a colossal, sword-shaped continent, sustaining the lives of many.

“Sword Heart, you’ve returned!”

As soon as he returned to the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants, a vigorous voice echoed through the Sword Heart Ancestor’s ears. The calm voice was filled with a sense of dignity.

“Elder brother, I’ve been crippled!” The Sword Heart Ancestor’s mood immediately sank. He became dejected.

“I couldn’t interfere with your battle against Nanming Yuyan, as it was not just the Vermillion Bird clan. That person of the Azure Dragon clan was secretly paying attention as well. Since you decided on standing up for the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens, you could not avoid this fate.” The dignified voice rang out again.

“Sword Heart, it’s time for you to let go of this obsession. Stop caring about the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens, as the matters regarding the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens are already beyond our control.”

“You were in secluded cultivation for many years, so you were cut off from any news. You probably don’t know about this yet. The group of disciples from the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens that joined the Waymight clan in the past have already founded another sect under the support of the Waymight clan. The name is also the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens.”

“What? This actually occurred?” The Sword Heart Ancestor’s face changed slightly.

“The Samsaric Immortal Exalt is facing life-threatening danger. The fate of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens is already up to the whim of the Waymight clan now.” The voice rang out again.

The Sword Heart Ancestor stood on the spot silently. He was uneasy.

At this moment, a strand of sword Qi slashed out from empty space. The black feather that could not be removed from the Sword Heart Ancestor’s heart no matter what immediately turned to dust before the sword Qi.

He had only cut away the vermillion bird’s feather. The curse that had already infiltrated the Sword Heart Ancestor’s body remained.

“Sword Heart, you possess the Nine Yang Sword Constitution that rarely ever appears. The ancestor’s bloodline in you is extremely thick as well, so while the curse you have been afflicted with might be an issue for others, it is both a curse and a blessing to you. What happens in the end will depend on your own fortunes.”

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