Chapter 1465  A Quick Stroll in The City

Chapter 1465  A Quick Stroll in The City

Tang Shaoyang slowly scrolled down the list. It took him less than two minutes to find a skill with Absolute. He thought it would be quick to find what he was looking for. But a few minutes passed, and he could not find Absolute Domination Energy.

He tried to scroll down quickly, but he ended up passing it. The quick scroll down ended up with a list of skills that starts with c.

Then he started again from the top, scrolling down the list slowly again. He read the skills one by one. That took him fifteen minutes to find one skill, Absolute Domination Energy.


[Absolute Domination Energy]

Skill type: Active

Effect: Allow you to influence (destroy, modify, and control) the energy in the range of ten meters.


He realized how useful his authority was after seeing a little bit of details of his skill. It was still the same as Energy Destruction Touch, but he had more range to make the skill work. He did not need to make contact to use the skill.

However, the explanation was still lacking in Tang Shaoyang's eyes. It did not tell him whether he could influence the energy inside someone else. He hoped that he could reach the others' energy whirlpool. That would make the skill overwhelmingly powerful. Which was unlikely to be the case. He assumed he would not be able to reach someone else's whirlpool, but it was worth trying later to confirm it.

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head, quite satisfied with this. Even though it would take him longer than he thought to find the skill in the list.

There were three evolved skills that he would find quickly. The closest ones to the list were Absolute Strike and Absolute Penetration. He immediately shook his head at the thought of looking for those two skills. He felt like it was more efficient for him to test it out directly instead of using this System Record.

He stood up from the bed and stretched out. He did not want to spend hours on his bed to look for his skills one by one.

"I hope Arion will be willing to tell me how to use System Record efficiently." He must figure out how to use the authority without wasting so much time. There should be practical and efficient ways to use System Record authority.

"Focus on the incoming trial for now. Maybe there's a training ground where I can try my new skill…."

Tang Shaoyang hoped there was a place for him to use his new skill safely. He needed to know what his new skills did so he could use them efficiently in the Calamity Hunt.

If there was really no place for him to test his skills out, then he might eat it up and browse those skills manually through System Record. He knew it was the best, but he did not want to do it if possible. Just like people who smoke. They knew it was best for them to stop smoking, but they continued anyway.

He was in that position right now. It was the best for him to find out through the System Record, giving the best idea what his skill did. But he did not want to do it because of how arduous it was for him. He would rather test the skill directly in the training ground and maybe an empty field outside the city.

With that in mind, he went out of his room. When he was out, he realized something important. He turned toward the door of his room with a frown. The key to his room, he did not have the key. He could not lock his room.

Tang Shaoyang shrugged and left. The room was for him to sleep. He did not plan to keep his important stuff in his room, 'Maybe I should look for an inn instead of staying in my designed lodging.'

When he returned to the first floor, it was packed. There was no empty table. He thought of buying drinks and getting some information from the barkeeper or maybe the waitress. He kept that for later as he headed out of the building under dozens of people's gazes. It was puzzling as to why these people put such an intense gaze on him.

Standing next to the street, he realized again that he had forgotten to ask for a map from Ira. He would like to avoid the red district. Not that he did not want to have fun, but because of the two spirits in his head.

Zara and Avyn were tasked to keep a watch on him during this trial. Not just to help him in the trials, but also to keep him a watch from the other women. He would rather not have fun than have two women unceasingly scold him inside his head.

He thought of using Spirit Eyes, but then he realized that skill was consolidated. He no longer had Spirit Eyes, but Chaos Eyes.

'This is good timing to test out what this Chaos Eyes….' Just as he said that, he realized there was nothing changed at all.

He still had the ability of Spirit Eyes to see through the building and wide view from above. He still had the ability of Dragon Eyes to see energy and aura as well as Demonic Eyes to see Demonic Energy. Those three skills consolidated into one, and there was nothing to lose.

It was good news, but he hoped for a new ability from Chaos Eyes. But he had not seen a new ability from Chaos Eyes.

'Eventually, I have to check this Chaos Eyes in System Record…' He realized that he must go through those millions of lists if he did not want to miss something from his new ability.

Tang Shaoyang let out a sigh and guided himself to avoid the red district. He ended up in the district where the blacksmith and the alchemist opened their shops.

The district was flooded with people. He could not differentiate which was the player, and which was the helper. He did not have an intention to look for a blacksmith and alchemist as he felt like he did not need them for now.

But then he realized that these blacksmiths and alchemists could make better equipment and potions, 'Maybe I can buy their blueprints for equipment and recipes for potions.'

Ira said there were more than seven hundred participants, and he felt like all of them were in this district right now.

"I don't really expect the famed Smite Forge to open a branch in this trial. I have to get a custom-made sword from them!"

"We must get the best healing potion from The Tales! Their healing potion is known for being the best in many worlds!"

"The Eternal Flame…." "Marabous Vintage…."

Those were the names that were mentioned by the people who waited in line. He did not expect that these stores would be famous. He knew nothing about them, yet these people knew about them.

As he strolled further, the number of the people dwindled until he reached the end of the district where no one could be seen. Not all stores were occupied and at the end of the district. There was only one store occupied.

He looked up at the sign, "Duvrag Smithy". Compared to the other blacksmiths, this store was too ordinary. There was no line for this store, and an open sign was on the door.

"This one of the few stores with no line. There's no harm checking the store."

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