Awakening The Weakest Talent: Only I Level Up

Chapter 1090 Chapter 1090 Obtaining the Secret Treasure

Chapter 1090 Chapter 1090 Obtaining the Secret Treasure

Lu Yu, with a resolute stride, approached the shimmering portal after dealing with Xu Mang.

"This portal leads straight to the treasure vault."

Ming Baixuan's gaze fixated on the portal, a flicker of burning curiosity dancing in his eyes.

"Just imagine the treasures that lie beyond, after all this effort and danger!" He exclaimed, his voice brimming with anticipation. He seemed eager to breach the gateway.

Lu Yu chuckled and patted him reassuringly on the shoulder. "Go on, take a peek inside." He urged, gently pushing Ming Baixuan toward the portal.

"Me? Alright..."

Ming Baixuan hesitated momentarily, then took a deep breath to steady his nerves. With tentative steps, he approached the gateway.

Reaching out, he cautiously touched the light screen that shimmered before him. Feeling no resistance or threat, he slowly walked through the portal, disappearing into a swirl of blue light.

"The portal is safe; you guys can come in."

Lu Yu followed behind him after hearing that, followed closely by Hu Zhan.

The world dissolved around them, replaced by a cavernous space.

Ming Baixuan stood bewildered, the portal shimmering behind him like an entrance to another dimension.

The vast cave, roughly oval in shape, was dimly illuminated by a small hot spring at its center.

The spring water glowed with an ethereal blue light, casting an eerie glow on the surroundings.

Drawn by the light, Lu Yu approached the spring.

Ming Baixuan, his voice tinged with excitement, pointed toward it and explained, "The treasure must be hidden there! I know this type of hot spring; it possesses the unique property of preserving objects from the ravages of time and the elements. It's a perfect natural vault!"

"That explains why something extraordinary must be hidden inside," he continued, his eyes gleaming with anticipation. "Whoever built this place is likely long gone, so we're free to claim the prize!"

Lu Yu peered into the spring, his gaze landing on a solitary object resting at the bottom. It was a gemstone, a brilliant light blue gem embedded within an iron badge-like

Noticing it, Lu Yu squatted down and reached his hand into the spring, taking the badge out.

The badge, roughly the size of his palm, emanated an aura of mystery.

"This gem pulsates with powerful energy," Lu Yu mused, carefully examining his newfound prize. "Could this be the sole treasure?"

Suddenly, Hu Zhan's voice cut through the silence. "Look at the bottom of the spring!"

"There are many dazzling dragon crystals at the bottom, about a dozen of them. They can be used to help dragons break through their evolution."

Following his gaze, Lu Yu saw a breathtaking sight. Nestled among the pebbles at the bottom of the spring lay a collection of dazzling dragon crystals. There were roughly a dozen of these magnificent stones, each shimmering with an internal light that rivaled the spring water itself.

"After taking out this gem, only then did we notice the dragon crystals. Obviously, this gem is even more precious than those dragon crystals."

Lu Yu carefully tucked the gem into his pocket watch, a sense of intrigue swirling within him.

"Though its purpose remains a mystery, there's no question about its value. Let's secure it for now."

He turned to Ming Baixuan, his voice firm. "You acted swiftly to redeem yourself, and I'll honor your life. However, any future involvement with the Xu family won't be tolerated."

Ming Baixuan visibly trembled under Lu Yu's gaze. "Understood," he stammered, nodding fervently. "Once back, I'll steer clear of this mess. I won't return here, ever."

"Then let's depart," Lu Yu declared, scanning the cave to ensure they hadn't missed anything. Finding only the gemstone and dragon crystals, he knew it was time to leave.

He approached the shimmering portal, with Ming Baixuan and Hu Zhan following suit. They exited the cave the same way they entered. The sourc𝗲 of this content is n(o)ve(l)ne(x)

Emerging from the cave, they were greeted by the dense forest once more. Lu Yu swiveled around, noticing the portal had vanished.

"It seems this passage serves as a dimensional doorway," he mused, "existing solely to safeguard the treasure. With the prize claimed, the gateway itself will vanish."

The cave functioned like a hidden vault, materializing only in the presence of its treasure. Depleted, it faded back into oblivion.

Following the forest path, Lu Yu embarked on their return journey.

"Just a gemstone," he muttered, his curiosity piqued. "What purpose could it serve?"

Ming Baixuan, beside him, offered a helpless shrug. "I'm afraid I'm in the dark about this one. I have no clue what it might be. But, since I've fulfilled my part, can I take my leave? I'm afraid I can't offer any further assistance."

Lu Yu met his gaze and offered a curt nod. "Very well. You may go. I'm hoping our paths don't cross again."

"Thank you! You won't see me again, that's for sure!" With that, Ming Baixuan darted into the forest, eager to distance himself from this perilous situation.

Turning to Hu Zhan, Lu Yu asked, "Do you have any teleportation scrolls on you?"

"Actually, I purchased several upon entering Skyplume City. Two remain. Do you wish to use them?"

Lu Yu nodded decisively. "Absolutely. Let's teleport back and save some time."

"Excellent!" Hu Zhan retrieved a scroll and handed it to Lu Yu. They both unfurled their scrolls simultaneously. Light engulfed Lu Yu as they activated, whisking him away in a flash.


Lu Yu blinked open his eyes, finding himself deposited in the bustling central square of Skyplume City. The vast plaza teemed with people, and intricate magical formations etched into the ground.

This location served as a designated teleportation point for the city, with any scrolls directed there arriving at this very spot.

As Lu Yu scanned his surroundings, he witnessed flashes of light erupting sporadically. People teleporting back from various locations, and the square buzzed with activity.

Ready to return to their temporary residence, Lu Yu and Hu Zhan navigated through the crowd.

"With those dazzling dragon crystals," Hu Zhan remarked with a grin beside Lu Yu, "we're looking at nearly twenty in total! That's a significant boost for a potential breakthrough to the second stage."

"Indeed, a significant boost," Lu Yu agreed, though a frown creased his brow. "However, I lack knowledge in this area. I don't know how to utilize the dragon crystals to facilitate a dragon's evolution. Regardless, I'll hold onto them for now and research their use in the future."

Lu Yu and Hu Zhan arrived at the entrance of their villa.

The guards, recognizing Lu Yu's return, promptly opened the courtyard gate.

Back inside, Lu Yu's thoughts drifted towards the enigmatic blue gemstone, yearning to unravel its secrets.

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