Ankoku Kishi Monogatari (WN)

Chapter 140.1: Vampire Count

◆Dark Knight; Kuroki

The flying ship was gliding forward in the sky, the scenery below it a sea of clouds.

「Hou, it's faster than I expected, Kuroki. We're about to arrive in Ruvania.」

Said Kuna happily while looking at the advancing ship.

Surely, the ship was fast. It only took a short time after our departure from Nargol for us to arrive in the vicinity of Ruvania.

Ruvania was the region where the death capital, Modegal, the stronghold of Zarxis, was located.

Due to the miasma being released from Modegal, the region had transformed into a barren one unfit for living creatures.

Ruvania was located in the northern side of the central continent, since it was always snowing over there no crops could be harvested, too.

Moreover, any creature that died in Modegal could easily become an undead, and since the sunlight was also pretty weak, the region hence became the most suitable place for Zarxis' kin.

That was the kind of place we were heading to right now.

「Yeah Kuna. Never expected us to have a ride.」

The flying ship we were using was given to us by Modes.

It was probably a gift for heading toward the death capital of Modegal.

Though it was a small one compared to Nagulfal, Modes' gigantic royal flying battleship, it was still pretty big considering the fact that Glorious could ride on it too.

In short, it was about the same size as Alphos' flying ship.

「Well then since we're about to arrive at Ruvania, what's your plan, Dark Knight? Gerogerogero.」

Asked Heqat who rode the flying ship with us.

The one who had pushed for me to go to Ruvania was Heqat. But, it seemed that from the very beginning she had the intention to assist me, hence her coming along to Ruvania.

「Let's get the flying ship as close to Ruvania as we can. I'll go on my own to Modegal from there.」

This was a mission to infiltrate the enemy territory.

Our presence would be noticed immediately if we went into Ruvania with this flying ship. The same would go if many people entered the region at the same time.

Thus the only option was infiltrating on my own.

This was the safest option considering the fact that I was also strong enough to stand on my own ground against Zarxis.

「You can't, Kuroki. It's too dangerous for you to go on your own. Kuna will go with you.」

Kuna rejected my plan.

「Sorry Kuna. You stand out too much. That's why I can't take you with me. I want you to stand by here unless there’s an emergency.」

Kuna was too ill suited for infiltration.

Heqat also agreed with my opinion in this regard. Though she could resist the miasma just like me, she stood out too much.

Thus she could only stay here.

But, in that way, she could also act immediately in case we got into an emergency situation.

Both Heqat and Kuna would definitely be able to work together.

「If you say so… Then you have to at least take them with you, Kuroki.」

Said Kuna as she looked at Clown and Tibel.

「Eh? Why though?」

I asked in confusion.

Clown, who was a puppet, aside, it was too dangerous for Tibel.

「You can use Clown as a scapegoat in case something happens. And Tibel is really suited for an infiltration mission. She’d be a great help to you, Kuroki.」

「Eh? But…」

I tried to refuse since Tibel would be put into a dangerous situation if she joined this mission.

Alas, Heqa stepped forward before I could finish my words.

「Take them with you, Dark Knight. They'll be useful, and you don't want to make the silver girl worry about you, right? Gerogerogero.」

Said Heqat as she laughed eerily.

It seems she was hinting something to me.

「I understand, Heqat-dono.」

Since this was a suggestion that came from the archwitch whose intellect was comparable to that of Loughas, I guess she had a reason for making that suggestion.

I couldn't help but abide by her since she told me not to make Kuna worry about me.

「Your Excellency, we’ve arrived.」

During my conversation with Kuna and co, Guno and the others, who were riding the wyvern to scout the surrounding area, returned to give us a report.

The female knights of the daemon race had also tagged along in this mission.

Originally, I had planned to be the only one to go on this mission, of course taking Glorious. But then, Modes said it was too reckless, thus resulting in a crowd of people following after me.

And, since I didn't take Kuna with me back when I went to Gypseal, she of course had to tag along this time. Tibel the dark fairy and Clown the puppet, who came with her, would be the ones to infiltrate with me.

Since there were all of these people, the deck of the ship was really busy.

「Thank you for the hard work, Guno-dono. Do you want a hot drink to warm you up?」

As I asked, Guno's face frowned.

「Uhm, Your Excellency. I saw angels appearing around Ruvania. At this rate, we will be discovered.」


This reminded me that the Gods of Elios also knew that Zarxis had already returned to Modegal.

I recalled Heibos' remark about this matter.

Maybe they're already standing by near Ruvania.

But, they're not the problem.

I felt a hostile intent from above our flying ship.

It seems they had tailed Guno and co.


Suddenly, someone came down from above.

I took out my demon sword and leapt upward to "Welcome" that person.


Swords clashed in midair.

That moment, I confirmed the identity of the person who came from above.

He was a fire-like, red haired angel whose head was covered with a helmet just like me.

The red-haired angel leapt upward as if flipped by my sword, then spun in the air as he took some distance from me.

As for me, I landed safely by Kuna's side.

「We meet again, Dark Knight! I’ve come to take the debt of that time!」

The red-haired angel bellowed as flames spurted from his body.

「Have we met before?」

I mean, I seriously had no idea who in the world was the angel that stood before me.

This should be the first time I meet him.

「You don't remember! We're the Holy Knights who fought you when you returned after raiding Rena-sama's temple.」

Said the red-haired angel, annoyed by the fact that I had completely forgotten about his existence.

He might be referring to the temple of Rena in the Holy Republic of Lenaria. Which reminds me that I did fight the Holy Knight's corps on the way back from there.

And the red-haired angel before me must be one of them.

Upon a closer look, I saw Holy Knights riding on a number of pegasus behind the Angel in front of us, who was among them.

This was an awkward situation.

「My name is Atar! The right-hand man of the White Noble Holy Knight, Alphos-sama, and also the vice chief of the Chivalric order of Holy Knights! Dark Knight, fight me!」

The Angel called Atar shouted loudly.

Still, I didn't really want to fight in this situation.

I mean, not when our mutual enemy, Zarxis, was right in front of us.

Fighting in front of a dangerous enemy was the most stupid thing to do.

And the Angel before me should've come to investigate Zarxis, too.

He didn't originally come to fight me.

And yet, it seems he was brimming with fighting spirit the moment he saw me.

I heaved a sigh.

「Wait a minute! Atar!」

Someone finally caught up to Atar in the nick of time to stop the latter.

This was my second meeting with the guy who rode on that white dragon.

「Don't stop me, Alphos-sama!」

Replied Atar without turning around.

Alphos had come to this region, too.

Well, that might be natural since this guy seems to be the only one who could fight Zarxis among the Gods of Elios.

「You can't win against him, Atar! He's someone who can fight on par with me inside the crystal garden! Are you still going to challenge him after knowing that?」

Atar looked really surprised, it seems he never expected such a remark to come from Alphos.

「On par?」 Muttered Kuna with a displeased look on her face upon hearing such a blatant lie coming from Alphos.

「Seriously? How can there be someone who can fight on par against Alphos-sama in his crystal garden…? I can't believe it, he must have cheated.」

Atar seemed to have lost his fighting spirit.

That's a relief.

With this, we avoided a quarrel with the Angels.

And Alphos was obviously not coming to pick a fight with me, too.

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