A Painting of the Villainess as a Young Lady

Chapter 199

It was a complex emotion. Violet still disliked Cairn, but at the same time, she harbored feelings of ‘remorse’.

It was a sense of guilt towards her younger brother who, despite her anger, had suffered major injuries while trying to protect her.

Humans were indeed complicated beings.

And so, she decided to just let things be. Violet thought it was better to leave the situation as it was.

She had no intention whatsoever of resolving her long-held grievances just because of this one incident.

Roen, caught between them, seemed uncomfortable despite his outward smiles.

He just laughed, watching his two siblings sit in silence during a meal together.

Busy beyond belief, he hardly had the time to worry about them.

The duke, learning that his son and daughter had faced a major ordeal at the hunting competition, showed tremendous anger in the letters that he sent.

The emperor was equally furious, but not to the extent of the duke.

Upon receiving the duke’s letters, the emperor secretly ordered an investigation. The incident was kept known only to the imperial family and a few high-standing households. This was to keep any rumors at bay.

But the duke did not put his full confidence in the imperial family’s investigation. He, too, ordered his people to gather information.

Already planning to do so, Roen smiled slyly.

He told Violet about this, but despite being one of the concerned parties, she remained indifferent.

Days had passed since the hunting competition ended, but her mental fatigue had not faded.

Days went by in this state. Cairn was frequently absent from the mansion, and Roen, having escaped from the crown prince, sat at the tea table, drinking tea while reviewing documents.

Without taking his eyes off the papers, he asked Violet.

“What should we do about Aileen?”

“About her?”

“I’ll handle it as you wish. We can impose her under official procedure and send her across the continent this time.”


Knowing Roen’s words were out of consideration for her, Violet smiled.

“It doesn’t matter. Let her be. Let’s see what she does.”

“Really? Is that okay?”

“Just don’t let her into this mansion.”

“If you say so.”

Violet answered simply.

Her honest feelings were half annoyance, half amusement.

It was amusing to her how Aileen had clung to a prince from another country, determined to reclaim what she thought was rightfully hers, and even made her way up to the imperial capital.

She was curious about what Aileen could do.

But, really. At this point, she couldn’t care less about what Aileen might do.

Violet disliked Aileen’s very existence, and if she crossed the line this time, Violet was fully prepared to crush her.

In fact, she rather hoped for it.

Back in the Everett domain, Violet suffered from severe lethargy and wanted to stay out of everything. Even if it was directly related to her.

So, she didn’t care.

It wasn’t much different now, but at the same time, she felt a bit more relaxed and curious.

Violet knew she was different from her former self—before her two egos had merged. She now understood how to deal with Aileen and how to respond to her actions.

Thus, such thoughts occurred to her.

Let’s see you try. I’ll watch.

Such an attitude was something Aileen would intensely abhor.

She continued to think.

‘With what audacity did she come?’

She wondered whose side that girl planned to latch onto this time.

Or perhaps, she intended to melt the imperial crown prince’s heart with her charm and win him over.

Either way, it wasn’t a good choice.

If that were the case, then Aileen would have to face not only Violet, but the entirety of high society.

Watching his younger sister’s reaction, Roen smiled.

“Then, shall I create a suitable excuse?”

“Do as you like.”

If Aileen, bearing the name of Everett, couldn’t use it, the blame would inevitably turn back to Violet.

Since she obviously wouldn’t care, Roen had to act preemptively on her behalf.

Currently, Aileen was staying at the imperial palace. Precisely, she was there because the prince she followed was receiving royal treatment, and she was serving as his aide.

Roen chuckled as if he had a good idea.

“We could say she wanted to focus more on serving the Royal Prince. That it’s also part of her foreign education. It’s half-true anyway.”

He laughed heartily. Fabrications become more credible when mixed with parts of the truth.

Violet responded for him to go ahead. It was of no concern to her.

* * *

More days passed by.

The empress, aware of the ordeal Violet had gone through, postponed the commission for the imperial princess’s portrait, telling her to rest. Violet gratefully accepted the suggestion and continued her recuperation at home.

Sometimes, she ran into Cairn around the mansion.

On those occasions, her younger brother would simply nod at Violet and leave.

His rigid nod was full of awkwardness, and Violet thought of him as being overly dramatic.

Not that his reactions weren’t valid, but the harsh words Violet had hurled at Cairn that day were nothing compared to what she had endured.

Hence, in her perspective, his reaction seemed truly excessive and surprisingly new.

She didn’t want to think about it too deeply.

And nor did she want to feel guilty.

So, Violet decided not to dwell on it.

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